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Distributed Storage Tank


The Distributed Storage Tank project extends the Storage Tank´┐Ż system's application for heterogeneous and distributed file sharing, including file sharing in wide-area networks. The aim of this project is to allow a Storage Tank cluster to interoperate with other Storage Tank clusters as well as with various other types of file storage systems, such as NAS and Data Grids. Storage Tank servers in a local cluster are responsible for caching and replication management of remote files, which allows clients to access the data as if it were local. Distributed Storage Tank provides its clients with a unified file access interface to networked file storage systems with SAN-level performance and a single name space that is location transparent.

Our goal is to bring about a seamless interface for distributed and heterogeneous file storage systems that provides performance that is comparable to local file systems. Through cluster-managed shared caching, Distributed Storage Tank can also preserve the bandwidth of long-haul networks and reduce the average latency of file access because shared files need to be transported only once to each accessing site.

Grid Computing involves the sharing of a vast aggregation of geographically dispersed data and computing resources. Efficient and scalable storage management, high performance and easy access to geographically distributed data are often key requirements for Grid applications. Distributed Storage Tank extends Storage Tank's benefits of high performance, scalability and ease of management to geographically distributed data sharing.

Beyond the current focus of providing seamless and high-performance access to distributed files based on heterogeneous systems, the Distributed Storage Tank vision includes the incorporation of autonomic caching, replication and migration to facilitate optimized performance in distributed file sharing, while minimizing communication and storage overhead.


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