Egg Agent Tutorial

In order to make an egg agent you will need to have the following:
  • A .gen Genetics File
  • A .gno Genome File
  • Two 60x60 .bmp format pictures for the egg layer.
You also need to download the following tools from the developers section:
  • Spritebuilder
  • PRAYbuilder

Making The Files
After you have made the two 60x60 .bmp Egg Glyphs, you need to make them into .c16 files using spritebuilder. Simply open Spritebuilder, select "import" then open your file. you can then save it as a .c16 file
Secondly, you need to make / edit genetics. You could just use normal genetics, but many people look for new genetics when they download a new breed.
Thirdly, you need a genome file. Using a normal C3 one seems to work fine.

Making The Egg Agent
Here is an example of the pray script needed to make an Egg Agent:

group EGGS "Wingies"
"Agent Type" 0

"Dependency Count" 4

"Dependency 1" "wingies.gen"
"Dependency Category 1" 3
"Dependency 2" "wingies.gno"
"Dependency Category 2" 3
"Dependency 3" "wingiesM.c16"
"Dependency Category 3" 2
"Dependency 4" "wingiesF.c16"
"Dependency Category 4" 2

"Genetics File" "wingies"

"Egg Glyph File" "wingiesM.c16"
"Egg Glyph File 2" "wingiesF.c16"
"Egg Gallery male" "wingiesM"
"Egg Gallery female" "wingiesF"

inline FILE "wingies.gen" "wingies.gen"
inline FILE "wingies.gno" "wingies.gno"
inline FILE "wingiesM.c16" "wingiesM.c16"
inline FILE "wingiesF.c16" "wingiesF.c16"

Ok, so you've seen how it works, now to understand what it does.

"en-GB" Specifies the language of the agent (English)
group EGGS "Wingies" This is the name that will appear on the egg layer
"Agent Type" 0 Specifies that this is an Egg Agent
"Dependency Count" 4 This is simply the number of files listed in the "dependencies" (see below)
"Dependency 1" "wingies.gen" 1 is number of the dependency. "wingies.gen" is the file to be depended upon.
"Dependency Category 1" 3 The one after the category is just the number of the dependency again. The 3 is the type of the file being depended upon.
1=sound 2=Sprite 3=Gen 4=att 5=? 6=? 7=Catalogue
"Genetics File" "wingies" The name of the .gen file without the .gen
"Egg Glyph File" "wingiesM.c16" The name of the MALE picture sprite for the egglayer
"Egg Glyph File 2" "wingiesF.c16" The name of the FEMALE picture sprite for the egglayer
"Egg Gallery male" "wingiesM" The name of the male sprite, without the .c16
"Egg Gallery female" "wingiesF" The name of the female sprite, without the .c16
inline FILE "wingies.gen" "wingies.gen" Tells the script to include these files in the actual agent.
The first name is the "from" name of the file, the second is the "to" name. Best to keep them the same.

Writing your own script:
When you write your script, use notepad. When you have finished, save the .txt file, then rename it as .ps instead of .txt
If you are good with computers you could make .ps files open automatically with notepad.

Compiling The Script Into An Agent
Now you should have made your egg agent script. Now you need to compile it. You will need to use PRAYBUILDER now.
Create a folder somewhere (if you haven't already) containing all the Egg Agent files (2 sprites, .gen file & .gno file). Place Praybuilder.exe in this folder. :
Praybuilder uses MS-Dos. In order to use it, the easiest way is as follows:

1 Make a new .txt file in this folder.
2 Open it and place this text into it:

Where wingies is the name of your file. It MUST be one word, no spaces or dots.
3 Rename this file as .bat instead of .txt
4 You should now be able to run this file, and it will make the agent
5 Your file will be something like "" - rename it and remove the .ps

1 Capitals can affect how it works. Make sure that you only use capitals when I do.
2 Make sure that you use a " everywhere I do, and nowhere else.
3 Make sure that all your files are one word with NO spaces.
4 Check that you haven't forgot anything.
5 Make sure that ALL the files you use in this tutorial are in the same folder.

Thats it! You've done it! You now have your agent file. Remember to test it before distributing it.
If you have any problems with this tutorial, please mail me: : :