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  Temple's Crane Dance.
  - History
    Since it was created by Rev. Jajangyulsa of Tongdosa Temple in the 15th year of Queen Seonduk of the Shilla Dynasty (646 A.D), the Temple's Crane Dance has been performed in the front yard of the Tongdosa Temple. With highly elegant motions based on 24 cranes’ actions, this is a kind of dance and song in honor of Buddha.
  Temple's Crane Dance.
A vocation passed down from thousands of years ago. This is a special tradition given to a special person.
Mr. Kim Deok Myeong (age: 77 as of 1999) dancing a crane dance which has been passed down for thousands of years.
Entering into Buddhism at an early age, led by his mother, who had worried about her son's future, he was impressed by realizing what the Buddhism is to him by the motion and song of Tongdosa Temple. His dance of Eosanbumpae was special even though he learned it during his severe apprenticeship to be a monk, doing such work as logging, cooking, and taking care of children until he acquired his Buddhist name of Goam. Because he was a monk who can marry, he made the Pyeongyang entertainer Kim Nong Ju as his adopted sister who taught him many things.
In this period he learned most of the 27 dances that he performs now, including the Hanryangmu Dance, the Gyobang Yangban Dance, the Shilla Long Sword Dance, the Gyobang Jinyeon Dance, and the Taegeuk Dance.