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Terrible Service Ft. Myers 5/4/2001
Kanes Furniture Complaint dino 5/1/2001
Don't shop Kanes, Kanes dosen't have it all !!!!! Rob & Jeanette 4/14/2001
Terrible Delivery  3/28/2001
Kanes customer service Annette 3/28/2001
Kanes Staff Annette 3/25/2001
Yet Another Kane's Complaint Mike Aron 3/9/01
Order Still Not In!!!! Pissed Off Customer 2/16/01
Never Again!! CT Wilson 1/31/01
Who cares about customer service Kris 1/23/01
Why Kanes Sucks Jimbo 10/7/00
Article 2 Felix C. Figueruelo 9/16/00
Article 1  3/26/00

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