US soldier sentenced for murder of Iraqi National Guard member

7:47 PM Saturday 09/25. A court martial Saturday in Tikrit [JPEG] convicted US Army Specialist Federico Merida for murdering a member of the Iraqi National Guard. Merida pleaded guilty to the killing, committed last May in Adwar, during the trial. In addition to the 25 year.... [more | Paper Chase RSS]

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 California to put sexual offender information online
5:03 PM
 Lynndie England to face court-martial
11:20 AM
 Anti-bootleg law struck down
9:13 PM
 9/11 Commission Report implementation bill introduced
8:50 PM

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 UN human rights chief says Sudan in denial over Darfur rapes
3:35 PM
 Pinochet questioned about kidnappings
3:15 PM
 Germany, Italy clash over proposed UN reforms
3:02 PM

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Bill of Rights sent to the states for ratification

On September 25, 1789, the United States Congress sent twelve proposed constitutional amendments to the state legislatures for ratification. Ten of these were adopted in 1791 and became known as the Bill of Rights. A proposed amendment on.... [more]

 Hello All: I for one am disappointed to see that the law school positions and course syllabi services no longer exist. These two features provided me with helpful information that I could not otherwise get without significant expense and effort. .... [more]
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Video; UN - Ministerial statement in support of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, September 23, 2004. JURIST has more on the CTBT at the end of this post.

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 New California emissions regulations
 Terror indictment again Ali al-Timini [VA]
 Bush v. Schiavo [FL]
 Indictments for illegal contributions to DeLay PAC [TX]

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 Liberty and the Rule of Law After Sept. 11 - Viet Dinh
 Iraq PM Allawi's address to Congress
 PATRIOT Act, SAFE Act hearing - US Senate Judiciary Committee

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 Princeton Review joins law school rankings game
 Georgia Law names new dean, school's first female
 HLS student seeks to reform presidential debate system

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 5:22 PM, September 13
Blogger seems to have sorted itself out, so everything on JURIST is back to rights now.


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A Time for Reasoned Sentencing Policy9/22

JURIST Guest Columnist Sandra Jordan of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law considers what might happen if, as anticipated, the US Supreme Court applies its reasoning from its June 2004 Blakely ruling to the federal sentencing guidelines in two.... [more]

Blocking Nader: This Time, Democratic Dirty Tricks?9/05

JURIST Guest Columnist Mark Brown, holder of the Newton D. Baker/Baker and Hostetler Chair at Capital University School of Law, says today's Democrats should take note of the fact that in electoral contests as elsewhere, two wrongs don't make a right..... [more]

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