Online Guardians Assistance

If you are in a life threatening situation CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES. Often people have perhaps divulged information or done things that they feel brought trouble upon themselves and hesitate to contact authorities. Other times people may feel like their local police won't take them seriously. If you think you are in danger of being physically stalked, call the police. Most police divisions are informed as to the reality and seriousness of cyber crime and will act accordingly. If you need assistance and your local authorities will not intervene, please contact us.

Click here to report child pornography.
Click here to report an online predator.

Follow the steps below if you think your computer has been attacked or compromised.

Install a firewall and monitor the traffic.

Running a firewall can show you intrusion attempts and can also detect programs trying to access out. While your e-mail program, Internet Service Provider, browse and chat programs need to go out, things that you don't know that try to send information are suspect. For more information about firewalls and a link to download one, go here. Make sure you enable logging as this can be used as evidence.

Check for trojans or backdoors - these are programs that are planted on your computer and allow someone wholesale access to your computer.

The Cleaner is a great program. Download it at MooSoft and install the software. This will tell you if you have any back doors on your computer.

Anti-Virus Software should be on your machine and UPDATED at least weekly.

If you can not afford to buy a package, at least scan your computer regularly somewhere like

Do not ever open unexpected attachments, even from friends. Always send an e-mail back to friends and family to verify that they meant to send an attachment.

No online safety group can give you immediate help to assist you in a life threatening situation and we certainly don't claim to. However if you need assistance because you suspect you are being hacked or stalked online email us at and we can help you gather the evidence you need to resolve your problem.