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Talk Soup R.I.P.
Talk Soup is dead.

This crummy little memorial website has some photos from the last Soup show and the ensuing drunken pity-party, plus some straight talk about the show's demise.

In the future, it may have some info about what your favorite Soupies are up to.

Why Did Talk Soup Go Away?

Funny you should ask...
Contrary to what E! press-releases would have you believe, Talk Soup did NOT "end its incredible 11-year run." Talk Soup was cancelled, plain and simple. Everyone at Talk Soup was fired, without warning -- from the creator of the show and its popular host, down to the production assistants. Some on the Soup staff had been at E! for over 11 years, since the network's inception. They all were given 24 hours to clean out their offices, and vacate the building.
What made this mass-firing worse was that for several months, E! V.P. Mark Sonnenberg, and his assistant, Gary Snegaroff, had been telling the Soup to prepare for an "exciting" new version of the show -- an hour-long program to air on the weekend during prime-time. Throughout the spring of 2002, the Soup staff worked overtime to produce ideas for this new series. On Thursday, May 9, they were supposed to meet with Snegaroff to discuss the final run-down for the new show. Instead, Snegaroff and Sonnenberg walked into the room and announced that everyone was fired.
In the May 9 meeting, Sonnenberg told the staff to suck it up, saying "TV shows are cancelled all the time." But this was no cellar-dwelling sitcom, staffed by freelancers. This was the flagship show on E!, produced by long-time network employees. And even at 1 AM, its ratings were often better than far more expensive Sonnenberg pet projects, like reruns of Saturday Night Live and Last Call With Carson Daly. Was Sonnenberg tired of hearing the comparisons? Was he angry that Talk Soup's late-night host was more of a celebrity than any of the B-list freaks slaved over by E!'s entertainment-news shows? Was he worried about losing his *own job?

Who knows. But with Talk Soup gone, those comparisons are now moot.

Enjoy the show!

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