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What gear has vac used? i get asked this question all the time, so i got tired of it, and put this page up for everyone to read, now they can stop pestering me with gear questions time and time again... Soon I will ppost mp3 demos of all the synths on this page. so be on the watch.
Demos of my synths.

micromoog bass pwm., micromoog snapier pwm., micromoog bass resonant pwm., micromoog bass SAW., micromoog bass pw nasal., micromoog leads pwm at the end., micromoog animated pwm open filter., multimoog, sh2, then micromoog with fx., multimoog, micromoog, sh2 dry., unison sweep jp8, unison lead jp8, detuned sound i made jp8, detune bass jp8, filter bass jp8, filterbass 2 jp8, Reso pads jp8, swell jp8, jp8 unison strings ksp8 fx, lush jp8 ksp8 fx, padlead jp8 ksp8 fx, pulse pad jp8 ksp8 fx, stringlead jp8 ksp8 fx, strings jp8 ksp8 fx, sweep lead jp8 ksp8 fx, jp8 pretty arp ksp8 fx, jp8 bell arp ksp8 fx, jp8 bell arp 2 ksp8 fx, jp8 pretty pretty ksp8 fx, jp8 random arp ksp8 fx, jp8 sync portamento arp ksp8 fx, Virus C, MicroMoog Ballroom ksp8 fx, Jp8 Boomplate ksp8 fx, MicroMoog Chamber 2 ksp8 fx, MicroMoog Chamber 3 ksp8 fx, MicroMoog Chamber ksp8 fx, Jp8 Dreamverb ksp8 fx, Jp8 Gate Plate ksp8 fx, Jp8 Huge Batcave ksp8 fx, Jp8 Huge Tight Plate ksp8 fx, Jp8 Lazerverb ksp8 fx, MicroMoog Medium Hall ksp8 fx, MicroMoog Niceverb ksp8 fx, MicroMoog Opera House ksp8 fx, Jp8 Real Plate ksp8 fx, Jp8 Reflect Hall ksp8 fx, Jp8 Reverse ksp8 fx, MicroMoog Small Hall ksp8 fx, Jp8 Smooth Plate ksp8 fx...


Roland Jupiter 8
Best poly synth ever made. versitile. pretty metalic bells, searing leads, warm lush pads and strings, creamy soft sounds, hard phazing sounds, industrial ambient, techno, you name it, it can do it, but in a very pleasent way that no other synth can. I can even get damn good bass out of this thing.. its like a juno 106 on massive steroids.. i will never part with this synth, it is simply amazing.. i'm so happy to finally have one after all these years of lusting for one.. The filters, wow, the resonance, wow, the high pitched pretty sounds, wow. i am in love, and yes, this is now my favorite synth of all time..

Kurzweil KSP8
Not a synth, but it is the most powerful fx unit on the market, reverbs blow away tc electronics and lexicon hands down. Not to mention the compressors are distressorish and kick ass for anything really. The space echo delays sound warm and analog, the chorus, phaser, flange are pretty cool as well, analog is still better but this is really good. I have 8 analog ins and 8 analog outs on mine. run just about everything through it and the DACS are the best i have ever heard on an fx processor. I can make things dark huge and ominous, or subtle, transparent, thin and vibrant. agressive and in your face, or distant and soft. versatile. i'm so glad i got this thing! easy to edit, setup, tons of memories to save to... very cool. now i am waiting till i get my jupiter 8, should arrive with in the next couple of weeks.

Access Virus C
I owned a virus a back in the day. But now i have this virus c, has killer reverb, and the internal banks finally have great presets that are very varied. this thing does pads and string much better than the virus A ever did. more filter saturation settings, and with the new os i get moog filters that add an entirely different sound to this beast that even further sets it apart from the b and the a and the other virtual analogs. Vas are only as good as their built in fx, and the phasers and the verbs and delays prove this thing is the king of the hill. The osc is kind of weak, but the filters rule, simple great digital filters. I no longer have a need for a jupiter 6 because of this synth... i love the high pass and bands pass leads i can make with this thing, it does everything, great bass, agressive sounds, fx, pads, ambience, in your face, soft, mean, mellow, trippy weird. you name it. It is now my favorite digital synth ever made. I compared this to all the soft synths including the korg legacy, and this thing destroys all computer based VAs, it smashes them to little pieces. But still, it pales next to my Real Analogs for in your face sounds. The virus still aliases a bit, sounds great in the middle a tad iffy up high and down low. This thing is designated to filling in the cracks after my real analogs are in the mix. A jupiter 8, sh2, and moog through my ksp8 will eat this thing for lunch.. Virus C kicks the andromeda A6 in the ass hands down!

Korg Electribe MX1
Great drum sounds for dance, this is a dance box, and it is very easy to start dance songs on this, i don't use the internal seq, but for bips and bleeps, and 303 and 101 like acid distorted lines it works great, also has those de tuned lead sounds for trance. not bad, but i prefer my other synths for synth sounds.. I got this thing for instant gratification trance and dance drums. pretty good. decent fx too. warm sounding and punchy as hell. cool gear..

Akai MPC 1000
Well the pads must be broken in, make sure you get the newest os update so you can adjust the pad sensitivities to your liking. AWESOME. it has a flashable rom in it, so you can flash your own sounds into the rom, so you can make your own presets that load very fast automatically when you turn the unit on. saves so much time, with samplers its all about load, save.. takes so much time, set this one up once, and its instant gratification over and over again like a drum machine should be. I upgraded mine to 128mb of ram which is plenty, this is a one shot sample playback, drum machine sampler, its not meant to make keyboard maps, buy a emu for that. this is for drums. and drum loops. easy to get files off my pc. i re did all my drum kits from all my old drum machines and samplers in this thing and have them set up as presets. the pads are ultra responsive and very expressive. loads .wav files, usb connect to the pc for file management and import of any .wav drum sounds or fx. Ultra tight envs, and punchy like a drum machine should be! bitchen.... a permanent piece, i will never ever sell this thing. my ultimate industrial drum box. its a portable sampler to boot, not big, perfect size. sampler quality is pretty good too, i like the dacs better on this than the s5000 i had.

Microwave os v1.25
Wow, i owned a microwave 2 and a pulse +, and this thing destroys them hands down, the envs are kinda clicky on the fast attack settings, but this is kinda cool for industrial music in my book. The sounds are pretty and digital with a glow to them that is powerful. The analog cem filters really shine. I prefer the bass sound out of this to the pro one, and to an extent even the juno 106. The bass sounds are awesome and fit in a mix better in a lot of cases than even mono synths.. Wavetable scanning is great for ambience and weird industrial stuff. this synth reminds me of depeche mode, and juno reactor.. even tho it aliases, it does it in a good way. This is my favorite hybrid next to the prophet VS. Used heavily on just about every wumpscut song ever made.

Just like the Micromoog + one osc, and osc sync. This is better at leads.. wow. very cool, the same mod for the micromoog works on it, so it sounds huge.. but the limitations kind suck, both oscillators share the same octave setting switch, so you can only detune at the same octave on both osc. this limit sync sound possibilities. subtracts big time. pretty cool.

SCI Pro One
Very aggro analog. Puppy, FLA. can sound weird, and mean. love it.. not that great for bass tho. killer sync, leads, spooky. Used on Hex Angel. people rant a rave about the pro one and the prophet 5, i think they are ok at best, they are woody sounding and flat. All cem synths sound the same, jupiter 6, xpander, prophet 5, matrix 6, they have this sheen about them that makes them ultra generic. i prefer the discrete 70s sound much more, like eml 101, minimoog, sh5, jupiter 8, and the rev 2 prophet 5.

Well, it can sound like a minimoog +, well sort of. It can sound like a 2 osc mini with no detune! But,once it warms up, about 10 minutes after its turned on, its rock solid as far as staying in tune. But, this thing can do those crazy space sound fx.. how? well, turn the osc off, put filter on tone, modulate the waveshape, now play with the cut off, waveshape, oh yeah put the freq to wide and play with that too. FAR OUT! Fast envs, gotta be 1ms attack, and it chugs along at fast bpm. it can sound soft, aggro, acidic (in the moog way), and in your face, killer leads, killer bass! I am glad i got this instead of a mini moog? i am leaving something out. I had mine modified. this mod.

This make this thing a bass king, it makes the osc sound huge! read about it, it costs next to nothing to do this mode, and its simple. and turns this into a screamer! Also moog this moog scales at 0.98 volts per octave, makes scaling with a kenton a bit tricky, passable but not perfect. So you can build a cable/box thing to fix it.. the link is here..

All this and you are set to have one of the most killer bass synths ever! Used on Hex Angel.

Alesis Andromeda
this thing is ok, over priced, and over powered, wish it had better envs. but because the envs are oogy and still not that great even with the os updates, it looses a couple of points.. it excels at sound fx, ambience, swells, sweeps and pads and strings. its blows at bass, and i don't like it for leads at all thanks to the ooogy portamento as well.. it sounds like chips, and sure it doesn't sound like a va, but almost, the filters are not that great either, flat, dull, and boring. vanilla! Used on Hex Angel.

Waldorf Micro Q
Whoa. I was not expecting this. Hands down, phat bass, unique sound, can do ppg, wavestation, virtual analog, and FM. Oh my. Metallic, bright, deep, buzzy. Pads, Strings, Leads, Arps, Bass. Endless. The comb filter is as unique as the band pass on a SH-5. This is worth every penny i spent. Editing is not hard at all, actually way cooler than the pulse. Used on Hex Angel.

Roland SH-2
This is simply the second best bass synth in the world. next to the minimoog of course. I say its the 2nd best roland synth ever, next to the sh5.. This thing can sound fat, 2 osc + a sub. this means, big fat bass. fast snappy envs, with the perfect shape for bass. If you can't afford this, i suggest the sh09. i don't like the CEM osc sh101, its not discrete so it doesn't glow or sound as warm as these oscs do.. forget the over priced sh101.. makes wicked 909 and 808 like kicks and percussive sounds. Used on Hex Angel.

Roland Jupiter 6
Finally got my mits on one.. WOW. i have a jp8080 and read that it was the same synth, wrong... the jupiter 6 is warmer, sharper, fatter, rounder, squaerer, nicer, and beautiful. I cannot believe people think that virtuals can even touch the smoothness of real old analogs. makes me wonder, i think those who say the opposite or that the super nova is as cool don't have a clue or don't know how to use analogs. i can in minutes make the strangest, fattest, weirdest and musical sounds with this thing, not good for high bpm bass sounds, but great at everything else. amazing. i cannot believe that more don't worship this synth as if it were one of the gods of synthdom. sound suffers when not in unison mode. CEM dullness. Used on Dial8 single.

Novation Supernova
DON'T BUY IT, aliases the worst. weak, thin. ugly.. PASS! Used on Twisted Thought Generator.

Roland MKS-30
Got this synth with the pg200. I dig it, cool swells, nice pads, cool plucked type sounds, same filter as the juno 106, but man, it sounds much different, i think it makes better pads and plucked sounds than the 106, but cannot make fat bass, can squelch decently tho. Put some nice reverb, delay, and even flange and phase fx on this pup, and whoa, blows the shit out of most modern synths for pads etc.. Great for a cheap rack synth that is midi. very cool, and you can edit without the pg200, but its annoying.. very cool.. Used on Twisted Thought Generator.

Roland JD-990
Wicked. Man just picked this one up for dirt cheap with a vintage synth expansion board. amazing, blows the jv's out of the water, so clear, so warm. and the price has fallen. great digital for pads and strings and ambience, amazing. Much better than the jd-800. Used on Dial8 single.

Roland SH101
Agressive resonance, cool for acid. I prefer the sh09. makes wicked 909 and 808 like kicks and percussive sounds. Used on Twisted Thought Generator.

Roland SH09
Great for leads and bass. much warmer and smoother than the sh 101. Snappy envs, great bass shape. Can be fat as hell. it is one of my favorite mono synths. makes wicked 909 and 808 like kicks and percussive sounds. Pure analog! Used on Twisted Thought Generator. you can tell the cure used this and the sh2 on the old faith and seventeen second records.

Yamaha FS1R
Amazing. Don't let the presets fool you. You can make this thing moog like. I got a killer moog lead out of it by fooling around with it. Filters are way cool for a digital, and man the FX are top notch, throw distortion on, boom, industrial, throw delays, phaser, boom techno. the S**T!!!! now for 400 bucks, if you by roland jv/xp, or any rompler, kick yourself. Buy 2 of these and get the poly you need, they are versatile, get a mono synth (analog, sampler, 2 of these, and you can write amazing tracks. Not gear for dumb preset people. Learn to program sounds. Yamaha did us all a favor.. Used on Fun With Knives and Twisted Thought Generator.

Korg Trinity
The touch screen makes editing your sounds and effects a breeze. I use this synth in its SEQ mode for use with cubase. In My opinion, I think Korg knows how to make the best workstations on the market. The stock sounds are typical. This keyboard was designed for many different uses. The combi mode is impressive, very powerful sound layering can be set up here. I have never once used it in combi mode, but now that I have much more gear I am considering it. I use it in SEQ mode. I do edit sounds a lot on this thing. The filters are great, even though this is a pcm digital playback system, the filters can make it sound good. The efx are where this board really stands out against other workstations in this class. 8 insert, and 2 master. they can be routed anyway, on any sounds. But it uses a block system for its effects. the more blocks for the effect you choose the more powerful the effect. 4 block phaser is amazing, but a 2 block will suffice. Phaser, Doppler, Amp Sim, Overdrive, & all kinds of delays are just a few i really love. There are many more effects than the ones i just listed.

People have told me that this synth is far to pretty sounding to make industrial music with, but i just laugh, because if you play with the filters and effects you can make this synth growl like no other. It does have a very bright sound to it over all. Nice High end and decent low end. The Trinity I own has the Phrophecy built in to it. And this mono (moss) analog modeling synth is a decent for sweeps, sound effects, and bass sounds. It also can make guitar and wind instrument sounds very well. There is a Z1 add in, but doesn't sound as good as the prophecy.

The stock sounds range from techno, jazz, country, trance. It has some nice vocal synth sounds, some nice guitar sounds, some bass synth sounds, killer string sounds, & tons of ethnic & ethereal sounds. Nice sound effects as well. It is a great workstation. But one thing I must note is that the poly is 32(pcm) 1(moss). This combined with its 2 outs(effects) and 2 sub outs (no effects) makes it limited. But professional music composition requires many synths. I only run 5 to 6 sounds at once out of it. If you run anything more out of it, it gets hard to eq and ends up sounding muddy. Buy some 3rd party PCG sounds! The dance one from korg is great! Or edit the hell out of the stock sounds! you can get some killer sounds out of this synth! Used on Calling ov the Dead and Fun With Knives.

Roland XP-50
To me, the xp50 is a JD-800 without all the knobs. Complex sound layering system, and a huge library of sounds to choose from are what make this and its sister (xp-60, xp-80, jv-1080, jv-2080) boards/modules so attractive. I do not like roland sample play back a whole lot, but the filters and the ability to customize and layer 4 sounds on top of each other really makes me like this synth. I find the effects to be a bit weak but useable. This in no way compares to the trinity. The trinity is a much better workstation. But this board has much more 3rd party sounds to choose from. Stock there are 4 banks 3 kool ones and a general midi. I find that there are a lot of sounds to choose from just stock. It has some analog sounds, but they sound way to digital and the filter helps but I would never pump bass sounds out of this thing. But for strings and acoustic type sounds it is really great. It does have some nice sweeps and sound effects that would fit in techno, industrial or ambient really well.

I find that if I pump more than 3 sounds out of this at once it sounds way to muddy so I never go above that at once. This synth also sounds bright. But I think the Trinity has it beats hands down sound wise. If you want to get a synth to start on I recommend the trinity, but if you pair the xp50 with with other synths it works great. Buy some of the add in sound cards, this makes it useable. Otherwise its just a decent sound module. Only having 1 midi drum track is a bummer. The trinity has way more drum power. But if you buy the techno or hip hop cards, the drum limitation disappears a bit. The poly is 64, but I find to make any sound sound good you must use 4 voices layered in 1 sound which kills your poly. Used on Fun With Knives.

Acess Virus A
It has its own sound. It sounds new and fresh (way over used now). The built in effects are good as well. Delay, Chorus. Each of the 3 oSC Can do many wonderful things, TONS of WAVE shapes! No ring mod, but it doesn't matter! It can make ring mod like sounds! Some of the stereo osc fx are amazing. Each of the 3 osc can pan in stereo making wicked atmospheres. Does Bass, sound effects, Leads very very very well. Its 6 filter poles 36db slope allows you to make some of the most radical sound fx! 12 voice poly and 16 timbers/midi channels! The arpeggiator is a bit on the weak side, not to versatile. BUT I NEVER USE ARPEGGIATORS! so it does not matter to me. There is a little noise, but not much. You can assign the lfos to just about anything! It beats the competition there!

The strings are a little weak for me, but i used this thing for bass, sound fx, sweeps, and leads! This things is very easy to use. The multi mode is killer! so many knobs, so easy to edit! But I warn you, this thing cannot make real world sounds, if you want that go buy a trinity or a sampler.! This is a synth with awesome low end and killer high end!. Tons of banks/sounds, and plenty of storage! One thing I don't like is the portamento, it is not as quick and tight as the jp-8080. We used this synth on Fun With Knives and Twisted Thought Generator. We sold it because everyone over uses it.

Roland JP-8080
Great jx emulation! This is a analog modeling synth. Its all digital. The 8080 is the rack version of the jp8000, but it has a cool voice modulator + mic input in front!! You get 2 more voices of poly than the jp8000 but if you use the voice modulator you only get 8. This thing also has some new effects the jp8000 did not have like distortion. It has Delay and Chorus like the jp8000 as well. 2 inputs so you can filter external sounds! Awesome! Great for vocals, digital synths, & guitars! 2 main outputs.

The strings are wicked! I like this one the most for analog like pads and string! Not to mention you can make some pretty bizarre sounds with it but the virus is a tad better for that. I think this thing emulates those old roland sounds better than any of the virtuals that try. Super Saw sounds are really kool! I've only had this one for a little while now and I love it dearly! This module is a bit tricky though, the keyboard in and midi in thing confused me for a while. If you use it from a sequencer you can not use the arpeggiator. But again! I don't use that so i don't care. This thing will be killer for live shows! All those knobs on the front make it so easy to tweak/create your sounds! This thing also has the best Portamento implementation on the market, tight and responsive. Tons of sound banks and plenty of space to store your performances and sounds.

The only things I found wrong with the jp-8080 is that it only has 2 timbers :( meaning 2 midi channels and 2 different sounds at once. Roland is very stupid for limiting it like that! It also limits what the LFOs can be assigned to virus wins there again. So I gave the jp-8080 a lower score than the virus which kicks this thing's ass in that area. But the jp-8080 is very quiet! no noise! It beats the Virus there.

Yamaha AN1X
NICE! Great ambient sounds, killer strings that sound dx7ish, Good bass that has a very unique sound! Bass is not as good as virus or jp-8080. I do like the high end sounds a lot! Great for arpegiating! Great arpeggiator (who cares)! This has good brass and analog horn sounds which i never use but they are good. 2 timbers, good built in effects! This is a very versatile synth. It does not excel at anything really, but it does what it does very well. Bell type sounds, soft synths, basses! RAVE, Techno, Trance! its good.

Good midi implementation! easy to use, fast to set up. Nice keyboard with cool ribbon controller. Bummer, you only get 128 sound patches. Which is irritating, but not that bad since you can save to all of them. I like this synth a lot, but not as much as the virus or the jp-8080. You can't go wrong with this though, if you need an analog punch! get it! Its the least expensive of the boards! This synth was used on Twisted Thought Generator.

Clavia Nord Lead
Hmmm. This was the first Virtual Analog I ever bought. I love this thing, but it has some irritating limitations! It sounds like a Prophet 5. Very crunchy and great high pass filter! But the bottom end is weak. You cannot get phat bass out of this thing unless you run it through a pre amp and even then it cannot touch the virus or the jp-8080. I do like the lead sounds a lot, and it makes some really cool wacky sounds as well. The bass is weak but better than sampled bass or xp-50 bass. This also suffers like the JP-8080 in what you can assign the lfos to. What I really hate about this unit is that the knobs even though there are tons of them do not send midi information, so you cannot records knob movements like you can with the virus, an1x, & jp-8080.

The sounds are kind of weak unless you tweak them. WEAK ARPEGGIATOR! You can make this thing scream and do very cool analog sounding things. Portamento is okay, but not as good as the jp-8080. I find that the high pass filter on this is the best of the bunch! The crunchy sound is good, but i think the virus is a bit better at that as well. 2 outputs and no inputs :( I think i like this unit more than the Pulse Plus, but not as much as the virus, an1x, jp-8080.

It does beat the jp-8080 in the timber department, you can have 4 sounds at once and i had my board expanded to 12 voices + the drum kits (drum sounds are good). You can only save 40 sounds which is a bummer! It is not a bad virtual analog, but I like the virus, jp-8080 a lot more because they are a lot more versatile. All the sounds on the nord start to sound the same after a while. This makes it limited big time. The Nord Lead 2 has 4 outputs, but mine is fully expanded so that is the only difference between my nord and the nord 2. This synth was used on Calling ov the Dead and Fun With Knives.

Waldorf Pulse +
Over all I was not impressed. It is great at what it does. Tight bass that is aggro. Bad midi timing problems unless you get the new OS. Only 6 knobs, you have to page through all these menus just to edit things :(. THIS IS A REAL ANALOG. No emulation. It is phat for a newer synth! Warm. It does bass great, and weird noises as well. Good for leads and bass. This synth was used on Fun With Knives.

Waldorf Microwave 2
Digital. Its a digital synth with a warm sound. I recommend buying a workstation and getting a pre amp! PAGING PAGING PAGING on that small screen with no sliders and 4 knobs. I found it annoying to operate. Good midi implementation, 8 timbers. The sounds are decent, some very good. Built in effects are weak, 4 outputs! I bought a dedicated effects unit for this thing and it made it sounds 100 times better. You can assign lfos to anything which is very cool if you can find the page to edit it. Cool sweeps, good vocal synth sounds. great filter! If you can find one cheap, i think it is cool to have. The XT is just a microwave 2 with lots of knobs! But really, This was used on Fun With Knives.

Ensoniq ASR-X
Kick ass little portable drum machine/sampler/synth! For the money there is no better sampler on the market. 32 mono voices 16 stereo voices. I expanded mine to its fullest, scsi with zip drive, 34 megs of ram, & 8 outputs. The rom sounds are okay, some decent drum kits. A couple okay bass sounds. This has a resonance filter unlike the 10 which had none. If you put a scsi cd-rom drive on it and buy a few akai cd roms this thing is a beast!

LAME SMALL SCREEN, no keypad or sliders, just 2 knobs and a lot of buttons (UUUUUHG MORE LAME PAGING). It is easy to set up and use via midi! I like it for that, but sample editing is awful. Slow disk access! zip is tolerable though. For the price, you cannot beat its power. The built in effects are amazing! the resampling is killer, its easy to make your own drum loops and bass loops and do weird effects and changes that way. But it is definitely not as good as the e6400 or new akai samplers! The lack of a keypad and sliders, the small screen, and the session saving editing shit with Pcs makes this thing a bit of a pain in the ass to work with. But if you want a portable drum machine/sampler/resampler with a decent sequencer for live shows, it is kick ass. We used this thing on Calling ov the Dead and Fun With Knives.

EMU E-6400
Some of the best filters on a sampler ever! POWERFUL! built in 8 +4db outputs! It came with cd roms.(scsi port is built in) So I went and got a scsi cd rom drive, and bought a syquest 1.5gig removable cart drive. Loaded up the demos and I was blown away by the quality! FOLX, these sounds kick workstations in the ass! You can listen to your sounds before you load them into memory straight off of the cdrom or hard disk/zip disk. You can save and load while the sampler is playing sounds. It re-samples like the asr-x. Decent built in effects (you have to add it in yourself). 64 mono voices, 32 stereo voice. Expandable to 128 voices mono, 64 voices stereo. Expandable to 32 tracks/midi channels as well. Expandable to E-synth. Buy Orbit/planet phat roms and have those sound modules inside! Expandable to 128 megs of ram. I got 72 in it! You can synthisize your samples! Its amazing, you can make some of the weirdest sounding shit! totally cool. Editing samples is so easy, you don't need to use a PC! it is powerful and the screen is big enough to show you the wave! COOL COOL. It kind of stinks because the PC cannot read CD Roms or Hard disks/removable hard disks. But who cares, because there is no need to. you can do everything with the sampler! Assigning sounds to a your keyboard layout is very easy and graphical!

If you get a scsi cd rom drive, you can get any sound in the world for your e6400! I like these much more than the akai samplers! Easier to use and they sounds better! Much cleaner sound. Can read Roland and Akai CD ROMS!IT has a keypad, and is easy to navigate! kool rotation knob that edits values! envs are not that great for percussion sounds, so i recommend the akai samplers for drum over the emu. we used this on fun with knives, and twisted thought generator.

Roland JD-800
Digital Digital Digital. I never really liked roland sample play back! PCM. But all the knobs! you could get some nice sounds out of it, but man, you must run it through a pre amp to make it sound warm and nice. To bright for my tastes. The presets are pretty bad considering it costed so much damn money back in 1993. The Combi mode was the best. Its multimode was weak! The sounds were to thin and had barely any dynamics to them in multi mode. There were some okay sounding strings, but the bass was gross. I used it for a couple of bass and string sounds here and there but they sounded weak next to the Juno 106. I all ways preferred the korg wavestations and m1 over this over priced garbage that sounded digital but wanted so bad to be an analog but failed horridly at it. We used this on pestilence, neural, calling ov the dead.

Ensoniq ASR-10
24 voices mono, 12 voices stereo in 44.1khz. 8 timbers, easy to assign sounds, no resonance filter, and the filters were really weak. Noisey, good built in effects. Very good for drum sampler, warms up anything put into it, this is simply one of the best sounding samplers ever made. Had it's own sound, warm in a way..

Roland mks-50
Hmmm. For the time, around 1993, it was a great piece of gear. It is a older rack module from the 80s. Basically it is a Alpha Juno-1 in a rack. It was hard to edit the sounds, tons of paging. It sounded very plastic, defiantly not as good as the juno 106 and the juno 60s. If you run one through a old distortion or a Quadraverb you could get it to sound great. It had a lot of bad preset sounds in it, you had to edit to make anything sound good. It did have some decent string sounds though and the portamento was tight and nice. the buzzy techno and the "Raver hoover" sounds are great for techno. run it through fx and this thing rips. This synth was heavily used during fate, pest, neural, cotd.

Roland Juno 106
WOW. This synth taught me how to use analog synths. I love this thing. It was very useful for strings, sound effects, bass sounds, and it was the bomb for synth leads. These things seem to break after a while, and that is annoying because then you have to order parts from roland and fix it yourself unless you wanted to spend a ton of money and have a roland dealer to do it for you. They do not come out of tune thanks to the DCOs which also crippled its sound a little bit because it was not totally analog. Digital Oscillators! But it had analog Filters! Great old gear that is very affordable. 6 note poly too! 1 timber :(. but it responds to prg changes via midi. Run it through an effects processor and it is amazing! This synth has been used for most all the vac releases.

Peavy DPM3
I liked this digital synth much more than the JD-800. It really could do a lot of nice things. editing sounds was a bit hard, but the built in effects were nice! It had Weak drum sounds, but there were a few bass sounds that were usable. This thing had wicked strings if you phased them and threw reverb and delay on em! It would just create a killer ambient sound that could stab you in your guts! We had the sampler option, it worked okay, but it was not replacement for a sampler. The sampler was an add on box that had midi like connections, you would sample into the box and then dump it into the DPM3. It was neat, because you could do some weird filtering type stuff on the samples. A very versatile keyboard indeed. But I do not recommend using it alone. Gary and i used this mostly in 1993-94 on the weird vortex stuff.

Roland W-30 Sampler workstation.
We never used this on our CDs that came out. We did use it on some really old demo material! It was okay for its day, but the emax killed it hands down. It was affordable. But 12 voices 32khz 12 bit. Has an agressive sound to it that gear today cannot create. Very cool if you like old gear. Interface is ok, but storage is a pain. This was a our main synth when it was grig and i in 1992.

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