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SBC Laboratories, Inc. (SBC Labs) is present at the future, enabling SBC Communications to make tomorrow’s technology today’s solutions. SBC Labs provides technology research and development exclusively to the trusted subsidiaries of SBC Communications.

We’re building on SBC’s 100-year track record of innovation by attracting the top talent in the industry and by challenging these thinkers to look beyond the traditional and the expected to solutions never seen — or even considered — anywhere else.

Thought leadership is our business; intellectual property, our trade. We welcome you to the SBC Labs site, and we encourage you to learn more about our unique approach, our remarkable innovators and our latest achievements.

Inside SBC Labs
Our Technology Focus
Inside SBC Labs
> Meet Keith Cambron:
SBC Labs President and CEO
> Applied Research:
Key to SBC's Future
> The "Inside Scoop":
Wi-Fi Development
SBC Renames Research and Development Arm to SBC Laboratories
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SBC Launches Research and Development Test-
bed to Develop New Layers of Internet Security
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