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ACT UP/Boston References on the Web

Michael Bellefountaine, January 9, 2002.  Eternal Vigilance
        "What is Really Up With the Numbers in San Francisco?" [and other topics] provides comments from one ACT UP/SF member (who mentions that he got started in ACT UP/Boston) on various questions. 

Beth Hastie, February 3, 2001POZ
        "LIT CHAT: Dyke Strike" is an interview with Amber Hollibaugh in which Beth mentions that "When I tested positive, Keri Duran of ACT UP/Boston was the only lesbian I knew who had HIV. I remember you and Keri speaking at a 1993 forum on lesbians and HIV. I came to that very confused and upset, but left feeling inspired.". 

HIV plus: research + treatment, June-July 2000.  Standard of Care
        "Surf's up!" describes creation of the HIV InfoWeb on the Aegis server by ACT UP/Boston stalwarts John LaBella and Ken Duncan.

ACT UP/Philadelphia, June 7, 2000.  ACT-UP Memo to Congress and Others
        "Re: Ryan White CARE Act Re-authorization, 'ACT UP San Francisco' and the AIDS crisis" includes ACT UP/Boston in the list of "real" ACT UP groups that "recognize the overwhelming evidence that HIV causes the syndrome known as AIDS", a statement made in opposition to positions against safer sex, clean needles and anti-HIV treatments apparently made by the group called ACT UP/San Francisco. 

ACT UP/Philadelphia, March 21, 2000.  Clarification from ACT UP Philadelphia
        [Criticism of of ACT UP/San Francisco] includes ACT UP/Boston among those who "are not affiliated with the group calling itself ACT UP San Francisco".

(Editorial Sidebar:  Here's a set of links from the Treatment Action Campaign of South Africa on "Debunking AIDS Denialists", countering the misinformation spread by ACT UP/SF and South African President Thabo Mbeki.  Also, AIDS Treatment News, Issue #341, April 21, 2000, available on the AEGiS server, carried the following article by Bruce Mirken: "Answering the AIDS Denialists: CD4 (T-Cell) Counts, and Viral Load".  And here is "John S. James Talks Back to AIDS Denialists", from the Gay Today website.) 

Boston Global Action Network.  September 26, 2000.  Leaflet: Drop the Debt! Drop the Prices!
        "Boston Activists Act Up on Prague Solidarity Day

Boston Global Action Network.  The Network in 2000.
        ACT-UP/Boston is listed as a member of the network in Y2K.

Fair Price Working Group, March 10, 2000.  Project Inform
        "Consensus Statement on the Pricing of EC ddI and ABT-378" includes endorsement by Robert Folan-Johnson, ACT UP/ Boston.

Christina Roache, ed., August 6, 1999. News & Notices of the Harvard School of Public Health
        "Clinical Effectiveness Student Strives to Serve the Underserved" mentions that Dr. Camilla Graham once visited HSPH with ACT UP and quotes her as crediting activist groups like ACT UP for applying the social pressure that sped the application of new biostatistical methods to the AIDS clinical trials.

AIDS Writers Group [David Scondras, et al], March, 1999. Search For A Cure Bulletin
    "Turn on your Body: Mobilize the Immune System"; Robert Folan of ACT UP/Boston was on the Review Panel for this article.

Fair Price Working Group, September 9, 1998.  Community Alert on Drug Pricing
    "Consensus Statement on the Pricing of Abacavir and Efavirenz", signed by ACT UP/Boston and individually by one of the chapter's founders, Stephen Skuce. 

AIDS Writers Group [Robert Folan and Lou Pesce of ACT UP Boston; David Scondras & others], August 1997. Search For a Cure
        "The Search for a Preventive Vaccine".

Tavis Barr, 1997 (?), Socialistiska Partiet (Swedish Socialist Party) web site
        "USA: Drunk on the Promises of Drug Cocktails" quotes ACT UP/Boston Member Rich Rochon, who gave the opening presentation for the VIIIth International Conference on AIDS in Amsterdam in 1992.

Transcription of Meeting, November 24, 1996. HIV InfoWeb
        "Meeting of Treatment Educators and Activists around Boston", includes comments by ACT UP/Boston treatment activists Ray Schmidt and Mike Immel. 

Maxine Wolfe, Winter 1996, WOMEN ALIVE 
        "A Memorial To A Lesbian Activist & Friend Keri Duran"

John S. James,. December 3, 1993. AIDS TREATMENT NEWS #188
     "Activist Groups, Buyers' Clubs, and PWA Coalitions, U.S. and Canada" lists buyers clubs and PWA coalitions in Boston and Provincetown, including ACT UP/Boston.

David Peck, May 7, 1993.  AIDS TREATMENT NEWS #174
        "Tat Drug: Parallel-Track Negotiations Status", describes ACT-UP/Boston negotiations with Hoffman-LaRoche regarding approval of the tat inhibitor RO 24-7429.

John S. James,. December 4, 1992. AIDS TREATMENT NEWS #164  
Atovaquone (Mepron; 566C80) Approved for Pneumocystis; Drug Development, Activism Success" has a quote from David Peck of ACT UP/Boston ("Atovaquone proves that ACT UP and drug companies, despite our differences and our seemingly endless demands, can work together.") that reveals one of the fault lines that would later divide some activists. 

Cindy Patton, July 20, 1992.  E u r o C A S O, a newsletter from Europe
        "Activists launch attack on drug pricing" reports on Rich Rochon's criticisms of Astra regarding foscarnet pricing.

Carrie Wofford, July 17, 1992, Gay Community News (From drugtext website)
        "Boston Gears Up for AIDS Demos" reports on preparations for ACT UP/Boston demo against President Bush [the First]'s immigration law prohibiting entrance to the country by HIV-infected visitors, which resulted in the International AIDS Conference's move from its original Boston location to Amsterdam.

Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives, 1991. Attitude!
  "Our Own Voices: Lesbian and Gay Periodicals 1890s-2000s"  Apparently, some issues of the ACT UP/Boston newsletter are in this collection. 

John S. James,. November 22, 1991. AIDS TREATMENT NEWS #139  
     "Pneumocystis: 566C80 Treatment IND" mentions role of ACT UP/Boston in leading effort for access to 566C80.

Dignity/Boston web site, Dignity/Boston Timeline
        "1990:  ACT-UP/Boston disrupts an ordination service by throwing condoms. Dignity/Boston member Bob Grady writes a letter to the Cardinal expressing Dignity/Boston's disagreement with ACT-UP over their actions."  

(Editorial comment:   To call this brief review of the "OUTlaw Cardinal Law" demonstration "revisionist history" is about the nicest thing I could say about it.  For some reason, that relatively mild demonstration has become a touchstone amongst some anti-gay religious bigots that grows in mythological proportion year after year.  I found an article from a "hip" Catholic website that described how "busloads of ACT UP terrorists" descended on the Cathedral [!?!?!].  Another article in this vein summed up the event as "David LaFontaine had organized an event to throw condoms at newly ordained priests".  For the record, I was there, I gave a speech. Nobody invaded the service.  All the demonstrators stayed outside.  The demonstration was not about "throwing condoms at priests".   There were no "terrorist activity" of any kind, unless you count the insane over-reaction of the Boston Herald. The demo was co-sponsored by ACT UP/Boston, along with the National Reproduction Rights Network and the Massachusetts Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights. Articles in right-wing publications from as far away as Idaho solider on with their bizarre campaign against former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld [a Republican, by the way] and his "program of homosexual indoctrination", always beginning their trail of conspiratorial vitriol on that day in June.  Given the pedophile priest scandal rocking the Boston archdiocese in the spring of 2002, I am patiently waiting for some of these forces who castigated ACT UP as the devil incarnate to issue an apology and note ACT UP's astounding prescience in exposing Cardinal Law's corruption a full twelve years before it became common knowledge!  ;-)  

Jim Eigo, Mark Harrington, Margaret McCarthy, Stephen Spinella, Rick Sugden, September 12, 1988. FDA Action Handbook
        Section on "Pentamadine Wars Continue..." includes the statement "Fisons' representatives said they'd never met with a group as well-informed as ACT UP/Boston"

Mountain Pride Media, pub., September, 1988Out in the Mountains
        "Vermonters Attend Nat'l L/G Health Conference" reports on ACT UP/Boston demo at the Second International Lesbian and Gay Health Conference and AIDS Forum in Boston, aimed at Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, Frank Young, to protest slow pace of approval for AIDS drugs.

ACT UP/Boston People on the Web

Memorial for Keri Duran

Memorial for Peter Medoff

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AIDS/HIV Resources

AIDS Education Global Information System (AEGiS)

Health Care Information Resources (Canada), extensive list of AIDS treatment and prevention links

homorama provides another extensive list of resources on AIDS/HIV

Treatment Information Networks Boston Buyers Club

Other Resources & Commentary on the ACT UP movement

ACT UP/ NY archives on microfiche at the New York Public Library

ACT UP/NY documents on-line

From the civilian community trapped in Ramallah, April 2, 2002.  International Solidarity Movement
      Appeal for the Israeli siege to be lifted includes this sentence: "We, the people under siege in Ramallah, appeal to all the people of the world to act up immediately."  

Andrew Boyd, July 19 - 25, 2000The Village Voice
        "The Birth of a Movement: Extreme Costume Ball" credits ACT UP, in part, with providing the inspiration of anti-globalization activism.

Michael Bronski, November, 1999.  Z Magazine
        "Wag the Dogma" is Bronski's response to accusations that ACT UP were "Catholic bashers".

Adam L. Penenberg, December 14, 1998Forbes
        "When art meets cyberwar" describes the cyber-based Electronic Disturbance Theater and credits ACT UP with being the first to initiate electronic civil disobedience.

Craig A. Rimmerman, 1997 [?], The Encyclopedia of AIDS
        "ACT UP".  Pretty good quick history.

Douglas Clayton, director, Fall, 1997. Harvard Education Publishing Group
        Review of "The Death and Rebirth of American Radicalism" by Stanley Aronowitz deals largely with ACT UP.

PBS TeacherSource, November 1997.  Classroom Currents
        "Liberty! The American Revolution" includes "ACT-UP activists" in a list of "modern American revolutionaries".

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