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Check out the article at the bottom of THIS PAGE which is all about great new games to play with your family and friends! The German gaming style is wonderful, competitive and fun, and you don't know what you're missing until you've tried it! Just click on the "Special Feature" link above to go directly to the article!


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SPECIAL FEATURE - January, 2004

More Reviews of Family/Strategy Board Games!!

This is my third set of reviews of my family's and friend's favorite strategy games. I've also included a list below of game ratings, and other games we are waiting to play. Enjoy!

Here are two great games from the German manufacturer, Queen. Alhambra won the SdJ Award for 2003, and is a terrific game of citybuilding and resource management. Dschunke is a game of shipping and loading cargo on Asian "junks". It also has interesting gameplay, and is very enjoyable. Theme works great for both games. I would rate them both a strong "8.5" on a 1-10 scale.

Mystery of the Abbey is a terrific "Clue" type of game, only with lots more to do and simply more fun! My daughter and my wife love this one, too, and we generally play it a couple of times per month! Rating - "8.0".

Here are a couple of Reiner Knizia games that are wonderful to play, even though they are very different. Amun Re is a classic deep strategy game that offers many ways to score, and many ways to win. You build the temples along the Nile and the theme and gameplay are excellent! High Society is a fast (less than 30 minutes) auction game where you are trying to acquire all the luxury items you can possibly own. The game has a random ending, so you are never sure just how much time you have left. Rating - "9" for Amun Re, and "8" for High Society.

My son and I are starting to get into wargames just a little. Hammer of the Scots has received such high marks, that we just had to enter the two player wargame market with this one. And we were not disappointed! Hammer is a terrific two-player game that re-enacts the Scottish/English battles between King Edward and William Wallace (Braveheart). The block system the game uses is terrific, and overall, we have enjoyed our battles. Rating - "9" for this super wargame.

Age of Mythology is an interesting strategy/war game that uses mechanisms from lots of games (think Puerto Rico). The resource management aspect of the game is terrific, but the battle portion of the game drags it out awhile. We like it, but the game needs some battle modifications to work better. Our last 3-player game lasted over 4 hours. In any event, we rate this interesting game a "6.5" on a 1-10 scale.


ODIN'S RAVENS by Rio Grande, Rating "7.5" - Fun game...can last a little longer than necessary.

DIE PYRAMIDEN DES JAGUAR by Kosmos, Rating "9" - We really like this one...great choices, nice strategy/numbers game.

LA CITTA by Rio Grande, Rating "8" - Interesting city building/expansion game...lots to do!

INDUSTRIAL WASTE by Rio Grande, Rating "6.5" - First time was fun, but it dragged out after that.

ADEL VERPFLICHTET by Alea, Rating "8" - This game is fun....need five to play it for best results.

CLANS by Rio Grande, Rating "5" - I like this one, no one else I play with does...our rating reflects their thoughts!

NEW ENGLAND by Goldsieber, Rating "8" - Settling with the Pilgrims has never been as interesting!

PIRATENBUCHT (Pirate's Cove) by Amigo, Rating "9" - This one's been a hit with my gaming group...nice combo of luck and thinking.

GNADENLOS by Kosmos, Rating "6" - Interesting western theme...strange to figure out.

SETTLERS OF THE STONE AGE by Mayfair, Rating "4" - Enough already...this one was very dry and repetitive.

PARIS PARIS by Rio Grande, Rating "6.5" - Interesting placement game...but I'm the only one in my group that liked it.

TAJ MAHAL by Rio Grande, Rating "9" - Great game...lots of ways to score.

WHO STOLE ED'S PANTS? by Eight Foot Llama, Rating "5" - Played with 3 players a few times..."gang up" factor is huge..lots of luck.

PRINCES OF FLORENCE by Rio Grande, Rating "10" - This one is superb...mixes auctions, planning, card play, bluffing, etc...wonderful!

TRAUMFABRIK by Hasbro, Rating "8.5" - Make movies, acquire your resources...what a great theme....unique auction mechanism works nicely!

JAVA by Rio Grande, Rating "4" - Played once...ughhh...I think Rio missed this one...someday we'll give it another chance.

CARCASSONNE by Rio Grande, Rating "9" - Game of the Year...wonderful quick play strategy game!

SKYRUNNER by Ravensburger, Rating "8" - Another filler with a cool 3d building...this one's fun!

FLOWER POWER by Kosmos, Rating "8" - My wife and I love this neat little 2-player game...simple but enjoyable.

YETI SLALOM by Rio Grande, Rating "6" - This little race game seemed fun, but it was hard to figure any strategy...we'll definitely play it more.

TORRES by Rio Grande, Rating "9" - We've only played two games, but they were great!

TA YU by Rio Grande, Rating "7.5" - An excellent two player game...not as good for 3 or 4.

RICOCHET ROBOT by Rio Grande, Rating "8" - A neat puzzle game...we've played this for hours. A nice diversion!

LOST CITIES by Rio Grande, Rating "8" - Cool 2-player card game...lots of luck, but some strategy.

BIG CITY by Rio Grande, Rating "8" - The rating is for the 2-player version...more strategy and tactical planning than in the 3/4 player games.

PYRAMIDIS by ICE, Rating "7" - I've played this game twice, with 2 players and 4 players. Its better with 4, but still very different. We will play it once in awhile.

SAMURAI by Rio Grande, Rating "8" - Only played once so far...Excellent!

KAHUNA by Rio Grande, Rating "6.5" - Not as good a 2 player game as Lost Cities...leader can run away with the game.

FOSSIL by Rio Grande, Rating "6" - Only played once...never gone back. OK game, but not real interesting.

EUPHRAT & TIGRIS, Imported by Mayfair, Rating "8" - Another one we've only played once, but we will play it again.

EL CABELLERO by Rio Grande, Rating "5.5" - I know we should probably give this another chance, but it provided a very strange play experience.

EDISON & COMPANY by Rio Grande, Rating "4" - Another one we will only play once.

MISSISSIPPI QUEEN by Rio Grande, Rating "6" - Only played once, and not with the Black Rose expansion. We will play it again.

STREETCAR by Mayfair, Rating "6.5" - Plays like Ta Yu, but it has a really weird way to end the game.

MANHATTAN by Mayfair, Rating "9.0" - Terrific strategy game, with moderate luck as well. Fun to play, easy to learn!


MARE NOSTRUM by Eurogames

MAGNA GRECIA by Rio Grande






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