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Some interesting people; Iraq; Bush Administration, Campaign Finance Reform; Clinton Administration; Middle East; Vermont (and civil unions)

Recent columns

          Lawlessness in Washington  (5/14/04)

On Howard Dean (4/25/03)

To the Peace Movement (3/4/03)

Support the Troops (3/28/03)

A Newer World Order (3/21/03)

Abusive relationship - Iraq (2/14/03)

  Bush is Losing It (1/24/03)

The Spiritual Politics of Martin Luther King (1/17/03)

A Movement Trying to Define Itself (Analysis of 10/26/02 Washington demonstration, run 10/28 as a Reformer editorial)

Spoiler! (Vermont elections) (10/11/02)

We Still Need Heroes (Special 9/11/02)

Sneak Attack (9/6/02)

Attack of the Chickenhawks (8/30/02)

It's Stupidity, Stupid (8/23/02)

A Victory for Democracy (Vermont's campaign finance law)(8/16/02)

No column 8/9/02)

Blame Game [corporate scandals](8/02/02)

The Bambino's National Curse [corporate scandals](7/26/02)

Reform or War [Iraq/economic reform](7/19/02)

So Who's Anti-Business (7/12/02)

With Liberty and Justice for All [pledge of allegiance](7/5/02)

Response to my Conspiracxy-itis Critics (not a column)

September 11th: Conspiracy-itis (6/21/02)

Stalinism and Bush, The Politicization of Science (6/14/02)

I'm No Farmer (6/7/02)

Palestinian Nonviolence (5/31/02)

What Did Bush Know? (5/24/02)

Big Sister (Family) 5/17/02)

Beat the Press (5/10/02)

Rediscovering John Adams (5/3/02)

On Anti-Semitism (4/26/02)

Kill for Peace (4/19/02)

Bush's Great White Whale (4/12/02)

Assault on the Solution (Three Stooges) (4/ 05 /02)

Next Year in Jerusalem? [from] (3/25/02)

Democracy on an Empty Stomach (3/29/02)

Crackling Ice, Political Noise (3/22/02)

The Bush Doctrine on Nuclear Weapons (3/15/02)

Vermont Yankee Vote (3/8/02)

"Citizen" Yankee (nuclear power) (3/1/02)

Glimmer of Hope in the Middle East (2/22/02)

Vermont Democrats' Dilemma (2/15/02)

The New Gilded Age (2/8/02)

Who’s a Terrorist (2/1/02)

Enron's Fall and FDR's Ghost (1/25/02)

Lady Day [Billie Holiday](1-28-02)

Fear of Fair Elections (1/11/02)

To Do or Not to Do (1/4/02)

Keep the Co-op Downtown (12/28/01)

It Can Happen Here [The killing of Woody Woodward](12/21/01)

9-11 and the War in Afghanistan

Contradictions (12/14/01)

It's Credibility, Stupid! (12/7/01)

Haunted by History (Nicaraguan Lesson) 11/30/01

Hope and Danger in Afghanistan (11/23/01)

Putting Energy into Our Future (11/16/01)

Wave the Flag, Reward Your Donors (11/9/01)

We Bomb in Afghanistan (11/2/01)

Stealth Legislation (11/26/01)

Attack on Bill of Rights (10/19/01)

Why Fight?(10/12/01)

My City (10/5/01)

Reality Check (9/28/01)

Unintended Consequences (9/21/01

A Ray of Hope (9/14/01)

EXTRA! A Time for Tolerance? (Terrorist Attack) (9/12/01)

Racism and the U.N. (9/7/01)

Summer 2001

Labor Day Wish List (8/31/01)

The Devil and Barry Goldwater (8/24/01)

Outlaw Nation (8/3/01)

Bush's Giveaway (7/27/01)

Campaign Finance Reform at Crossroads (7/20/01)

At the Stutterers Convention (7/13/01)

History Lessons (7/6/01)

Reparations (6/29/01)

The "Greatest" Generation (6/22/01)


Some Interesting People

Lady Day [Billie Holiday](1-28-02)

Frank Sinatra: My Chairman of the Board (6/15/01)

     Rachel Carson (4/20/01)

     Martin Luther King’s Jazz (and Ken Burns) (1/12/01)

     Louis Armstrong (6/30/00)

     George Washington (3/3/00)

     Eleanor Roosevelt (1/14/00)

     Andy Kaufman (12/31/99)

     John McCain (12/10/99)

     Jean Shephard (11/19/99)

Happy Birthday, LBJ (8/27/09

The Bush Administration

The United States of Oil (5/14/01)

     Tax cut (2/16/01)

Religious Can of Worms (2/9/01)

     Advise and Consent (appointments) (1/19/01)

Campaign Finance Reform

     McCain-Feingold Battle (3/30/01)

     McCain Keeps His Promise (1/26/01)

Bill Clinton

     Clinton, Cowardice and Pardons )2/23/01)

Computer Chaos

     I Got a Virus! (12/22/00)

Elections, 2000

     Power Over Principle (2000 election) (12/15/00)

     Every Vote Must Be Counted (12/8/00)

     Do-over (11/17/01)

     1876 and 2000 elections (11/10/00)

     After the Elections (11/3/00)

     The Missing Candidate (Nader) (10/6/00)

     Nader’s Raid (8/25/00)

     Democrats Betray Themselves (8/18/00)

     Lieberman, Jews and Democrats (8/11/00)

GOP Leader Speaks (8/4/01)

The Middle East

On Anti-Semitism (4/26/02)

Kill for Peace (4/19/02)

Bush's Great White Whale (4/12/02)

Assault on the Solution (Three Stooges) (4/ 05 /02)

Next Year in Jerusalem? [from] (3/25/02)

Writing About the Middle East (6/8/01)

     Israel’s Catastrophe (6/01/01)

     Next Year in Jerusalem (4/6/01)

     The Right to Return (1/5/01)

     Last Chance for Mideast Peace (12/29/01)

     Ariel Sharon’s "Victory" (10/13/00)

     Close But No Cigar (7/28/00)



     Rachel Carson (4/20/01)

     No More Skiing, No More Snow (3/2/01)

Free Trade

     Is Fairness Subversive (5/11/01)

     Free trade or Free-market Trade? (4/27/01)

Foreign Affairs

     Made in China (4/13/01

     "Bingo, Bango, Bongo" (Congo) (2/2/01)

     Clinton’s Colombia Caper (9/8/00)

Health Care

     Ah Ha! Theory of AIDS (3/16/01)

     Health Care Choices (10/20/00)

History: Past and Future

The "Greatest" Generation (6/22/01)

     Bob Kerrey’s Vietnam and Ours (5/4/01)

1876 and 2000 elections (11/10/00)

     Nixon’s Treason (9/1/00)

Life in the U.S.A.

     Meanwhile, back at the ball park (12/1/01)

     Welcome Wagon (11/24/01)

     Kill the Death Penalty (6/16/00)

Thinking About Amadou Diallo (3/3/00)

Different Drummers, Louis Armstrong, etc. (Thanksgiving 11/26/99)


     Hyping the Weather (3/9/01)

Nonviolence on Public TV     (9/15/00)

Vermont (State and Local) – See also Civil Unions

     (Jim Jeffords) Proud to be a Vermonter (5/25/01)

     Small Town, Big Picture (3/23/01)

     Agriculture and Art (9/29/00)

     Who Lost Vermont? (7/21/00)

     Marlboro’s Computer Challenge (7/14/00)

Graduation Screed (6/23/00)