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Presented by Phillip Adams

Down the River Murray

map of Murray River
  • The Murray - The River Begins
    Monday 30 August 2004  
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    The start of a week-long journey following the Murray River. Phillip heads into the mountain country on the NSW-Victoria border in search of the source of the Murray and he meets 82 year-old Lorna Hogg, who has lived by the nascent river all her life. The next stop is the Hume Weir for a brief history of the taming of the river, followed by a discussion of the politics of water sharing - a topic that will be discussed in more detail as the river journey progresses.

  • The Murray - In the Irrigation Zone
    Tuesday 31 August 2004  
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    In the second program on the journey down the Murray, Phillip visits three farmers - all substantial water users - and the head of a key irrigation conglomerate. All have great affection for the Murray River and agree on the need for water use reform, but they have quite different views on how it should be achieved.

  • The Murray - The Great Red Gum Forest
    Wednesday 1 September 2004  
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    In the third program of the journey down the Murray River, Phillip visits the
    world's largest river red gum forest, the Barmah Forest, where he speaks with
    Yorta Yorta woman, Monica Morgan, about the historical and contemporary
    significance of the forest to indigenous people. There are up to ten distinct
    language groups along the Murray River and they have recently formed a
    confederacy to promote indigenous interests.

  • The Murray - Mildura & the Chowilla floodplain
    Thursday 2 September 2004  
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    Continuing down the Murray River, Phillip talks to restauranteur and Mildura
    personality, Stefano de Pieri, about his personal history, his involvement in
    local politics and arts, his love of the river and his struggle to bring
    'gastronomic appreciation' to this part of Australia.

  • The Murray - The Coorong & the Mouth
    Thursday 9 September 2004  
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    In the final program in the Murray River series, Phillip delves into the history of irrigation settlement in South Australia and takes a trip across the Coorong, at the Murray Mouth, with a fourth generation commercial fisherman.

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