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Mug Shot

  • Age: 26
  • Location: The Greater Philadelphia area
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 232 lbs
  • Education: B.S. Management Science & Information Systems, M.B.A. Technology Management
  • Profession: IT Manager


Just some of the things others have said about me -- in their own words!**

When I first met Marc, I was like, yuck, he only eats meat. But when he pulled out that bag of Atkins chips, I was like... I want him! But he told me he could never have sex with someone who only liked him for his junk food.
-- Carrie B., Duluth MN

It was his mastery of Structured Query Language that first drew me to Marc, but once I saw how excited he got over 3 inches of snow, confined to grassy surfaces, I knew he was the guy for me.
-- Susan H., Des Moines, IA

There's no one hotter than Marc. No, I mean it... he keeps his house at 58 degrees!
-- Sara J., Philadelphia, PA

I first spotted Marc in the basement of Willard Building at Penn State University. He was in the other stall. I thought I had a chance, but...
-- John L., State College, PA

*May be, and probably are, misquoted, misperceived, or blatantly false recollections meant to convey random facts about Marc through Marc's own SENSE OF HUMOR.
**See above.

My name is Marc, and I'm a virgin...

... and I'm okay with it. I don't say this with pride or judgement or anything else; I say it as a matter of fact. My virginity is not based on religion, nor is it fueled by fear. It doesn't involve manipulation, it's not the result of any physical deformity, and it's in spite of my hormones, not due to any lack of them. In short, up until now, just a few months shy of my 27th birthday, I am a virgin for one simple reason: the dream of making a Web site just like this.

Or not. So here's the truth: I'm a virgin because I'm waiting for the right person. Sex to me is an expression of a feeling deeper than anything I can explain, and it's only in the midst of that feeling that I want to have sex with anyone.

I've been in four committed relationships -- none were quite right. Too young, no chemistry, her cheating, too much fighting... whatever the reason, all four failed.

Maybe the next girl is someone new -- someone I've met or someone I haven't. Maybe she works in the marketing department of a Fortune 500 company, or maybe she's a country singer, or maybe she stands behind the register at the Wawa, smiling all day long. Maybe she's someone else completely.

Maybe she's you.

 More to Know...

  • Interests: board games, roadtrips, gambling, naps, strength training, Seinfeld, politics, philosophy, SQL, Christmas lights, weather patterns, political maps, business and entrepreneurship, passionate love-making, romance, debates and discussions.

  • Personality Traits: honest, loyal, diplomatic, stable, spontaneous, somewhat mysterious. Also stubborn, argumentative, guarded, and pretty blunt.

  • Best Features: voice and eyes (in my opinion)

  • Biggest "Accomplishment": finished second in the 2nd grade spelling bee.

  • Random Facts: I don't live in filth, but my living space is not spotless either. I tear up at certain movies. I can listen to Dave Matthews, Guster, Pink Floyd, Toby Keith, Yanni, Bertie Higgins, Neil Diamond, and Elvis on the same CD. I'm more fulfilled by giving than receiving. Communication matters to me; overanalysis and dramatics I ignore. I'm disciplined, ambitious and passionate, hard-working and goal-oriented. The most fulfilling experience I will have in my life is falling in love. I follow a very low-carb diet. Dogs over cats. Beach and mountains equal. Hate amusement parks.

  • What I Want: a connection, an undeniable desire and magnetism, and... someone upbeat, happy to be alive, and good...


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Posted Aug 13 8PM ET
If we met on the street and you knew nothing about me except for my looks, would you consider taking my virginity?

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