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August 7, 2003

Brock Lesnar and Mr. McMahon were supposed to be enemies. They were supposed to settle their score in a cage match at SmackDown!. Much to everyone’s surprise, however, they conspired to give WWE Champion Kurt Angle one of the worst beatings of his life.

The cage match between Mr. McMahon and Lesnar did happen, but it ended differently than anyone could have imagined.

Early in the evening, it looked as if the match would not take place as Brock Lesnar was discovered unconscious in the back. At the time, no one knew what happened, but it seemed as if Lesnar would not be able to wrestle.

He did recover, however, and his match against Mr. McMahon with Angle as the special referee went off without a hitch. Both men slugged it out for a while before Lesnar prepared to finish Mr. McMahon off with an F-5. As he had him over his shoulders, though, he appeared to pass out and crumpled to the canvas. Mr. McMahon covered Lesnar for the pin, but Angle refused to count, instead calling for help from the back. With Angle’s back turned, Lesnar sprang to his feet and F-5’d the WWE Champion. Then he proceeded to beat him senseless, telling Angle all the while that the WWE Championship belongs to him.

Also on SmackDown!, John Cena gained a measure of revenge against Undertaker by beating him in a hard fought match. The ending was not without controversy, though. Albert interfered during the match, laying the Deadman out with a vicious kick to the chops.

Match results:

Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero fought to a no-contest

Chris Benoit and Tajiri defeated Eddie Guerrero and Rhyno

Nunzio defeated Zach Gowen

Jamie Noble defeated Doug Basham

Charlie Haas defeated Rey Mysterio

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