Utah and Nevada

This is a preliminary website for the Utah and Nevada volume of the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, a long-term project being carried out by the Newberry Library in Chicago.  This volume is being compiled by Brandon Plewe at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Current Status (August 2002)

The historical state and county boundaries for Utah and Nevada (and several other states and counties that have overlapped them at some time) have been completely built in a historical GIS (Oracle 9i w/ ESRI ArcSDE) called the Geo-Historical Information System (GHIS).  The GHIS data model has been developed to be flexible (handling many kinds of features), temporal, uncertainty-savvy, and able to document and describe every piece of data.  A journal article on the subject is forthcoming.

A historical database of Utah cities and towns has also been entered into the GHIS, with settlement/abandonment dates, incorporations/disincorporations, and county seats.  Nevada towns have been collected, but not yet entered into the database.

I am also developing an interactive online map based on the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) standard.  The map has a live connection to the database, allowing for further interaction.  You can try two prototype products, if you have the Adobe SVG Viewer:


The project is not yet complete.  Following are several plans for the future (in no order of schedule or priority):
Last modified 12 Aug 2002