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Campaign 2000
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Our Work is Not

Updated August 3, 2004 ... Bob Bowman outlines the issues for 2004 ...

Robert M. Bowman

former Constitutional Conservative Republican Candidate for

        President of the             
United States of America


Bowman Supports Kerry/Edwards in 2004

His own campaign ended, Dr. Bowman is vigorously supporting the election of Senator John Kerry and Senator John Edwards in 2004.  Read his address of July 26, 2004 "A Veteran Looks at Bush and Kerry."   TEXT  Dr. Bowman believes that the election of Kerry and Edwards would be infinitely better for America, rescuing our government from the imperialist clique directing President Bush's suicidal policies.   He also believes it will be good for the Republican Party, helping it free itself from the grip of the neoconservatives now in charge.  "This crowd represents the rebirth of the 19th century robber barons that Teddy Roosevelt helped reign in.  The difference is that this group has a grip on the whole world, not just the United States.   They are using the power of the US government, the treasure of the American people (including that of our children and grandchildren), and the lives of our youth to promote their own imperial schemes for their own financial gain.  They are traitors of the worst kind."

Sep 2003: "I May Challenge George W. Bush in New Hampshire"

"I was a Bob Taft/ Barry Goldwater Republican.  But the Republican party drifted away from me and other principled conservatives.  The Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II administrations have discarded fiscal conservatism, they have trampled on the Constitution, they have shredded the Bill of Rights, they have engaged in foreign adventurism on behalf of global robber barons.  It got so bad that in 2000 I ran as a member of the Reform Party.  But now it's even worse.  It is no longer acceptable to quietly allow the Republican Party to be captive to the cynical "neo-conservatives" pulling W's strings.  Bob Taft was often called an isolationist.  He wasn't.  He stood for international law and for the United States being a responsible sovereign member of the family of nations.  Would he have lied to the American people to whip up support for an aggressive, illegal, unconstitutional war in the Middle East?  Of course not!  Barry Goldwater was a real pilot.  He knew and loved the men and women in the Armed Services.  Would he have sent them into an Iraqi quagmire for oil company profits?  Of course not!   Would any of the pillars of the Republican Party have exchanged a two hundred billion dollar surplus for a five hundred billion dollar deficit?  Of course not!   Who among us can call mortgaging the futures of our children and grandchildren 'conservatism'?  Most importantly, conservatives always stood for the freedom and liberty of the American people, jealously guarding our rights under the Constitution.   But now we have a Republican administration using their phony war on terrorism to spy on us, search our homes without a warrant, and lock us up without charge for months.   Even those of us who aren't Muslim aren't safe.  Merely voicing our disagreement with Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, and the rest of the oil mafia can get us branded as potential terrorists and thrown into solitary confinement.  It is simply no longer tolerable to have the party of Lincoln hijacked by these jackboot thugs masquerading as conservative Christians.  Someone must step forward and offer an alternative.  If no one else will, I guess I'll have to."


Text of Dr. Bowman's statement to rally against Iraq War,  Feb 15, 2003:  rally text

The True State of the Union January 2003
For Complete Text of Dr. Bowman's 2003 Address, click   State Of the Union 2003
Most of you will want the shorter version:  State Of the Union 2003 (short version)
Updated version June 2003:  State Of the Union 2003 (June)

Here I Stand: The Issues from A to Z   TEXT
 One-Page Bio of Bob Bowman  
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 End Corporate Personhood;  28th Amendment

  Analyses of Current Events
                Chronology and Analysis of Crisis in Kosovo
                        Our "War" Against Iraq
                                The Truth About Terrorism

May 2000 Keynote Speech to Labor Party Convention   TEXT

Where Do We Go From Here ??
Comments on Election 2000 and Beyond  TEXT

Thanks to our Volunteers, Organizers, Supporters,
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Las Vegas Reform Party 2000 Convention Huge Success   PRESS RELEASE

California Reformers --  Thanks for making Robert Bowman your favorite candidate!

"Take political power from big money interests and return it to the people: Campaign Finance Reform, Proportional Representation, Preference Voting, Electronic Town Hall, Election Day Holiday, Media reregulation, Term Limits. **  Dump free-investment, unfair-trade NAFTA and GATT so American workers don't have to compete with Chinese slave labor.  Open markets with FAIR trade.  **  Kick insurance companies out of health care; put doctors in charge of Single-Payer National Health System.  **   Stop making Americans target of nuclear terrorists with Gunboat Diplomacy and misguided sanctions.  Protect America's borders, not corporate profits.  **   No national police force.  Control or disarm FBI, DEA, CIA, INS, ATF, IRS.   Americans should not have to live in fear of their own government.  **   Protect the Environment   **   Keep working to abolish Racism in America.   **   Keep our promises to America's veterans." 



Text from Dec 99 issue of  National Security News             

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Response to Questions from Prof. Stuart Weeks  Jan 20, 2000:    Democracy In Practice

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Brief Statement of Candidacy
         Aug 19, 1999

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