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26th September 2004
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Character: Mitch Foster
Actor: Hugh Sexton
An unsavoury character
Mitch Foster wound up in the same place he started, prison. And in the time he was free he managed to do little but cause trouble and pain to those he met. He was an opportunist who took advantage of Stephanie Scully’s very giving nature.
Birds of a feather
Stephanie only met Mitch through her childhood sweetheart, Larry Woodhouse – Woody to all. The two men met in prison, and while Woody tried to get back on with his life Mitch was a far more sinister character. At first he was welcomed into the family. He even organised Joe Scully a job as a truck driver, until that went awry. Steph realised eventually that his charm was only surface deep and sent him packing. Woody even returned (apparently from the dead, which was no mean feat) to warn her that Mitch was a killer.
Armed and dangerous
When Mitch returned to beg for Steph’s loyalty he was carrying a nasty wound. He claimed he’d come off his motorbike, but the truth was he’d been shot while escaping an armed robbery. Steph had no idea of this at the time. She was comforting at first and when a motorbike turned up for her from an unknown source this made her an accomplice in the eyes of the law, even after he’d robbed her.
If it wasn’t for a bit of shrewd detective work from Stuart Parker in taping a confession from Mitch who can say what would have happened? Thankfully it’ll be a long time before Mitch Foster is allowed back on the streets.
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