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QWWC 2004 is over! :: 17 Aug 04 @ 17:29 :: Posted by gaz Comments (8)
Well, it's finally over, nearly 4 months after it started. It's been a great tournament, and I've really enjoyed being a part of it.

Congratulations to Sweden who won the second final on Sunday, beating Finland 3-1. It was a great tie, with UL beating Gamer in the first 1on1 on DM2, before the Swedes extended their lead on DM4 in the 2on2.
The 4on4, on E1M2, was one of the most exciting I've ever seen. Control of the map swapped round a few times, and the scores were always close. With a few minutes left, Sweden had a narrow gap but Finland had control; the hunt was on. In the last few seconds, the gap was down to 1 frag and it looked like Sweden had just survived. But then, a Swedish player respawned in front of a Fin, and the Sauna-boys equalised to take the game into overtime, with less than 1 second left. The Fins had control and took the map comfortably in the end.
Griffin then gave Hib a lesson in how to play DM4 1on1, thus giving Sweden an insurmountable lead, 3-1.

The final ranking of QWWC 2004 is as follows:
1st Sweden
2nd Finland
3rd Russia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the players that took part, especially those from the weaker nations that got heavily beaten, but still played with a smile and national pride.
Thanks also to all the team captains that mostly got their games played within the schedule, and of course a big thanks to my admin team, especially telly, without whom this tournament could not have happened.

I have some ideas regarding QWWC 2005; I'm going to aim for a start around February or March, and hopefully we can finish the next competition before the summer inactivity starts. Watch out for some posts on the qw.nu forums during the autumn.

Peace out,

QWWC Head Admin


QWWC final part 2 :: 10 Aug 04 @ 00:24 :: Posted by gaz Comments (3)
Well Finland pulled off a shock and got revenge on Sweden yesterday, by beating their rivals 3-0 in the QWWC final part 1.

Hib on DM4, Goljat/Xamp in the 2on2 and then the SR core + Fifi did the business for the Fins. The second final (required due to the rules of double elimination) will be played on Sunday 15th August at 21CET.


Final :: 03 Aug 04 @ 23:21 :: Posted by gaz Comments (1)
The QWWC final between Sweden and Finland will be played on Sunday 8th August at 21CET.


Nearly there... :: 05 Jul 04 @ 16:45 :: Posted by gaz Comments (0)
While I was on holiday in the lovely Prague, the LB final was played between Russia and Finland. By all accounts it was a tense affair but the Finns squeezed through to the grand final by winning 3-2. Congratulations to the Saunaboys who will face Sweden in the final, and commiserations on Russia who must settle for 3rd place.


Latest news :: 07 Jun 04 @ 01:17 :: Posted by gaz Comments (8)
It's been a while since the last update, so here's a quick recap:

Netherlands crashed out 5-0 to Russia, and so the Russians progressed to the Loser's Bracket semi-final where they faced N. America tonight...

Russia made a good start, winning the DM4 1on1 and the 2on2, before N. America hit back, winning the 4on4 and the DM6 1on1. It came down to the DM2 1on1, and Russia took it by just a single frag!

Russia will now face Finland in the Loser's Bracket final, and the winner of that will face Sweden in the grand final.


nearly there! :: 21 May 04 @ 02:53 :: Posted by gaz Comments (5)
Tonight we saw 2 more games.
First off, Sweden beat Finland 4-1 in the winner's bracket final to confirm their place in the grand finale of QWWC season 1. Only the duo of fifi & fix in the 2on2 were able to break Sweden's resistance and earn a point for the Finns.
In the other game, N. America controversially beat Poland 3-2. The score was actually 2-2 in terms of games played, but Poland refused to play the 4on4 with minping an lost the match 3-2.

North America will play the winner of the match between Russia and Netherlands, which is yet to be scheduled.