Web 2.0 Conference.
 Octover 5-7, 2004, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA.


The Web 2.0 Conference will feature a lively cross-section of one-on-one interviews, keynote-level talks, issue-driven panels, and short, highimpact presentations—all with ample time for audience participation and Q&A. The workshops will feature special seminars, moderated by industry experts, on a wide range of topics, including RSS and Web publishing, online and search marketing, social networks, blogs, wikis, and much more. You’ll also have a chance to attend workshops that will teach you how to leverage platform businesses such as Amazon, eBay, and Google. For a full schedule of workshops, click here. Below is a very preliminary overview of the program, expect it to change as we add more speakers, more topics, and more surprise events.

October 5
7:30 AM Doors Open
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:45 AM Workshops Web 2.0's workshops are designed to be conversations, not lectures. Each is led by a moderator with expertise in the workshop topic, but no formal presentations will be given. Instead, the workshop will address open questions and explore the latest developments in each of these very Web 2.0 subjects.
12:15 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Workshops
4:00 PM General Sessions Begin

Opening Welcome: State of the Internet Industry
Tim O'Reilly, John Battelle

A Conversation with Jeff Bezos
Jeffrey P. Bezos

High Order Bit
Bill Gross

High Order Bit
Gian M. Fulgoni

A Conversation with John Doerr
John Doerr

6:15 PM Cocktails on the 3rd Floor Sparkpr Sponsored Cocktail Reception
7:30 PM Dinner and Keynote Discussion

A Dinner Conversation with Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

9:00 PM 25th Floor Google "After Hours Salon"
October 6
7:30 AM Breakfast  
8:45 AM Sessions

High Order Bit
Joe Kraus

High Order Bit
Brewster Kahle

High Order Bit:
Andrew Conru

So, Is This a Bubble Yet?
Safa Rashtchy , Lanny Baker , William H. Janeway , Danny Rimer

And Now, A Word From Your..... An Overview From Each Sponsor

10:30 AM Break Sponsor Gallery Open
11:00 AM Sessions

The Mobile Platform: The Future of Mobile
Trip Hawkins , Russell Beattie , Jory Bell , Juha Christensen

High Order Bit
David L. Sifry

High Order Bit
James Currier

High Order Bit
Mary Meeker

12:15 PM Lunch BOFs
1:45 PM Sessions

Lessons Learned, Future Predicted
Marc Andreessen , Dan Rosensweig

Music is a Platform
Hank Barry , Mike Caren , Eddy Cue , Danger Mouse , Michael Weiss

Geolocation: The Killer Map
John Hanke , John Betz , Perry Evans , Kim Fennell , George Filley

4:00 PM Break Sponsor Gallery Open
4:30 PM Sessions

A Conversation With Marc Benioff
Marc Benioff

Search is a Platform. Where is it Going?
Steve Berkowitz , Udi Manber , Louis Monier , Christopher Payne , Jeff Weiner

6:00 PM Dinner Birds of a Feather Dinners
October 7
7:30 AM Breakfast  
8:45 AM Sessions

High Order Bit
Cory Doctorow

High Order Bits
Mitchell Kapor

High Order Bit
Dale Dougherty

The Telephone is a Platform. Discuss
Jeffrey A. Citron , Hossein Eslambolchi , Charlie E. Hoffman , Mike McCue

10:15 AM Break  
10:45 AM Sessions

From the Labs
Jim Spohrer , Peter Norvig, Ph.D. , Richard F. Rashid, Ph.D.

Media is a Platform. Discuss
Martin Nisenholtz , Shelby Bonnie , George Conrades , Mike Ramsay

12:15 PM Sessions

High Order Bit
Bill Gurley

12:30 PM Lunch Lunch BOF
2:00 PM Sessions

The Architecture of Participation
Lisa Gansky , Andrew Anker , Brian Behlendorf , Allan Vermeulen

The Platform Revolution
Kevin Lynch , Adam Bosworth , John McKinley , Halsey Minor

3:30 PM Break  
4:00 PM Sessions

High Order Bit
Jim Buckmaster , Craig Newmark

High Order Bit
Brendan Eich

High Order Bit
Lawrence Lessig

High Order Bit
Kim Polese

Jerry Yang, 10 Years In
Jerry Yang

5:15 PM Special Event Yahoo! Closing Reception  

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