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26th September 2004
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Actor: Jay Bunyan
Character: Jack Scully
Jack number 2
Neighbours fans first saw Jack Scully, in May 2001, but he was originally played by Paul Pantano. He's now played by Jay Bunyan. Jay's had roles on quite a few productions in his 21 years. These have included, Being Eve, You Wish, The Tribe 4, Superfire, Young Hercules and Scallywag Pirates.
New Zealand
Born and bred in New Zealand, Jay set his sights on becoming an actor from a very young age. He won the role of Jack Scully after being auditioned in New Zealand by Jan Russ. Both Jay and Michelle Ang, who plays his onscreen girlfriend Lori Lee, really impressed Jan and their roles on Neighbours were written into the storylines especially.
First day
Michelle and Jay both moved to Melbourne to be on Neighbours and both shared a place together close to the city, purely platonically of course.
When asked what his first day on the Neighbours set was like, Jay chuckled, 'I had just arrived from New Zealand on the Sunday. I was picked up for work at 6am on Monday morning. I was taken into the rehearsal room with the Scully family and Blair was there. I was a bit star struck, because of Blair, who I'd seen in Big Brother and Holly from all of the pop star stuff.
It was an excellent day and everyone treated me really well and we got along as the Scully family straight away.'
Long Term?
Jay's been signed up to play Jack Scully for the next two years. There are many twists and turns on the way for Jack. Make sure you don't miss them.
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