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If you are looking for specifics, you would probably be better off trying one of the cultures or time periods linked at the bottom of each category.   Here you will find very general links to broad topics.


 The Internet is an amazing resource tool. It allows us to travel through both time and space with a click of a button. The amount of information out there is staggering. Unfortunately, it is not as well organized as a library or set of encyclopedias. It can be a real adventure trying to research a topic and there are usually a few mishaps along the way. . I have tried to make it a little easier for students of Western Civilization and World History .

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Maps and Mapping


Ancient World

Classical World

Non Western World

Medieval World

Early Modern World

20th Century - Our World


Western Civilization Sites .... there are many Western Civilization and World History sites on the Internet. I listed only the sites that offer either relevant course material or a substantial number of links to course material.

World History/Cultures/Civilization Sites



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T's World Search Page .....All your search needs on one page

Infoseek  Search for:



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If you find an exciting stopping point or would like to make suggestions, please contact me at nbmautz@evansville.net   

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