Welcome to the BlackPhoenix project

The Internet is a dangerous place for children to be left unmonitored. But the dangers exist far beyond what most people think. The Internet has given child pornographers new freedom in trading their wares. Child predators find your children online and coax enough information out of them to identify them in real life. You've heard the scary stories... "13 year old girl abducted by man who pretended to be another 13 year old girl". If you think your child is "not at risk", think again. The teen years especially are fraught with frustration, and sometimes the need to vent about parents can give a predator all they need. Please keep your child out of chat rooms unless you are watching every word they type, and make sure their online settings are very secure. Please see our tutorials for more information.

The BlackPhoenix project is here to help hunt these people online. We work within the law, and work with law enforcement agencies. If you would like to volunteer with BlackPhoenix, please email BlackPhoenix but please, bear in mind that BlackPhoenix volunteers must undergo an extensive background check. We get feedback quite often about our results. We celebrate every conviction quietly. We feel law enforcement agencies are overworked as is and don't need us pestering them for status of cases. If you are interested in volunteering, please understand this. If public recognition is something that drives you, you will probably not find our organization a good fit.

Law Enforcement
If you are with a law enforcement agency and would like classes or assistance in working a cyber crime case, please ask us for assistance. We provide free training to our front line defenders. For those of you that work to keep our society safe, we salute you.