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Megabyte was going to catapult himself
into faster motion using infinitely strong
elastic band technology.
SBS Technologies Announces First IRIX Solution for InfiniBand Technology

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - September 28, 2004 - SBS Technologies, Inc. today announced the first set of InfiniBand IRIX drivers with HIPPI-FP emulation for InfiniBand host channel adapters supporting SGI 3.3V platforms.

"With the IB4X-IRIX driver, our HIPPI customers can pull their HIPPI products, drop in InfiniBand hardware and get up to 10x better performance" said Bill Molyneux, General Manager of the SBS Technologies General Purpose I/O Group in Minnesota. ...SBS Technologies profile, InfiniBand

Your Inputs Wanted! - for the Solid State Disk Market Research Survey

Editor:- September 28, 2004 - the Solid State Disk Buyer Market Survey is now open.

One of the most exciting parts of the computer market in recent years has been the Solid State Disk sector. Many of the world's fastest growing storage companies sell SSD products and SSDs have the potential to become a multi-billion dollar market. Yet despite the promise of Solid State Disks to become a disruptive new technology - which could change server architecture as much as symmetric multiprocessing did in the mid 1990s - there has never been an industry wide market survey to ask users and potential users about their needs for this technology to succeed in their real-life applications. Until now...

During the summer communicated with all major SSD vendors worldwide to help design and shape an independent market research survey which will help to learn more about users needs for SSD technology. Our survey, launched today is also being promoted and supported by many vendors in this industry. We will publish the results in a series of future articles on STORAGEsearch which will also help reveal:- what users want, what vendors should do better, and it will also influence the specifications of future SSD products and services.

We need your help! If you are already a user of SSDs - or have been thinking about using them - please spend a few minutes taking part in this survey. You will not be contacted by anyone as a result of taking part. Your voice will be heard, your vote counts, and you can help make sure that the next generation of Solid State Disks suit you and your organization's needs much better. to take part in the SSD survey, Solid state disks

Exanet Supports SATA RAID

NEW YORK - August 2, 2004 - Exanet, Inc. today announced that ExaStore now supports low-cost, high-capacity SATA RAID arrays.

With this new compatibility, companies have a real choice in creating cost effective, yet highly available storage solutions.

Michael Chazot, Vice President of Sales at Exanet, said, "Exanet's unique, hardware-independent architecture allows customers to quickly take advantage of new hardware, such as SATA arrays, to reduce their cost of ownership while maintaining enterprise class reliability."

ExaStore's unlimited scalability, based on its grid architecture, complements the scalability of the SATA hardware, allowing customers to build an almost infinitely expandable storage system. Additionally, ExaStore on the SATA solutions is OS transparent. ExaStore supports virtually every system platform, including Apple, Windows, UNIX, and Linux and provides the standard file system APIs: NFS, CIFS and AFP to applications. The SATA RAID solution complements ExaStore's real-time load balancing and dynamic coherent caching, optimizing system operations 24/7.

ExaStore is available in a wide range of configurations starting at a single terabyte and scalable to hundreds of terabytes. Complete ExaStore SATA solutions, including standard hardware, software, and full installation, start at $12,500 per terabyte list price in two-node, high-availability configurations. ...Exanet profile, InfiniBand, RAID systems, SATA

Topspin Selected for AlwaysOn List of Top 100 Private Companies

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif .- July 6, 2004 - Topspin Communications, Inc. today announced its inclusion in the AlwaysOn Top 100 Private Companies list.

The company was selected for its demonstrated leadership and innovation, market traction through continued revenue and customer growth, as well as for delivering technologies that are "likely to cause significant change to existing markets and well-established players."

As part of the selection process, AlwaysOn, an open source media company focused on technology and business innovation, and KPMG's emerging business practice, KPMG 1Start, compiled the second-annual AO100 list. The two groups surveyed more than 1,000 venture investors, investment bankers, top entrepreneurs and executives, who nominated more than 700 companies to determine the AO100 winners. AlwaysOn, ...Topspin profile, InfiniBand, Storage routers

Mellanox Scores World's First 10Gb/s Landed on Motherboard Design Win

SANTA CLARA, CA and YOKNEAM, ISRAEL - June 28, 2004 - Mellanox Technologies Ltd. today announced that IWILL has selected Mellanox's InfiniHost host channel adapter to provide 10Gb/s Landed on Motherboard connections for the DK8S2-IB server platform.

This platform represents the world's first server that provides 10Gb/s network connectivity as a feature that ships standard with every system. IWILL selected Mellanox's solution based on the rapid adoption rate of InfiniBand in clustered server applications as well as price/performance advantages over all other 10Gb/s technologies. InfiniBand, the only industry standard I/O technology that natively supports 10Gb/s performance to each node with remote direct memory access and hardware transport offload capabilities, offers a single converged network for communications, clustering and storage. ...Mellanox profile, Record Breaking Storage

InfiniCon Shatters HPC Cluster ing Benchmarks

King of Prussia, PA - June 7, 2004 - InfiniCon Systems announced today that its InfinIO family of InfiniBand-based solutions has attained more than 80% average efficiency and up to 88% peak efficiency for scaling CPUs in benchmarking performed on a 144-node, AMD Opteron processor-based computer cluster at the AMD Developer Center.

The cluster consists of InfiniCon's InfinIO 3000 Switch Series and InfiniServ software providing the interconnect for Appro's HyperBlade and Rackable Systems' C1000 Series servers running on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. This performance shatters typical performance marks rendered by alternative interconnect technologies used for building high performance computing clusters. ...InfiniCon profile, InfiniBand

Voltaire and Demantra Partner to Provide Advanced Supply Chain Solutions with InfiniBand-Powered Oracle Database 10g Grids

BEDFORD, Mass. and WALTHAM, Mass. - May 24, 2004 - Voltaire and Demantra, a global provider of collaborative marketing and supply chain solutions, today announced that the companies are working together to provide advanced enterprise planning solutions based on the Demantra Spectrum Suite and Voltaire InfiniBand-powered Oracle Database 10g grids.

The joint grid computing solution enables retail and consumer products customers to analyze and respond to market data collected at point-of-sale at greater speeds and at a lower total cost of ownership than ever before. The grid solution is based on the Demantra Spectrum Suite, which is used by leaders in the food service and manufacturing industries including, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's International, Welch's and Unilever, and on Voltaire's high performance InfiniBand solutions, which are used by advanced computing facilities and enterprise data centers to provide high speed connectivity for server grids.

Leveraging the high speed networking and clustering capabilities of Oracle Database 10g, the solution unites pools of low cost servers, storage and networks into one large system that dynamically allocates resources to address changing computing needs such as raw data collection and processing, and in-depth analysis and reporting. The combination of Demantra's Distributed Processing Agent technology, Voltaire InfiniBand and Oracle 10g delivers high-end analytical and data processing scalability critical to advanced marketing and supply chain solutions, specifically for retail, quick serve restaurants and high-end manufacturing. ...Voltaire profile

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InfiniBand Companies

Agilent Technologies

Aristos Logic




Crossroads Systems

Dell Computer



FalconStor Software





InfiniBand Trade Association

InfiniCon Systems



LSI Logic

Mellanox Technologies


Network Appliance


SBS Technologies


Sun Microsystems

Topspin Communications



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solid state disks
Solid state disks
InfiniBand cables in Europe
InfiniBand Cables in Europe
from Selectronix

Azzurri is Europe's fastest growing technical disti
Azzurri Technology is the European
distributor for InfiniBand products from
SBS Technologies.

Texas Memory Systems RAID Cache
World's Fastest External RAID Cache
from Texas Memory Systems
Nibble:- Re: InfiniBand

InfiniBand is an interconnect or I/O architecture that connects servers with remote storage and networking devices, and other servers. It can also be used inside servers for inter-processor communication. InfiniBand is a channel-based, switched fabric, point-to-point interconnect, which provides scalability and performance for a wide range of platforms and price performance points.

InfiniBand provides a scalable performance range of 500 MB/s to 6 GB/s per link, meeting the needs from entry level to high-end enterprise systems.

...from a featured press release about Agilent
PCI Expansion for Military Servers from Themis Computer
1U InfiniBand enabled
rugged remote PCI slot expansion
from Themis Computer

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