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American Masters Competitor Gareth Mole dancin'MIL's Time To Ride (sheet)
Rachael dancin' Funkalicious (steps);
Michele's PUSH (steps) ~ courtesy of CJ

Vintage Neil Hale video: Michele Burton w/The Derringer Dancers: 1989 Cruisin' - 1991 Mustang Sally - 1992 Linda Lu - 1993 Hot Tamales and 1994 Cha Cha Lengua
Newest Step Sheets & music where noted
Back To The Island - Charlotte Skeeters tbt at WINDY CITY
Dreams of Martina
- Peter Metelnick taught at Pismo
Groovin' - Terry Hogan next teach 9/28 w/Evelyn (complete schedule)
Nadine - Bob Boesel next teach 9/20 w/Trish and 9/21 w/Evelyn

Suds In The Bucket - Yvonne Anderson
Steppin' Out
- Max Perry taught at Pismo
Waltz Is The Key - Max Perry tbt at WINDY CITY in a 90 minute workshop!!
What It Is - Scott Blevins tbt at Windy City

Links to newer dances filling the San Francisco Bay Area floors: Here I Go Again aka Mamma Mia - Built for Comfort - Paralyzed - I Remember - Imagaine - Angels Waltz - Swoop - Sky Full of Angels - Possibility Foxtrot - Under Your Spell - Slow Burn - Mariana Mambo - Rescue Me - Texas - The Real World - High Class Broads - Rough Diamond - Baptized in Beer - Scotch Mist - Romantasy - Push

Windy City Oct 8-10
Tentative schedule for Windy City
Vegas DANCE Explosion Nov 19-21 2004 w/instructors Doug & Jackie Miranda, Simon Ward, Mike Sliter, Vivienne Scott, Max Perry, Michele Perron, Bryan McWherter, Peter Metelnick, Guyton Mundy, Kathy Hunyadi, Kelli Haugen, Mark Cosenza, Vince & Felicia Chia, Scott Blevins, Alison Biggs, Bill Bader, and Yvonne Anderson. Registration Form
Move-In-Line Event Nov 6-7 w/Bracken Ellis

Line Dances of Exception Merit listed by year created. Terry Hogan's Line DANCES
S F Bay area line dance instructors listed by TEACH Cities
Clubs: Boots'n Buckles - Cactus Corners - Country Hustlers - Quick Steppers
Socials: Fridays - 1st FRI - 2nd FRI - 2nd SAT - 4th SAT Flyer- 1st SUN - 4th SUN
Playlists: September 24 w/ME


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