Spirit Band Purpose

In addition to playing at football games, the band is asked by the athletic association to play at a few more things. Why do we listen to the athletic association? They give the band lots of money for everything we do during marching band. The first thing they need is a band to play around campus on the days of home football games. They also need a band at other athletic events including volleyball and men's and women's basketball. Basketball is taken care of in spring semester by the basketball pep band class. In order to get people to go to the games before then, however, band members are assigned different games to go to in the fall. I'm sure you all know this, though, because it was included in the packet sent to you in the mail.

If you are unable to make an assigned game for any reason, you should find a suitable substitute to take your place. Appropriate attire is required at all spirit band assignments. Basketball pep band and volleyball pep band attire is full pep band outfit (blue pants, pep band shirt, dark shoes, etc). Spirit band attire is full marching band uniform since there is no break between spirit band and full band on game days.