2003-04-13 - 5:22 p.m.

> game over <

there is no game over!
you might have to put
a token in the stupid
pacman machine to go at
it again, but
there is no game over!

forgetting is a powerful
and very sweet option,
people forget they have to
specifically request it be
dropped from their package.
forget the previous 6 lines.

we went about & created
the computer to get it
to do some of the shit
we hated doing. we had
to create it in our own
image, we didn't know

any better and perhaps
we were compelled to
do it that way, having our
beliefs about being created
in our creator's image or
not, whatever, that sure

isn't the point. there
are sites on the net that
show you how the processor
is built analagous to our brain,
so what is a processor without
memory & disk storage & i/o

and other shit like that?
not much! so think of the
reverse analogy and see if
you as a processor should be
thrown away at the end of
a game or should be put to

"productive" use and allowed
to do what you do, process
whatever comes your way. the
analogy is weak & i apologize
for even putting the brain
in there, but to compare the

mind with a processor is like
committing sacrilege to me,
so i'd rather present a
shitty reverse analogy, but
still make you think more
about it, blah, i'ma sleep now.

*note: are you afraid to reboot?


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