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Licensing-HOWTO.html: Licensing HOWTO
This is a DRAFT of an OSI working paper. It has not yet been formally approved by OSI's board, though OSI and its legal counsel have approved the direction of the work. This document explains how U.S. copyright and licensing law applies to open-source software projects. It compares the strengths and weaknesses of the existing open-source licenses, and gives guidance on how to choose a license for your project. It also explains the legalities of changing a project's license. It suggests new practice for coping with today's high-threat legal environment — this part is a must-read for all project leaders.
roles.html: OSI Mission, Roles, and Responsibilities
Mission, procedures, roles, and job descriptions for OSI.
tuxedo-index.html: Welcome to!
The Tuxedo public service page

aim: Directory

ascii: Directory

backgrounds: Directory

bluemoon: Directory

bogofilter: Directory

BROWSER: Directory

bs: Directory

clone-hw-guide: Directory

cml2: Directory
cml2/index.html: The CML2 Resources Page
Home page of the CML2 project

comparator: Directory
comparator/scf-standard.html: Source Comparison Formats Standard
This document describes interchange formats for tools designed to find common code segments in large source trees.

cookbook: Directory

cstrings: Directory

cupl: Directory

deal: Directory

doclifter: Directory

doclifter/prepatch: Directory

ecsl: Directory

ecsl/graphics: Directory

faqs: Directory
faqs/ Как стать хэкером
How to become a hacker. Translation in Russian
faqs/hacker-revenge.html: The Revenge of the Hackers
The saga continues...

faqs/Fedora-Core-on-Thinkpad-X40: Directory

faqs/linus: Directory

fedora-submit: Directory

fetchmail: Directory
fetchmail/funny.html: Fetchmail's Funniest Fan Mail
Fetchmail's funniest fan mail.

fortunes: Directory

freshmeat-submit: Directory

fvwm2: Directory

galaxis: Directory

geeks-with-guns: Directory

gif2png: Directory
gif2png/index.html: Resource page for gif2png 2.5.1
Home page of the gif2png converter
gif2png/software.html: Eric Raymond's open-source collection
Eric S. Raymond's open-source collection

giflib: Directory
giflib/index.html: GIFLIB Home Page
The GIFLIB home page.
giflib/frontpage.html: GIFLIB Home Page
The GIFLIB home page.

giflib/doc: Directory

graphics: Directory

greed: Directory

guns: Directory
guns/quotes.html: Quotes on Firearms Rights
Notable quotes on guns

hacker-emblem: Directory

hackerlore: Directory

hackerlore/secret: Directory

hexdump: Directory

html: Directory

html/graphics: Directory

imgsizer: Directory

intercal: Directory
intercal/overloading.html: Overloading proposal for INTERCAL
Overloading proposal for INTERCAL
intercal/software.html: Eric Raymond's open-source collection
Eric S. Raymond's open-source collection
intercal/stross.html: INTERCAL -- the Language From Hell
Charlie Stross's article about INTERCAL

jargon: Directory

jargon/graphics: Directory

jargon/graphics/.xvpics: Directory

jargon/html: Directory

jargon/html/0: Directory

jargon/html/A: Directory

jargon/html/B: Directory

jargon/html/C: Directory

jargon/html/D: Directory

jargon/html/E: Directory

jargon/html/F: Directory

jargon/html/graphics: Directory

jargon/html/graphics/.xvpics: Directory

jargon/html/G: Directory

jargon/html/H: Directory

jargon/html/I: Directory

jargon/html/J: Directory

jargon/html/K: Directory

jargon/html/L: Directory

jargon/html/M: Directory

jargon/html/N: Directory

jargon/html/O: Directory

jargon/html/P: Directory

jargon/html/Q: Directory

jargon/html/R: Directory

jargon/html/S: Directory

jargon/html/T: Directory

jargon/html/U: Directory

jargon/html/V: Directory

jargon/html/W: Directory

jargon/html/X: Directory

jargon/html/Y: Directory

jargon/html/Z: Directory

jargon/oldversions: Directory

keybind: Directory

letterize: Directory

lookout: Directory

mad: Directory

magic-numbers: Directory
magic-numbers/index.html: Magic Numbers Home Page
Home page of the Magic Numbers group
magic-numbers/open-issues.html: Magic Numbers Open Issues
Open issues for the Magic Numbers group

magic-numbers/mail-archive: Directory

magic: Directory
magic/alodar.html: Alodar's Tower
Tips for building Magic: The Gathering decks

mixal: Directory

mstrans: Directory

netbuilder: Directory
netbuilder/proposal.html: The Netbuilder Awards Proposal
Netbuilder awards proposal

netfreedom: Directory

nolan: Directory

nosecrets: Directory

not-the-osi: Directory
not-the-osi/awards.html: The Open Source Awards Proposal
Open Source Awards proposal

poetry: Directory

retro: Directory

retro/plankalkuel: Directory

rfcs-in-html: Directory
rfcs-in-html/index.html: RFCs-in-HTML Development Page
Development page for RFC-HTML effort
rfcs-in-html/issues.html: RFCs-in-HTML Issues Page
Issues page for RFC-HTML effort
rfcs-in-html/justification.html: RFCs-in-HTML Development Page
Justification for RFC-HTML effort

rpm2lsm: Directory

sccs2rcs: Directory

sed: Directory

semex: Directory

sf-words: Directory

sfreviews: Directory

shipper: Directory

showkey: Directory

sitemap: Directory

ski: Directory

sng: Directory

ssh-installkeys: Directory

tengwar: Directory

terminfo: Directory
terminfo/index.html: Terminfo/termcap Resource Page
The master terminal types database for UNIX.
terminfo/questions.html: Questions About Archaic Terminals
Can you answer these questions about archaic terminals?

tetrix: Directory

trove: Directory
trove/design.html: Trove Draft Design Document
Design sketch for the Trove project
trove/keytrees.html: Key Trees
Key-trees model for unified browseing & searching
trove/objectives.html: Trove Design Objectives
Objectives of the Trove project
trove/sample.html: OSAN submission form
Open Source Archive Network package selection
trove/why.html: History and Underlying Problems
Why the Trove project was founded

unicode: Directory

unicode/theban: Directory

vms-empire: Directory

writings: Directory
writings/dancing.html: Dancing With The Gods
Portrait of the Author as a Young Mystic
writings/open-economics.html: The Open-Source Model and Money
Thoughts on the economics of open-source.

writings/cathedral-bazaar: Directory

writings/cathedral-bazaar/afterword: Directory

writings/cathedral-bazaar/cathedral-bazaar: Directory

writings/cathedral-bazaar/hacker-history: Directory

writings/cathedral-bazaar/hacker-revenge: Directory

writings/cathedral-bazaar/homesteading: Directory

writings/cathedral-bazaar/introduction: Directory

writings/cathedral-bazaar/magic-cauldron: Directory

writings/deep-kimchi: Directory

writings/dragnet: Directory

writings/dragnet/slides: Directory

writings/hacker-history: Directory
writings/hacker-history/index.html: A Brief History of Hackerdom
Various resources related to the title paper

writings/magic-cauldron: Directory
writings/magic-cauldron/index.html: The Magic Cauldron
Various resources related to the title paper

writings/nerligig: Directory

writings/no-sushi: Directory

writings/sextips: Directory
writings/sextips/bedplay.html: Sex Tips For Geeks: On Being Good In Bed
Tips on how to be sexy for hackers
writings/sextips/inbed.html: Sex Tips For Hackers: On Being Good In Bed
Tips on how to be sexy for hackers
writings/sextips/intro.html: Sex Tips For Geeks: Introduction
Introduction to Sex Tips For Geeks
writings/sextips/pickup.html: Sex Tips For Geeks: The Art of the Pickup
Tips on the art of the pickup
writings/sextips/sexy.html: Sex Tips For Geeks: How To Be Sexy
Tips on how to be sexy for hackers

writings/sfshows: Directory

writings/taoup: Directory

writings/taoup/html: Directory

writings/taoup/html/graphics: Directory

writings/taouu: Directory

writings/taouu/html: Directory

writings/taouu/html/graphics: Directory

writings/terminology: Directory

writings/ultimate-linux-box: Directory

writings/unix-koans: Directory

writings/unix-koans/images: Directory

writings/utility-of-math: Directory

wumpus: Directory

xmlif: Directory

xve: Directory

yacchack: Directory

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