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Atari Anniversary Advance
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Platform   Game Boy Advance
Genre   Arcade
Publisher   Infogrames
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Players   1 - 2
Release Date   2002-03-27
Also Available for  Playstation

"Six Atari arcade games arrive on the GBA, as perfect as you can get on the handheld."

"...a solid collection of games that are still just as playable as they were when they were first released many years ago, and it's an excellent addition to the library of any gamer interested in classic games."

If you're into classic gaming on the move, then Atari Anniversary Advance is just what you've been waiting for. Using our own unique Meta-Emulation technology, we've packed six classic arcade games onto one tiny Game Boy Advance cartridge, complete with all of the settings and options you would find on the stand-up originals. If that's not enough for you, then try out our all-new Atari Trivia Challenge, a fast paced game that will find out just how much you actually know about the golden age of arcade gaming. Atari Anniversary Advance lets you take the arcade on the road with you!


  • Six classic arcade titles including:
    • Asteroids
    • Battlezone
    • Centipede
    • Missile Command
    • Super Breakout
    • Tempest
  • Access to original options and settings included in the full arcade versions of the game.
  • An all-new seven category Trivia Challenge that tests your knowledge of the games that made Atari great.
  • Landscape and Portrait modes for Centipede, Super Breakout, Tempest.
  • Quick switch alternate control schemes for Battlezone, Asteroids and Missile Command. So you can play the game the way you like it.
  • 100% arcade authentic, using original arcade code.

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