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The ImagiNation Network
the friendliest on-line system to predate the internet

It sounds something like the Psychic Friends Network, doesn't it?  Well, despite its ridiculous name (or maybe even because of it), the ImagiNation Network, or INN as we called it, was probably the friendliest on-line system ever created.  It even had emoticons which stood up the right way.  It was certainly friendlier than, say, America On-Line.  (And no matter how much I dislike AOL, I still hate it when people call it "American On-Line".  It's America, not American!  Get it right!)

But anyway, INN first opened in 1993, I believe, and at the time it was called TSN (The Sierra Network).  Yep, it was created by Sierra On-Line, the company responsible for Leisure Suit Larry.

INN in the Winter

This was INN's main screen.  Notice that it's snowing.  That's because it was winter.  That's right, the map actually changed according to the seasons.  How cool is that?

Just for the record, here's my unofficial INN "timeline".  To my knowledge, it was first created by Sierra On-Line in 1993 (possibly even 1992) under the name TSN.  It underwent a few updates and was eventually renamed INN.  In late 1994, it was bought by AT&T who increased their prices dramatically.  Because of this, a huge number of members left the system ... everyone I knew referred to this as "the Great Purge" (pretty damn dramatic term, I think).  It was at this time that I quit, myself.  I later rejoined in 1995, at which point I stayed with them until the system died in 1996.  I say "died" because AOL bought it.  They still have the rights to it, by the way, but they aren't doing a thing with it.  Wonderful investment, AOL.

Everyone with an INN page seems to have an INN Persona.  And for some reason, it's always a picture from Yserbius.  Well, I don't have any pictures from Yserbius, and even if I did ... my Clubhouse picture is the only one I can bring up.  (I, unfortunately, cannot access the SierraLand pictures, since you could only go there once you had signed on.  Sigh.)

While I was on INN, I spent most of my time in the Clubhouse and SierraLand.  I also participated heavily in two role-playing games, the Final Fantasy: Magi Prayer RPG and the Wing Commander RPG (which, in fact, still exists on AOL under the name Wing Commander: The Enemy Within).

Although INN has been dead for over two years, there are still quite a few "ex-INNers" out there!  Some of them, like me, have their own webpages!  It probably won't be much interest to you ... in fact, it's amazing you've endured through my ranting all the way to the end of this page!  But if you're an ex-INNer, you'll be overjoyed at the aspect of viewing other INN websites.

Lost INNers Website

This is where I found that cool Winter Map graphic (since I'm no longer able to see it using INN itself).  It's the home of the Yserbius Project, as well as probably the largest chat forum available for INNers.

The Red Dragon Inn

Yes, all you RPG Zone addicts, you read that correctly, it's the Red Dragon Inn!  No longer do you have to settle for that sorry excuse of an RDI that AOL provides.  This RDI might be abandoned as you enter ... but who knows?  Maybe it'll turn around.  You never know.

The Lost TSN-INNers Webring

And for all the other sites that I couldn't or didn't list, here's the webring.  I'm not a part of that webring because I don't really like webrings, but they do have a large list of INN sites.

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