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If you have a serious interest in the evaluation of evidence for cryptozoological animals, in new searches for such evidence, and in the scientific and philosophical implications of their possible discovery, you are invited to join the International Society of Cryptozoology (ISC), the only scholarly organization of its kind in the world. By receiving its publications, you will be kept informed of cryptozoological events and developments worldwide, and will be supporting work in a little-recognized but challenging area of the biological sciences.

Membership is 42US$ or 28£ Sterling a year (one may become a Sustaining Member by donating any higher amounts) and includes the receipt of all Society publications. Payment should be mailed with a letter or note of application – or be accompanied by the printable form below - to:

Membership Department

International Society of Cryptozoology

P.O. Box 43070

Tucson, Arizona (AZ) 85733, U.S.A.

Couples may take out a joint membership for 47US$ of 31£, but only one set of publications is sent. Institutions, including libraries, may not become members, but they may subscribe to the Society’s publication for 65US$ a year.

Special payment instructions for outside of the U.S.A.

U.K. residents may pay by local personal cheque in £ Sterling, as this involves no extra banking fees or penalties. Residents of European countries using the Euro may pay by cheque in that currency provided that the equivalent of 42US$ – using the exchange rate current at the time – is sent. Residents of the following countries may pay by local personal cheque in their own currencies, provided that such cheques are in fact drawn against banks in their own countries and that the equivalent of 42US$ - using the exchange rate current at the time - is sent: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. Persons in all other countries should pay in US$ by either international postal money order (processed through the originating postal authority and the U.S. Postal Service), or by international bank draft (such bank drafts must be drawn against U.S. banks or they will not be cashable and will be returned). Cash (in US$) posted through the mail is also acceptable but not recommended.

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All memberships include the receipt of both the journal Cryptozoology and The ISC Newsletter

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