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8/12/04 -  Ginger from One Reason shot some video footage with her camera when they came to record last week. Click on the photos below to see the tape rolling and Lexie's guided ferry tour. Thanks, Ginger!

8/10/04 -  This is a big review month for the Living Room, as local publication Where Y'At had reviews of the Sam Sarah, Glasgow, and Big Blue Marble albums that we recorded, all in one issue! One Reason also informed me that they received a flattering review in Punk Planet issue PP62, which I immediately bought and scanned. You can read it here.
     Speaking of One Reason, they came in for two days last week and recorded two songs for a split 7" with Defiance, Ohio that will be released by Anti-Creative Records out of Southern California. The songs came out great, we had a great time working together, and I think another band is sold on analog now.
     The Silent Cinema album is complete, and I have to say that it's one of the finest albums I've played through my speakers, and that's not just because we recorded it. Any label with half of a brain should scoop it up and release it.
     I failed to mention in prior news posts that Glasgow got their CD's back from being pressed. After hours and hours of hard work by Jack Craft (bassist), the layout came out nice, and it's a fun disc to listen to. This is a very promissing young band, and I can't wait to work with them again.
     We finished our second LA-2A compressor clone, with this one being a stereo version. Daniel handles all of the electronics, and I do the plate designs and cut and drill them out and paint them. They sound extremely good, and act very close to the original LA-2A. Dan's the man! Also on the way are two dbx 160x's that we scored off of ebay. We're working on taking new photos of the studio once we get all of the gear in order in the racks, and I'll post some photos of the gear we've built, as well.

8/5/04 -  Joey Carbo, I've been trying to reply to your emails, but they get kicked back, saying that your email doesn't exist. You probably have to call bellsouth and get them to fix it on their end. Yes, we're still on for next weekend. I'll be in Baton Rouge tonight (Thursday, 8/5) at a show. I'll get there around 9pm. Click here to find out the details.

7/16/04 -  We finished restoring the tape machine in May and we had some friends come over to be guinea pigs. After Daniel did some tweaking, it sounds incredible! I will beg every band from now on to save some extra $$$ for 2" tape so they can record on it. Going back to ADAT's will be painful. It blows my mind that studios are ditching analog for Pro Tools. Sure, features are nice, but isn't the ultimate goal to achieve the best sound possible? Silent Cinema is our first full project using the MCI. We've all been working very hard together during the tracking process, and we're starting the tedious mixing process tonight. The album is going to be wonderful.
     Eric Rogers from Sam Sarah came by in June and played drums on three songs for Joey Carbo. I was supposed to play on those tracks, but he's a much better drummer than I am and I decided to give him a call to see if he'd do it. It worked out perfect because he just picked up a new drumset that he wanted to hear on tape, so I got some stuff to barbecue and we hung out all day and had some fun doing some unorthodox drum recording. We also got to try out synchronizing the tape machine with the ADAT's, and it worked flawlessly. A few weeks after that we finished mixing Joey's project and we'll be mastering it next week, along with the new Spickle.
     The last weekend of May was the Tape Op Conference, right here in New Orleans at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel and Orpheum Theatre. I can't even begin to explain how great of an experience it was. I met a lot of wonderful people, including several people whose recordings I've cherished for so many years. Just after the conference, Larry Crane from Tape Op and Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland, OR, made plans to come here in September to work on a few songs with Big Blue Marble at our studio. He came by a few weeks ago to check out the place and make a list of what he should bring, and also helped us get a few things we needed for our tape machine. Thanks, Larry!

4/15/04 -  I'm happy to report that last Friday Daniel and I drove to Shreveport to pick up an MCI JH-16 16-track 2" tape machine! I never thought the day would come where we'd get to record on 2" tape, but it will be happening very soon. A squirrel had gotten into the storage space where it was being stored and made a nest in it and chewed up some of the wiring, so we decided to disassemble the whole thing and go through it. While Daniel has been re-capping it and working on the wiring and other bugs, I've been sandblasting the cabinet and preparing it for a fresh coat of paint. Since the machine was built in 1975, I decided to paint it a metallic brown from a 1975 Dodge passenger car. It's going to look great and sound even better in the near future.
     In recording news, we've been working on the latest Glasgow album. We're in the mixing stage right now, and it's coming out great. We tried some new mic techniques on the drums that came out wonderful and match Glasgow's sound perfectly. We also recently finished the latest Rat In A Bucket release, so keep an eye out for it. I still don't know how they can play what they play; those are some talented dudes. The future Spickle release is also in the mixing stage, and promises to be a great record.
     A couple of weeks ago Daniel and I had the pleasure of recording something besides a band: a motorcycle. Grant and JT from Confederate Motorcycles brought one of their incredible Hellcats to the studio so we could record audio of it for the company's website. I can honestly say that I can't remember ever seeing something that contained as much fine craftsmanship as that motorcycle, and I've been around a ton of race cars and shops in my 29 years of existence. It makes me happy that something that fine is built right here in New Orleans. Go to their website and check out the sounds. Make sure you crank up your speakers, because it's awesome!
     Unfortunately, both Blair Gimma and Hawg Jaw had to postpone their recording dates, but we will be working with both of them in June. Recording Hawg Jaw is always a good time, and I've been dying to work with Blair's solo project since the first time I heard her voice project into a microphone and come out of my monitors when she came to lay down backing vocals for Mahayla. She is one gifted individual, and it was nice working with her on the first Big Blue Marble recording.
     After borrowing a Blue Baby Bottle microphone from our friend Kirk, Daniel and I decided that we had to own a couple for ourselves. We both have nothing but good things to say about them, and have been loving using them for drum overheads and vocals.

3/5/04 -  Well, it's been a while, so I figured I'd leave an update about what's been going on at the studio. Daniel and I have been as busy as ever, working on projects, working on the studio, and trying to keep up with our other hobbies. We've done a lot of work in the control room, and it's now as spacious and comfortable as ever. Daniel built a custom compressor, based off of an LA-2A schematic, and after some tweaking, it sounds incredible. We also bought a Blue Baby Bottle microphone, after borrowing one from a friend and hearing how great it sounded.
     The new Sam Sarah release came out very very good, along with the latest releases from Antenna Inn and Big Blue Marble. We've mixed most of the future release from Joey Carbo, and as soon as I lay down the drums on three songs and we mix it, it will be complete. So far it sounds wonderful.

10/27/03 - Since the last news update, we picked up and installed a new console to replace the Neotek. It's a wonderful 32-channel, 64-input Otari Series 54 with Diskmix automation. Only one recording was completed entirely with the Neotek, that being the new Original Three release that's going to be on 7" vinyl. We liked the sound of the pre-amp and EQ in those old Series 1 modules so much that we took the console apart and mounted eight of them in a rack and are currently wiring them into the patch bay. If anyone is interested, we're going to be selling another group of eight in a custom rack-mount box, complete with power supply and phantom power, and another group of four in the same configuration.

9/8/03 - Over the past few months several things have been going on. I decided to keep the studio at the current location, but add on to the structure. It's going to be a 1,200 square foot addition with a big live room and a very high open peak wood ceiling and wood floor, double-walled drum room, much bigger control room, and a loft complete with beds to house artists that would like to stay at the studio during the course of their project. I have a preliminary plan that I've been working on that you can check out here. Daniel Majorie, a longtime friend of mine, is also going to join forces with me. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University's recording program and an experienced studio engineer, he brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table, and I am very confident about our future working together. We're working on getting commercial zoning, then construction will start on the addition.
     I am also very pleased to announce that I have purchased an old Neotek Series 1 console to replace my Behringer Eurodesk. I had been having intermittent problems with it that have recently delayed several recordings that I've been trying to finish, plus I've been long overdue for a mixer upgrade. Daniel and I are going through the Neotek right now, making the 23 year old console work like new again. The pre-amps and EQ sound amazing, and I can't wait to start recording again.
     When the studio gets cranked up again, recordings by Antenna Inn, Erased By The Sun, and Big Blue Marble need completion, and future recordings on the books include Spickle, the Original Three, and a solo record by Joey Carbo of Encompass and Stalemate fame.

5/5/03 - I updated the Samples section today with all new mp3's, with the exception of the songs by Atombombpocketknife and the New Lows, which are re-edited versions of the songs that I had up before.

4/16/03 - Boy, have I been slacking with this news business. Things have been pretty hectic for me recently, with recording, photo work, and business planning consuming all of my time. I stopped booking recordings after May in order to do some work to turn the studio back into a house, so I can sell it and prepare to move into a bigger place. I'll be down for a while, but the new place will be well worth the wait.

     I recorded a wonderful band called Silent Cinema in February. Micah is a wonderful songwriter and has a beautiful voice, and Mike works very well with him on drums and various other instruments. They played their first show recently and I have high hopes for them. Also, a band called One Reason came down from north Mississippi to record 12 songs that will be released on Planet X (Soophie Nun Squad, The Devil Is Electric, etc.). We will be mixing it in less than two weeks, and the tracking so far sounds great. Just last night I finished mixing a four song demo for Outlaw Order, which features members of Eyehategod, Hawg Jaw, and Soilent Green. A full length will follow shortly. Encompass and Stalemate also passed through the studio to record a new full length. We had a great time, and it came out wonderful. It's a very promissing release that will be out on Fort Hazel Records.

1/29/03 - During the week this week and last, I remixed 2 Hawg Jaw recordings that we tracked back in 2000. It's always fun working with Gary on mixes, and it sounds better than either one of us remembered or expected. It will be released by a label out of Spain on double-gatefold vinyl and CD.
     I've been working the last couple of weekends on overdubs for the new Erased By The Sun release, and it's starting to come together very well. We should be finishing the vocals soon and mixing.

1/28/03 - I finally uploaded my new photo site. Click on the "Photography" button above if you'd like to check it out.

1/8/03 - I have a photo show downtown this Saturday (1/11) at the ARK (511 Marigny Street, 504-947-0982). Other featured artists will be Mary Nova (art), Brice Bischoff (photos), Eric Martinez (photos), and a couple of others. The show starts at 7pm.
     Paul Webb and I finished working on his project last month. He's a wonderful talent, playing drums, bass, and guitar for his release. We've now worked together several times, and are in the preliminary stages of opening a studio together at another location. I'm very excited about our ideas. It should work out great.
     Last week I started tracking for Dear Diary, I Seem To Be Dead. Everything sounds good so far. We'll be recording the vocals and start mixing soon.

10/28/02 - SPECIAL NOTICE: The phone number on the Contact page has changed. The new number is (504)236-2772. I apologize to those who have tried to call the old one.

10/28/02 - Things have been hectic around the studio since the last update. I'm wrapping up the solo record by Durel Yates of Suplecs. The project will be called Automatic Mind Command, and features Durel on guitar and vocals, Paul Webb of Spickle/Hawg Jaw/Dulac Swade on bass, Paul O'Conner on drums, and guest vocals on a few songs by Mike D. of Hawg Jaw. It's been a very relaxing and smooth project that came out excellent, and I've had a lot of fun working with them. Keep an eye out for the release in the near future.
     Hawg Jaw recorded 9 songs in the middle of this month for an upcoming release. We'll be tracking the vocals at the end of this week, and mixing it next week. I've recorded them several times, and this is by far the best sounding one. They've benefited greatly from equipment upgrades and personnel changes over the years.
     Gretna Sewing Circle recorded the basic tracks for two songs, and we'll be recording the last one tonight. We should have a 3 song demo CD out soon. Our show at Twisted Hair Salon for Art For Art's Sake on October 5 was a lot of fun. I sold some photos and we had a good showing. Thanks to all who came out.
     I did some tracking for Mike Rogriguez in September, and we'll be finishing up in the next month or two. It's interesting stuff, and Jason from Focus 21 will be laying some drum tracks on top of it before we're done.

9/13/02 - Lately I've been working with Samsara, and I am very pleased with the results. They're young and they rock, so keep an eye out for them. I will be mixing their recording this weekend, and I'll be wrapping up the Chas Brosco recording this coming week.
     I have an extremely busy schedule coming up, balancing 3 shows with our band (see the list below), several recordings, and a photo showing for Art For Art's Sake on 10/5 at Twisted on Magazine St.
Upcoming shows for the Gretna Sewing Circle:
  • September 27 - 7 p.m. @ the ARK with the Robinsons
  • October 5 - 7 p.m. @ Twisted on Magazine St. (Art For Art's Sake show)
  • October 14 - 7 p.m. @ the ARK with Haymarket Riot, Goodboy Suit, and the Ghost

8/6/02 - After a trip to Portland and a bout with pneumonia, I'm back on track with the recording schedule. I'll be finishing the Mahayla recording soon, and it's going to be a very promising release.
     I added a new mp3 to the Sample mp3's section. It's a song called "This Is Our Commitment" by Chicago-based AtomBombPocketKnife. I should be adding a few more in the near future from Spickle and the Hazard County Girls.
     I've been doing tracking for Chas Brosco for an EP that they'll be releasing soon after we are finished. Everything sounds great so far.

6/26/02 - I've been slacking big time with the news updates. A lot of exciting things have been transpiring in the last couple of months. I sold my prized '69 AMX to upgrade the studio and prepare myself financially to open it full time. I ordered a new Mac G4, and I'm adding a Pro Tools Digi001 setup to it. I'll now be able to edit and master, although I'll still recommend a specialized mastering studio to handle the actual mastering. I'm also going to start remodeling the control room and re-wiring all of the equipment to patch bays.
     Both the Rat In A Bucket and Durel Yates recordings were postponed, but I did start tracking the new Hawg Jaw. We should finish it in July. For the past few weeks, I've been working with Mahayla on their new release. It's coming together nicely, and sounds great.
     I got a call from Paul Webb while Spickle was on tour, informing me that they got their shipment of new CD's, and that it sounds great. The CD is released on Berserker Records, and I recommend checking it out.

4/18/02 - The Community recording is finished, and it came out excellent. I've also been tracking the new Eat a Bag of Dicks album, and next weekend I start on the new Rat In A Bucket album. Both bands will be touring together in June, and will have the newly recorded albums in time for tour.
     I've added some upcoming projects to the recording calender that I'm looking forward to working on. Durel Yates from Suplecs is coming in with a few different drummers to work on a solo project, and based off of what he has told me, it sounds like it will be very interesting.

4/18/02 - Sunday I started tracking the new Community recording. It will be their last, because Ryan (the drummer) is moving to Chicago in the beginning of May. They will play one more show on May 4 at Salon Pervette on Magazine St. So far, the recording sounds amazing. Alfredo brought over a bunch of guitar gear for them to use, and it's paying off.
     Last week I started remixing some old Hawg Jaw recordings with Gary. It's some stuff that we recorded a couple of years ago, and was supposed to get released by a label, but never did. We're going to remix it, and they are going to release it themselves.

3/18/02 - I've been working with Hostile Apostle on a song for a Paranoize Magazine compilation. Working on one song is great because of the amount of time that can be spent on it, and it shows; the song sounds amazing. Matt got a new drumkit, and they sound a lot better than his old ones. The bass came out great, and Justin and I worked on a lot of different guitar ideas. I'm looking forward to mixing it this week. They are playing tomorrow night (Tuesday, 3/19/02) at the Dixie Taverne with Icepick Revival.
     The Hazard County Girls' album came out excellent. I had a great time working with them, and we took the final mix to edit with Justin from Hostile Apostle. He's been helping me out with editing my recordings until I get set up with a computer and software to do that, and his help is very much appreciated.
     Spickle finished the cover art for their upcoming CD, and you can check it out on the Berserker Records website. The release is slated for some time in May, and I highly recommend it to anyone.
     We finished the Low Drag recording as well, and I'm very happy with the outcome. It was nice to work with my very good friend Buddy again. I haven't recorded with him since we recorded Lymph Vessel back in '96.

2/28/02 - Heavy workloads at my day job have sent my site updating to a crawl. Anyway, I've been recording Low Drag recently, and we'll be wrapping up the mixing tonight.
     Last week I recorded a song for Suplecs that will be on a Small Stone Records compilation. The song we recorded was "Working Man" from Rush, and it sounds awesome. The compilation is a double-CD featuring all 70's covers, and will be out in a couple of months.
     This weekend I am recording the Hazard County Girls. I am looking forward to working with them.

1/24/02 - The Dirty Dingus recording was wrapped up last night. It came out very good, and they should be releasing it soon.
     Saturday I'll be mixing the Spickle recording. The tracking went well, and the final product will sound excellent. I also updated the Links and News/Clients section.

1/12/02 - Last week I recorded the new Spickle album that will be released on Berserker Records around March or April. They're a great band and great guys. It was a joy recording them, to say the least. We are done with the tracking and will mix it next week. Andy Preen (Suplecs) and Matt Williams (Hawg Jaw) came in to play percussion on a couple of tracks with Kenny Sumera (Spickle's drummer). Having 3 of the top drummers from New Orleans in one room playing together was amazing. Durel (Suplecs) and Justin Giardina (Hostile Apostle) came by to lay down some excellent guitar work on a couple of songs, also.
     I've been tracking for Dirty Dingus this weekend, and so far it's coming out well. We'll record the vocals tomorrow and mix next week.

12/11/01 - While on tour, AtomBombPocketKnife came in to record one song for the Flashburn Records compilation. They're wonderful people and it was a joy having them stay at my place for a couple of days. I highly recommend checking them out if they play in your city.
         Last weekend I finished the tracking for Nullified. It consists of four really cool 16 year old kids. We'll finish the overdubs and mixing in a couple of weeks.

11/13/01 - Ok, I've been slacking big time on my news. I recorded Finishing School last month, and it came out very good, considering the circumstances. We did 4 songs in a total of about 10 hours. I got the main tracking done for Hotchkiss this weekend, and we'll be working on overdubs this week. I tried recording the drums in the bigger live room, and they came out excellent. I'm very happy with the whole recording so far.

10/3/01 - I went to Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami, FL, this weekend to take promo and live photos of The Remedy Session. I had a wonderful time, and I'd like to thank Alex, Chris, and Lori for everything they did for me. They opened for Rainer Maria Saturday at Churchill's in Miami. Both bands played a great show, with Rainer Maria's set possessing more energy than their recorded material depicts. The Remedy Session should be finished with their CD soon, so please support them and check it out. I think they'll be coming to New Orleans within a few months to record and/or play a show. The pics will be up on the Shutter to Think site soon. There are a few in the October/2001 monthly section already, but I still have many rolls being developed. Stay tuned.

9/17/01 - The Hostile Apostle recording came out very good. We mixed it Saturday, and I did some more tracking for Buck Short on Sunday. That should be finished this weekend. I uploaded some new mp3's this morning of Hostile Apostle, The New Lows, and Hatchback.
          I also transferred the HTML for this site to Flashburn. Now there won't be anymore aggrivating ads. Yay.

9/13/01 - The September, 2001, issue of The Vox (the WTUL / Tulane U. music magazine) came out Tuesday. It's the local music issue, featuring an article about yours truly and my studio, along with a bunch of information about local bands and an article with some local promoters, including Kevin Barrios (Flashburn Records). I scanned in the studio article and you can read it here, or you can pick up the complete issue at WTUL, The Mushroom, or various other places in the Tulane area. I'd like to congratulate the new editor of The Vox, Rachelle Matherne, and the people that contributed to this issue on a job well done.
          I finished the tracking for Hostile Apostle. Kenny Sumera (Dulac Swade, Spickle) came over and laid down some percussion. Everything came out very good and we'll be mixing it this weekend. If you have a chance, go see this band live or pick up a copy of their CD when it comes out. The musicianship is excellent.

9/10/01 - This weekend I had the pleasure of recording Hostile Apostle. They are an instrumental band from New Orleans, with Matt Williams on drums, who I've recorded a few times already with Hawg Jaw. The guitarist Justin Giardina, and bassist Scott Crochet are both excellent and creative. Scott has a very nice style, often straying away from typical "bass" playing and doing a lot of intricate riffs using both high and low notes simultaneously. Justin's style is very diverse, and he was in a band called Fiddlehead that I used to go see years ago. I really enjoy getting to record these people that I used to watch play when I was growing up. I highly recommend everyone picking this up when it's released.
          I added a recording pics section in the Music page on the Shutter to Think site. There are some good shots in there of bands I've recorded over the last few years.

8/29/01 - I just recorded a song for The New Lows for the Flashburn Records compilation. They're from Florida, and feature Mike Levin, who is the former singer/guitarist from Shyster. The song came out great. Go see them if they come to your town. I've also been working on the Without Joe and Buck Short albums. Both are coming out very well. Check them out when they are released.
          I'll be in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Sept. 28-30 to take photos of The Remedy Session when they open for Rainer Maria on the 29th. I'd like to thank Alex for getting me the plane ticket. You rock.

7/31/01 - Finally!! The site has been down for almost a month because decided to take it down for some violation that I still have yet to figure out. Oh well, it's back up and I'll be doing some fixing and updating in the coming days.
     I start recording Buck Short this weekend. The Ritual Sonico recording came out well, as did Rat In A Bucket. If you have the chance, go see all of these bands and give them some support. They are all great guys.
     Tonight I'm doing an interview about my studio and recording with Rachelle Matherne, who is the editor of The Vox (Tulane University's music magazine). Wish me luck. This is my first interview! That's all for now. Adios.

7/4/01 - We finished mixing the Hatchback recording last Friday, after a technical setback that I'd rather not mention here. I started recording Ritual Sonico the next morning. They are a Spanish light-rock band with all Spanish singing. It's been a joy so far working with them. Their songs are very well written, and I wish them luck when they go play in Miami in August. I uploaded a lot of pictures in the "Photos" section, including a bunch of Hatchback, so check each section because i think almost every one has a few new pictures added.

6/22/01 - Tonight will be the last of the Hatchback vocal tracking, probably. Everything sounds great. I am joining forces with my friend Kevin to start a label (Flashburn Records) that will work in conjunction with my studio. We have a double-CD benefit comp for Human Rights Watch ( coming out late 2001, and we are talking to a few bands about future releases. The site will be up any day now, and the address will be You can go there to see the bands that have committed to the comp so far, and feel free to im/email me or the label (aim: flashburnrecords, email: for info about submitting music for consideration. Thanks.

6/18/01 - The Hatchback recording is coming out great. I'd like to thank James for his help with guitar tracking, and for his and Greg's generosity of letting me use some of their microphones to speed up overdubs. We'll finish guitars and vocals this week and mix this weekend. The Mogwai show is tonight!

6/15/01 - After a month-long delay due to a broken mixer, The Skullniks recording is finished, and came out well. They have some mp3's you can download on This weekend I start working on the new Hatchback album. They're great guys and I've been looking forward to working with them. Last week i began working on The Products rap project. Flung, one of the singers in Loon who I recorded late last year, is one of the rappers. So far it features 5 different rappers with more to come in a couple of weeks. It will be completed after Hatchback.