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MAR-AUG 2004 -vol. 17-# 2 published on the 15th day of odd numbered months - on line at HTTP://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/jedsey_journal/ - e-mail to jedsey_journal@compuserve.com - US Mail to - 74 Cottage St., Jersey City NJ, 07306


This project revives a Jersey City based newsletter from the late '50s/early '60s, and is dedicated to John White, Bobby Rey and Badd Ladd - holding a spot at the bar for us at that big Joe Crine's in the sky.


JEDSEY AND CITIZEN KACZOR may have turned the corner in their respective battles with health problems

Rumors abounded when the JEDSEY JOURNAL took a 6 month hiatus, but the fact is that Jed's health was not a factor. Unfortunately the same could not be said about his computer where Michael Kaczor found and removed close to 200 viruses and worms in three separate outages. Michael has installed new state of the art defenses and Jed will not be opening any forwarded letters or downloading any files, so please desist from passing on these items. When Michael Donnelly called to see what had happened to the JJ, Jed informed him that he was just recovering from a bout with the Sasser Virus and the new JOURNAL would soon be out. Mike said to take it easy and not to worry about it but 3 days later there was a phone message from Butch Miller saying he had heard about Jed's "health problem" and that his family sent their prayers and for Jed to call if anything was needed. Jed had to call and tell Butch and Michael that the Sasser Virus only affects computers and Alice Miller was immediately able to abort the novena she was making to St Jude.

Actually Jed is tied in with Dr Giorgio Ingrahami of NYU Hospital who is reporting that his new treatment for Lymphoma is producing an 85% cure rate. This is infinitely better news than the prognosis of no hope that was available two years ago. Thank you for all your prayers, support and contributions to research - which have all have paid dividends.


Rose Nardone, Ronald Reagan, Carmine DiMatteo and Rosie Cohen were among those who passed away recently and after their photos had appeared in the JEDSEY JOURNAL

Jed might be alive and well but the same can't be said about a number of people who all have recently had their photos in the JEDSEY JOURNAL. Strangely all these following people have passed away in the period since the last issue: Ronald Reagan, Jack Finn, Rose Nardone and Rena Burg (companions to Jackie Schaffer and Joe Harkins respectively), Bernardo Canonigo, Charlie Catrillo, Rosie Cohen (Rich Kennedy's mother in law), Carmine Dimatteo (PPD's closest brother) and Jersey City Mayor Glenn Cunningham. Others who passed on recently, without having a photo connection, included Eleanor Corrigan (Michael Donnelly's mother in law), Michael and Jugger Donnelly's sister Claire Sciarra, Rita Ehrbeck (Limpy LaForge's mother in law) and Bobby Blue and Billy Bloom's sister Marie Dorsey.

MAYOR CUNNINGHAM loved being Mayor of Jersey City and Tony Cafiero and brother appreciated how he made himself available to the people. Then, all too soon, the people of the town were to line the streets to pay their final respects to him.

Just ninety minutes before his fatal heart attack, Mayor Cunningham was pedaling his bicycle near Cottage St and called out to Jed - "Hey, Jedsey Journal" - Jed introduced the Mayor to friend Louie the barber Andreau and told him that he had gotten Louis to run on the Mayor's ticket against himself for Committeeman. The Mayor asked Jed to come back on his slate and Jed tried to assure him that he was not political and only for the good of the locality but the mayor was not having that, believing that Jed was the author of all of Tom Gaynor's NJO Jersey City forum posts "Jedsey should be mayor instead of Conman Cunningham" etc.. Mayor Cunningham told Louis, "I'll be over to campaign for you next week and we have to kick Jed's butt!" and with that he got on his mountain bike and rode off to his home. He looked healthy and 20 years younger than his age - he never went to doctors - within a few hours the saga of "Mayor Man" would come to an end.


This is pretty wild - the last issue of the JJ showed a room designed around furniture from Pooh Pooh Daddy's former apartment and in the corner of the photo was an unexplained bright light. Robbie looked at the bright imagae and said it looked to him to be PPD's profile. A few weeks after PP's passing Robbie came to Jed several times and told him that he believed that his grandfather was trying to contact him. Jed had heard about such things and told Robbie to go with it and not to be afraid - it was thought that children did not have the blocks that adults have and were possibly able to communicate with deceased relatives. Nothing was said for four months and then one day Robbie came to Jed with a message. He said he had actually been "talking" to his grandfather for the entire four months time and that this time he was letting it be known because his grandfather had asked him to give Jed a message. It was a three part message and the first two parts included support for things that Robbie could not have know about that Jed was working on and included some exact words that Jed had used in a recent letter - the third item was a signature joke that assured where the message had come from. Jed mentioned this to several people who indicated involvement with similar experiences. Two weeks later while completely relaxed in an Atlantic City steam bath Jed felt he too was receiving a direct message from his deceased father and then went on to have his most amazingly successful visit ever to the casinos. He returned home and put piles of hundreds in front of Robbie and told him that he thought the money had come from Granddaddy - Robbie said, "That's interesting because the last time I talked to him, I suggested that he contact you directly!"


DOROTHY WOERNER enjoys spending time with her newly arrived great grandchild Emily - she has had one more great grandchild since this photo was taken. At 92, Dorothy takes over from the late PPD as the oldest Dickinson Alumni as that school readies for it's big centennial celebration in 2006.

Yes there were many deaths but the great circle of life continues on and life renews. Dorothy Woerner is enjoying her latest of many grand children and great grandchildren, and Liz Rey journeyed to Europe to be with daughter Alexandra for the birth of yet another descendent of Hall of Famer, Bobby Rey. In Arizona, Jeff/Geoff Hermes was thrilled to greet his first grandchild while back in Hoboken, Tissy Jr is getting ready to have her first child. Ditto for Billy Morrissey's daughter Josieanne. Angela San Incencero missed her first pub crawl in recent years opting to stay home and prepare for the birth of her and husband Mike's first and Eileen and Billy Driscoll Jr. made Billy Sr. and Syd grandparents for the first time and now that Billy has gotten his graduate degree from California he is back in New Jersey baby Kiala can teach Billy and Syd what grandparents are good for. And this breaking report - Negash and Fozia Mohamed announce the birth of their second child - Layla -who just weighed in at 8 lb 1 oz..


MUSTERING AT THE MONKEY - largest crowd ever, kicks off this year's Pub Tour at the Iron Monkey.

It was a record setting attendance for one of these functions and also the most to show up to kick off the event at the Iron Monkey (traditional first stop). Three of the stalwarts went the entire route as the memories of our fallen comrades were honored in just the way that they would have wanted. Those who could not be here to participate, phoned in their support along the route, and in keeping with tradition, Pete Ilvento missed the group with his annual call from Florida. However Chris Costa nearly fell off his stool when Melonhead called from Cape Cod just a few minutes after Chris had used his name in vain. The stations of Badd Ladd's life were recited along the way and the highlight of the evening had to be Jack Miller's induction into the Hall of Fame during the stop at Miller's Pub. The ceremony included 10 chimes sounding - each followed by the name of a Hall of Fame member with Jack's name being added after the last chime as the tenth and newest member. The first five charter members are John White, Badd Ladd, Bobby Rey, John "Limpy" La Forge, and Robert McLoughlin. The other four members were added over the last several years and included Hunch Meehan, Satch DeCorsia, Marty Deevy and Doc Doherty.


(left) DON KENNEDY SR is surronded by well wishers made up of family and former players during half time ceremony honoring him at SPC. (right) ED BOWLER collars the 97 year old Kennedy and berates him for all the times Don kicked Ed out when he snuck into the Collins Gym in his early days as a gym rat.

(Jersey City) Feb 8 - They came from all over and they were all there - from ex-Knick Billy Smith to noted local attorney John Coyle to honor their beloved former coach, Don Kennedy. Don is 97 and had led little St. Peter's College to National prominence after having a successful career as a high school coach in New York City. Marty Walsh and Fred Cranwell arranged a wonderful tribute and reception on the day that St Peters played arch rival Manhattan, in a game that came right down to the end with St Peters finally giving out to a fine Manhattan team. Don Kennedy said he had read and really appreciated the JEDSEY JOURNAL piece on him that Jeff/Geoff Hermes had written, and he was somewhat chagrinned when Ed Bowler reminded him that he had tried to recruit Jimmy McLaughlin and told him that he would get lost in the shuffle if he went to Duquesne. "I should never have said that to him", said Coach Kennedy, but Ed replied, "That's ok, you were right to do it - he did get lost in the shuffle out there."


It may have been all the Johnny Walker Red but Bill Daly is amazed as his wife Joan the Witch and visiting friend Dee Dranow Keller appear not to have missed a beat since they were college roommates back in their pad on Clifton Place.

Dee Dranow and Joan the witch Daly had gotten back together a few years ago partially due to the search efforts of the JEDSEY JOURNAL. They met at that time at a an impromptu party at Yesterday's in Clifton, but Dee called recently to say that she planned to visit Joan and Bill Daly in Charlottesville, Va., and promised to bring photos of the get-together for JJ readers. Dee agreed to bring the photos and meet Jed at Mange Questa Restaurant on Bloomfield Ave. in Verona where they each had friends, however on the scheduled meeting night Dee's hemorrhoids acted up and she had to delay the meeting one week. It was worth waiting for as the Mange Questa food and atmosphere are both wonderful in this byob dining spot and it turns out the proprietors are all related to the family that started Casa Dante in Jersey City. (ps - now, doesn't that make you recall those original JEDSY JOURNAL stories)


CATHY MACCHI was marching instead of announcing in this year's Jersey City St Pat's parade. On the actual day of March 17th, Robbie and Jed went skiing and ended up having dinner and listening to Irish folk singers Kindred Spirit (in rear on other side of bar) at a packed house in Sullivan's in Franklin, NJ.

Cathy Macchi did not announce this year's Parade for the first time in recent memory, but not to worry because she was again in the honored position as Irishwoman of the Year. The weather was brisk and the parade moved quickly so everyone could get down to the real business of finding the pub with the best spread of corned beef and washing it down with the appropriate beverage. Then a few days later everyone returned to these same spots to repeat the ritual on the actual St Patrick's Day. The Park Tavern which used to rule on St Pat's day now has stiff competition from some of the downtown Jersey City pubs. Jed and Robbie took advantage of a school half day to spend St Patrick's Day on the slopes of Vernon Valley and got some good late season conditions which enabled them to ski into the early evening. In keeping with the theme they took their repast by squeezing into the bar at Sullivan's pub in Franklin where the group Kindred Spirit put out their usual fine Irish tunes for the throng which was several deep at the bar.


LHS '54 REUNION COMMITTEE - meets at Tania's to put final touches on plans for August reunion.

It's been 50 years out of school for those who graduated in 1954 and Just about all of our local schools are having reunions. Lincoln HS '54 will be coming back to town and meeting at the spectacular new Hyatt Regency on the weekend of August 27-29. Marie DiMatteo Williams reports that Dickinson will be meeting September 25 at the Newark Airport Hilton and John Kirpan, Conrad Nowicki and their old friends from Ferris will be meeting at the Casino in the Park on October 23rd. Ed Shara got scared after old friend Frankie Faye passed away last year and got his mates together in northern New Jersey a year ahead of time. St Peters Prep is holding their 50th in a downtown Jersey City restaurant this fall as well as St Michaels which is having their get together Sept. 19th at the Crystal Point Marina in Point Pleasant. St Als Academy honored their class of 1954 at their group reunion which was held in Spring Lake this summer and St Anthony's is holding thier all class reunion at the Casiono in the Park on Nov. 12th.


COOKIE (center) and ROCH (right) get some pointers on London from Beryl and Dave Naulls (left) and AA Flight attendent Crazy Tissy while dining at Renatos

Cookie Cappelli saw her youngest child Jed Cappelli graduate college this May, and she finished off her own degree at the same time. Not stopping there, Cookie had an opportunity for a summer pre law program at Oxford University and proceeded to get a scholarship to attend. Cookie networked with JEDSEY JOURNAL British Isles correspondents Beryl and Dave Naulls while on one of their many visits to this side of the pond and found out the local scoops for London and the environs. Husband Roch is joining Cookie when school is out and Anglo-American relations will take a few steps backward.


Somebody should alert the telemarketers that the National NO Call List should be respected. It will only benefit the Telemarketers.

Case in point: Jed was having a nice phone conversation with Ben Schlossberg when interrupted by a call from Hollywood Hills Cemetery offering a free burial plot. When Jed reminded the young woman that he was on the no call list, she corrected him that she represented a non profit organization and was therefore exempted from this list. She never realized what list that did put her on as Jed arranged a 3-way with Ben and proceeded to deal with the sales pitch. The idea was that if you were given a free funeral plot that they hoped your entire family would then buy the adjacent plots. The problem Jed explained was that he did not have family and only a homosexual lover who he was on the phone with. The girl said they could both go in the adjacent plots but Ben interjected that their agreed arrangement was to go in the same casket and when she handled that he added that they wished to be buried naked so they could be together as in life. Jed admonished Ben when he tried to tell the girl about what they do with their dog, "because there are laws in this state", but when the girl asked their age, Jed told her that although they were seniors they still attained erections. It only got worse with discussions of prophylactics, AIDS and asking the girl about the sexual orientation of the men in her office, but she wrote up the contract using Jed's real name and then asked the name of his significant other whereupon Ben spelled out long, consonant filled first and last names. A few weeks later the contract arrived in the mail.


(Weehawken) July 11 - The town of Weehawken recreated the famous Hamilton - Burr duel on the two hundredth anniversary but without his computer available to make reservations, Jed decided to attend these affairs by posing as a member of the Press so he brought his props, donned his JEDSEY JOURNAL shirt and set up shop at the Press tent. The events included ceremonies at the Hamilton Statue, the reenactment of the Duel, a seminar at Weehawken HS and then a ceremony at Trinity Church in Manhattan where Hamilton is buried on the following day.

Governor McGreevy mistook reporter Jed's shirt logo for "JERSEY JOURNAL" and gratuitously started chatting. The Governor was born in Jersey City and said he had mixed allegiances because Burr attended Princeton in New Jersey, but that Hamilton went to Columbia where McGreevy had earned his Masters Degree. Jed laid a little Jersey City humor on the Governor saying that he too was from and old Jersey City family and that his original ancestors had become financially compromised as the result of the original Duel when his great great ancestor took Hamilton in the duel laying Even - 6. But the Governor had been so long out of this town that it went over his head. Besides Governor McGreevy, Congressman Robert Menendez also addressed the crowd and among those who were seen attending these events were Art and Judy Fredman, Michael Donnelly, Sam Cintron, Adam Masselli and Frank Scott who had never met but realized who Jed was from seeing his shirt. Metro reporter Amy Zimmer interviewed Jed when she spied him having a copy of "Hamilton" signed by author Ron Chernow, but Jed turned it around into a "Howard Stern" interview of Amy.

The afternoon seminar was excellent and besides Ron Chernow, there was Jersey City native Ken Flemming who had written "The Duel" and was quite impressive with his insights into the backgrounds of Hamilton and Burr. And Professor Joanne Freeman spoke on dueling and affairs of honor and made all the men in the audience want to go to Yale and major in history. The next day, on the anniversary of Hamilton's death, there were services at Trinity Church in Manhattan and then in the graveyard outside the Church where Hamilton is buried. Pierre Armani, MBA who is a member of that congregation was amazed to discover Jed standing at the gravesite next to the Bishop taking photos of the ceremony as a member of "the Press".


RADIOLAND THEATRE PLAYERS - led by Ross London (here recreating the Life of Riley at Havana Bay Coffee) will be part of the cultural and historical inclusions of Hudson County Community Radio. In the warm up before the show, Rich Kennedy won the Old Time Radio Trivia contest.

Please help the JEDSEY JOURNAL bring back community radio to Hudson County. Following 9-11 there has been an increased need to keep the public in our area informed. Jack Burns who heads up an Emergency Response effort for Hudson County said "there is no, one, radio station that locals have to turn to where they can be alerted to what is happening here in Hudsontown and determine what their response should be. Recently, the Congress passed a law allowing for low power community radio but Senator Frank Lautenberg believed our State to already be too congested with communication and asked that New Jersey be the only state to be exempted from this available medium. Our local group had been anticipating the passage of the law (see attached proposal) and would like you to contact Senator Lautenberg asking him to make an allowance for non commercial community radio stations that are controlled by local governments. The idea would be to provide a service of local news and information, radio for seniors and the sight impaired, coverage of local cultural events and in general something for everyone in the County to know where their own local station was - and then in case of an emergency, Jack Burns and his Emergency Response Team could usurp programming and get information/instructions directly to the populace.

(Jed's note to Senator Frank Lautenberg)

Dear Senator Lautenberg, Like many residents of Hudson County, I have been interested 
in Homeland Security since the events of 9/11.  I represent a group in Hudson County 
that was working on Community Radio that would be a means of communicating to 
Citizens in times of emergency.  We were very disappointed in your request to exempt 
our state from the Community radio that is being licensed.  I would request to talk to you 
further on this matter with a proposal that low power community radio could be available 
non commercially and within the control of local government agencies.

We would, of course, perform all frequency studies to assure no interference is possible 
with other licensed stations.  We had been in touch with the Dept of Homeland Security 
and were referred to Mr Jack Burns in the Hudson County Emergency Response office 
(jburns@hudsoncountynj.org).  Mr Burns is in full support and need of such a means of 
communicating with the citizens of our area.

Our mission has been to provide a local news and culture station that would attract the 
notice of all County residents with everything from local scholastic and civil news; 
spoken word entertainment for our many seniors and the St Joseph's Home/School for 
blind and finally coverage of local cultural events.  The point would be to let locals know 
where the Hudson County news could be found exclusively and then whenever there was 
an emergency ranging from black outs to terrorism, Mr Burns Emergency response team 
would patch in and usurp the broadcasting.

I am a retired electrical engineer working part time for the US Dept of Commerce and I 
am also a local Committeeman and Vice Chairman of the Jersey City Democratic party

If you would like to discus further feel free to contact me via phone, email or personal 

Thank you for your attention - "Jed" Dimatteo

Please click on the email link below and let Senator Lautenberg know that you support non commercial community radio in the case where it is sponsored by the local government:


(left) TIM BRESLIN serves Robbie and Limpy at Harrigan's Bar in Sea Girt and relates that he will be heading to St Louis next March with 2 dozen of the Harrigan's crew to watch the Final Four. - (at right) KEVIN CRANE shows off his masterpiece model of Roosevelt Stadium to Councilman Peter Brennan and artist Grigor Grigorovich (who taught Greg Mulave how to draw Mayor Man).

Jugger and Melanie Donnelly came to town for sister in law Elaine Donnelly's 60th birthday party. They managed to get in a day at Monmouth with cousin, Capt. Bill Morrissey who is NOT doing part time duty at that track this year. - - Jugger will be back to town for the Donovan's reunion on Sept 18th and Ed Bowler will return the visit next spring as he will take 2 dozen of Harrigan's finest with him to the Final Four which will be held in the sports complex that Melanie manages in St Louis. - - Bill Donahue will be making his first trip to Italy and will not make Donovan's this year. - - In other reunions, Ron Roper held his annual gathering of the crew from Lafayette in Islen and prior to that some of the same group led by Joe Hajcak held their Assumption reunion coordinated with the Lafayette historic tour in Jersey City. - - In somewhat of a reunion, Gene Meade has taken a County Job and is working in the same building with his old running mate Michael Donnelly so they can do lunch together. - - Roch Cappelli and Richie Settembrini came into Jersey City for lunch at Casa Dante with Jed and then were amazed when they got a tour of the Stanley Theater. - - Other former Con Ed workmates Phil Philippidis, Jerry Stricoff and Harry Mar took a discovered a bus from Queens Chinatown with a big payback and enjoyed a profitable day at Mohegan Sun Casino. - - Phyllis Del Re who is the only one not retired from Con Ed seems to have more free time for trips than the entire lot ... she is following up her trip to Florida last month with a cruise to the islands next month. - - In Jersey City Sheriff Joe Cassidy became the longest holder of that office when he was reelected this May and Jed and neighbor Despina Hatzalkis were elected to Committee and County Exec Tom DeGise also slotted Jed in as Vice Chair of the Jersey City Democratic Party. - - PPD's last caregiver, Basia finished her college work and came back to America to do some traveling in the scenic west of our country but before going home she was taken to Great Adventure with Ben and Jed (boy can that Ben whine!) - - Ben has worked really hard on the production of two new songs and has old buddy Peter Murphy pitching them to record moguls in California. - - Beryl and Dave Naulls of England were actually in this area twice in recent months including a stint as NYC tourists. On one trip they visited with Tom Grisi, Corie Godish, Annie Deevey and got to visit the Havana Bay Coffee shop. - - Havana Bay was featured on a National Spanish Morning show shown on coast to coast TV and the Jersey Journal also did a nice story on the cultural events held there. - - former NJO Hudson Neighbor, Corie Godish got a "grate" new job near her home as she landed on her feet after The Trust Company was taken over and is just about to put a most important "Mark" on her calendar. - - At the Shore, Julie Renahan and Christian La Forge have finally tied the knot - - Dr. Peter Dimatteo and fiancé Laurel ran together for in the record breaking heat for the entire Boston Marathon. All for a good cause as they raised money for Lymphoma research. - - Peter's Boston friend Jim Craig got to relive his Olympic heroics again by watching the movie "Miracle". - - Former Snyder hoopster Bruce Thomas has wangled a trip to the Olympics in Greece as he drives the NBC news team around there for a month. - - another former Snyder hoopster, Mike Rooney sat with former St Joes gridder, Frank Gargullo as they watched baseball Coach Mike Zadroga rally his Hudson County Prep team from a 6-0 deficit to take the County championship at Cochrane Stadium. Frank Gargullo recalled Robert McLaughlin who played football Oratory in a fall game against St Joes and then finished that same year playing basketball for St Joseph's. - Father Tommy Carlton writing sports in his St Joseph's, High Bridge weekly announcements, included reference to Jed's imaginary gridder Walt Chuckabula (does he have to tell that in confession?) - - Bobby Fitz got published in Mighty Quinn's sport column in the Daily News (including reference to Jack Miller's Pub) - - and Bobby Fitz's old buddy from Belmont Ave. and Dohoneys, Bobby Murphy recently switched job locations from Santa Barbara to Jacksonville Fl. Bobby's son is a Sophomore pitcher on the Jacksonville team and got notoriety as he out pitched a Florida State All American and even drove in the winning run. - - Kevin Crane finally finished his Roosevelt Stadium model and the masterpiece is being exhibited at Jersey City City Hall. - - Robbie has been attending various sports camps all summer and when not in camps is planning to finish up with one of Billy Driscoll's basketball camps. His other main activity is attending major an minor league baseball games. - - Robbie celebrated 12ths with a roving birthday party that hit Chinatown for lunch and several New York museum activities that culminated with birthday cake at Havana Bay in North Bergen. - - Robbie's pal Julian Thurvil partied at Sports Zone in Elizabeth while Michelle Kaczor hosted him at a back yard Barbeque. - - Capt Billy Bob and Sally Stewart celebrated their 70th at a party in Connecticut - - From California, Eugene the Doorman reports that he has reenlisted in the Navy for 4 more years which will bring him to 20 (is that possible already?) - - The Stephen P. Gaffney 5k Memorial will be held October 23,2004 in Verona, walk or run but join the JJ team to support this cause

Early in 1996 Michael Donnelly had initiated a revival of the Badd Ladd Day Celebration and a small group gathered at Brennan's in Jersey City to remember the old days and chat about what was new. At that event Maaarrk Clarkin encouraged Jed to use the Internet to bring back his erstwhile JOURNAL. This column will be highlighting previous issues of the JEDSEY JOURNAL as they are included in the online archives.

It was exactly 50 years ago that crowds gathered in Baldwin Ave. in front of St Joseph's Church to catch a glimpse of the mysterious eyes that peered from the belfry's arched window. Franny Yeck and Jed eventually solved the mystery during their Christmas vacation that year and their scientific explanation appeared in the Jersey Journal and the Newark Evening News during the first week of 1955 and was reprinted here in the April 1999 issue. The Weird New Jersey website still carries this old story as an unexplained phenomena and the only other place that the scientific explanation has ever been brought up was when Jed and Jugger Donnelly were teaching together in the early '60s at St Michaels High School and during a lull in the conversation, Jugger felt compelled to blurt out to the Principal, "Sister Daniel - did you know that Mr. Dimatteo disproved a miracle of the Catholic Church?" (the following is reprinted from April 1999))

A person on Baldwin Ave, stares up at the "eyes" in St. Joseph's belfry during the height of the hysteria that brought thousands of miracle seekers to that area in the mid-50s.

It was the mid-50s, and with the Pope refusing to divulge the contents of a secret letter from Fatima, the end of the world was rumored, when all at once "a sign" appeared in the most unlikely place, as God's eyes looked down on a Jersey City street from the belfry of St. Joseph's church. Mass hysteria gripped the area as thousands crowded the streets for several weeks, while they waited for the inferred miracle. Finally all lost interest and went home - all but two. Fxty and Jed were obsessed with finding the source of this phenomenon and made many trips to observe the eerie image of the giant eyes that "peered" out of the church's bell tower. Later that year- as a Physics project - Fxty built a 300x telescope using stovepipe and commercial lenses. The two friends toted the contraption to Franny's apartment roof many times and looked at stars, buildings and planes, before realizing that they could watch women undressing from great distances without being observed. One problem was that the observed objects were inverted 180 degrees, but these images of upside down women in various states of undress, did enable the boys to verify another old adage. Finally Fxty had the idea to take the telescope up to observe the "eyes" at St Joseph's from close range, and from a distance of about 1/5 mile, the view through the scope showed the highly lacquered ceiling of the belfry being illuminated with a hazy light. When this light was concentrated by using the naked eye and shaped by arched window on both sides of the belfry, the image of the "eyes" were formed. Some distance and angles were measured, and the boys were able to identify the individual components of the illuminating sources. The findings in the form of a lab report were brought to the JERSEY JOURNAL, who published the story under the title- "Fundamental, Watson - - - Boys 'Solve' Mysterious Belfry Lights". The story was picked up by several other newspapers, there were some nice local editorials about the project, and the JOURNAL then sent the same reporter who had gone for a field demonstration at the site, to do a follow up story on Fxty's telescope (see the following link)


1940's POSTCARD - from Cynthia Harris' collection indicates that at 82 ft long, Starr's is the longest bar in town.

Once billed as the "Longest Bar in Jersey City" and known for their longest hot dogs in town, Starr's on Newark Ave has now closed its swinging door forever. No longer were the blue collar workers from American Can and Brunswick Laundry around to put another full shift in at Starr's. Slowly the great fast food that Starr's was known for became not so great and finally Joe Jr. bit the bullet and closed the place his grandfather had started. Starr's was the only place around here to get those Callahan's style franks and fries washed down with a beer or a birch beer - both on tap. It was always good place to watch a game on a weekend afternoon, but Starr's hit its peak when pro football became popular in the '50s and started blacking out home games. Joe Starr installed a special antenna that tuned in a fuzzy version of the Giant games beamed up from Philly. It never mattered - crowds were 5 deep at the bar right up until the blackout was lifted.


SPRING LAKE SANDLOT - where Ben Dineen (umpire on mound) has spent just about every summer weekday for the last 50+ years.

It was more than 50 years ago that young Ben Dineen summered in Spring Lake and first ran out on the 5th Ave sandlot diamond between Tuttle and St. Claire. His friends Harry Byrne and Fran Ryan formed the core of a game that many others played in over the years. Ben is now a college professor at Iona but each summer he covers his nose with zinc oxide and heads back to the same sandlot where he now serves as League President, umpire, official scorer and grounds keeper in the longest running sandlot game in history. Included in the game's alumni are Jed and Jeff Hermes, Ed and Fr. Tommy Carlton, Steve and Jim Barry (and Jim's children and grand children). After learning that the nostalgic game was still going on Jed has been making an annual pilgrimage to play the game with Robbie. A year back, PPD even got in the game for an official at bat to set the record. This year marked a rite of passage for Robbie as his team beat Jed's 3-1. Ben has had a career as a math professor and has been president of the Spring Lake Little League for a long time, but obviously this sandlot game is where his heart is.


MOTLEY CREW - Jed, Steve, Capt. James and Chris

It was exactly 40 years ago that Jed's student, Steve Durana invited Jed and Dietra Wright (who would become the Jed ex who did not have a school principal/boss who hid under his bed for two weeks just because Jed was summoned to an innocent meeting with some old Jersey City friends at a Turnpike rest stop) to come sailing with a Redondo Beach girl who he had gone to school with in Colorado. Following an afternoon of hiking out in some fine California breezes, the trio was hooked for life on sailing.

In the late '80s Steve called Jed to invite him for 10 days of sailing in the British Virgin Islands. Steve had settled in California and was in the process of buying a large boat so he arranged a small armada of 3 ships to visit all the little Virgin Islands ports while he honed his sailing skills under the tutelage of an experienced captain. Wife Chris and Jed were to round out the crew which scheduled to rendezvous a few days later with the other two boats manned by friends from Connecticut and Boston.

The group toured, snorkeled, partied and visited many scenic ports and beaches including the island that Robert Louis Stevenson used for "Treasure Island", but the highlight of the trip was the rendezvous party at Foxie's open air bar on the Island of Jost Van Dyke. The place was recommended by Chris Durana's friend, Capt. Billy Bob Stewart who had been there 10 years before when it was THE place to be on the island. But Foxie was pursuing other interests and his son had let the business slip, so the group considered going elsewhere. Finally they decided it was the people who make the party so they rowed their dingys ashore and seeing this, the other boats in the harbor followed suite. The diverse mix of people in attendance and the tropical night and grog made this into a classic event. This was an island that you could only reach by boat and each crew was different. There where some guys from Yale and another boat made up of 5 wild secretaries from Cincinnati. There were families with children, there were older crews and younger crews and then there was the three boats in Steve's armada which also had mixed demographics and all piled in to this little open bar under a thatched roof and the island hasn't been the same ever since. They soon ran out Heineken's and had to send some guys to one of the other bars across the island to replenish their supply. Steve tied one on and left early, falling into an open sewer on his way back to the boat. Jed took over bar tending only interrupting his chores to dance the Gombay dance with Foxie's common law wife and the Cincinnati secretaries shanghaied a couple of the college guys on the Boston boat and did unspeakable things to them. This was one of those special nights that you can never recapture.

I met Kris Bibrowski after he had come from Warsaw to the US, and was immediately impressed by his work ethic. Later I came to think that he worked too hard, and was uptight and suspicious because he didn't know how to relax. Readers can form their own opinion.

(Bayonne) Feb 27 - You must have seen this one on the news, where they had live coverage of the car chase as Krys' kousin John Dobrowolski led police on an 80 minute chase from Hunterdon to Hudson County - often going the wrong way on streets and highways, but the best was when he tried to elude police by driving very fast around and around the fountain circle in Lincoln Park and at one point he was actually chasing the pursuing police. Finally he drove into his back yard in Bayonne and was apprehended as tried to act nonchalant in hopes the police wouldn't think it was him as he walked from his car to his house. Initially Dobrowolski had been represented by Denis McAlevy who he dismissed after reading about the "Twinkie Defense" in some law books. In that precedent a murderer got off because of high blood sugar from eating too many Twinkies. Dobrowolski said he will use a similar argument and he hopes for the case to be dismissed by employing the "Pierogi Defense"


Pierre Armani, MBA - ever since Pierre had been in this country he has traveled and lived in a wide range of apartments and hotels including a 6 million dollar Midtown NYC town house that he rented out to the Ramones for a video shoot. Some believe his MBA stands for "Mastery of building acquisition".

You may have noticed that the convenient "jedsey.com" link has been deactivated. This occurred when Pierre Armani, MBA noticed the previous JJ had stayed too long on line and contained clues to his exact whereabouts. Not being exactly sure who, but Pierre feared that somebody might be able to find where his latest digs were, so he has deactivated the courtesy link to help preserve his security and anonymity.

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The ultimate in Pub Crawl transportation


Come here my Prepster, 
My son sit down, 
It's alright to linger.
John Connors confirmed 
the ring of brown
On Fr Murry's finger.

----------- Namanosa - New Jersey 

WHERE'S WALDO AVE.? (most of these kids could have told you) - ok - see who you can find in this St Aeden's grammar school photo sent in by Bob McCallion. Bob is in the photo as well as John Kip, Franny Yeck, Jimmy Nacion and many others.

WHO'S NANCY? - did you find her? do you know who Nancy Gaynor was back then?




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