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The time line is where i to the best of my recollection account for a lot of the major developments and events through out the history of the project knows as Velvet Acid Christ.


VAC goes Retro. Between The Eyes Vol 1 is released. Filling in the cracks for the volumes to come.

Bryan works on East, Pretty Toy, Dead Tomorrow, Convex, Introvert, and Exit. Bryan works with paul on Crawl. Bryan works with bonnie and ben on Misery, Eva. Drake of angels in bondage offers a track for the pretty toy single. Bryan discovers raw veganism and renews his commitment to animal rights. He also became straight edge. Hex Angel and Pretty Toy are released. Bryan hooks up with shawn gaddy (guy who did art for vac t-shirts) for complex album art and concept.

Bryan restarts vac after feeling better. Bryan slowly produces Haunted, Collapsed, Hypoxia, for the upcoming HEX ANGEL cd. Bryan is very physically active, working out. Thorsten hooks up with dependent records, bryan goes back to dependent in europe.

VAC is in lala land, uncertain was the future of the project. The drug abuse (smoking, ecstasy, weed, alcohol), and bad diet (vegan junk food) finally catches up. Bryan quits VAC and goes on a quest to cure himself of his failing health to find the solution to a failing vegan diet. Detoxing was hell. .

Bryan works on Velvet Pill, Dial8, Mindphlux, Lysergia, Hypersphere. Chris re enters, bryan and chris work on asphixia, dilaudid, crypulse. Chris bails on all tours, and tells bryan he wants nothing to do with vac (born again christian), also told bryan to take his name off the credits. Bryan, Steve, and Thorsten set out on the failed european walking on razors 2k tour with stromkern and project x . VAC plays the bankrupt wave gothic fest for free to make all the people who got ripped off happy. Bryan comes home broke. Bryan hooks up with paul and they work on lysergia, and lyrics for dilaudid. Bryan and abby work on vocals for dilaudid. Bryan puts the finishing touches (rushed) on TTG. In fall goes back to europe with dan, they play all the big festivals including doomsday in place of the legendary pink dots. Bryan Comes home broke. Conflicts up to and after euro 2k tour leads bryan to leave dependent records. Bryan, Thorsten, and Paul head out on a US tour in the freezing winter months, bryan was sick for almost the entire tour. All tours were financial failures. Twisted Thought Generator is released as is the dial8 single. Bryan is exhausted after a big year in touring, he abused himself to the extreme, and spent most of this year being very ill and had 0 money to show for it.

Bryan works on fun with drugs ep: Fun With Drugs, Apflux. Bryan and chris work on decypher, the dark inside me, icon, slut. chris leaves. Bryan completes the remix wars with funker vogt. Bryan, josh , and lisa work on caught and psycho. Josh and lisa leave. Bryan sends slut and dark inside me to luxt, luxt does vocals to both tracks yielding the dark inside her. The fun in Bryan's life is gone, the downward spiral begins. Bryan completes remixes for decypher/fun with drugs single and it's released. All becomes VAC, depression and drug abuse ensues. A back injury keeps bryan from touring and supporting fun with knives... Fun with Knives is released. Bryan begins work on ttg with Never Worship.

Bryan begins production on fun with knives. Bryan works on there is no god, speedball od, fun with knives, futile 98, whtswhtk98, Bryan works on live material. The first vac tour ever. Bryan hooks up with thorsten stroht (formerly of klinik and the eternal eflict), and ingo bitez (of kalte farben). They tour europe with suicide commando.. Bryan meets Marco, the man who took Bryan's anal virginity. Calling ov the Dead comes out in the USA via pendragon records. Neuralblastoma LTD is released (church of acid part 2) pendragon refused to release this cd due to the guitars so metropolis jumped on it, thus began the relationship with metropolis records..

Gary leaves vac. The Hand single is released via ofiles 2. Bryan finishes calling of the dead. Dan, bryan's current gf, his friend mike all lend bryan money, about 30 thousand dollars in all. Dan pays bills on loans for bryan (bryan finally paid off all loans, but still owes dan a bit, this is were most of the vac money went up till ttg, paying off loans). Bryan works on malfunction, bsat2, zix zix zix, and reproduces the dead. chris comes back. Bryan and chris work on pray for life, they reproduce the calling.

VAC stagnates then breaks up, and bryan goes on his own to find gear and continue the project. gary left to persue solo projects. This was the year VAC got signed. VAC was broken up but bryan was still handing out fate, pest, neural to people, and it paid off big time. Bryan gave bill leeb the cds on the hard wired tour. Bill gave them to thorsten stroht who was on the tour doing media promotions for front line assembly. Only an email address was on the cd, off beat records did not have email. Thorsten made friends in denver. They contacted them via phone. A girl named jamie told bryan that a label wanted to sign VAC, she gave him a phone number. Bryan was very skeptical. Bryan tried to contact them for 2 weeks with no luck, but on the very last try, a german voice says something. Bryan explains who he is. history is made. Bryan talks to gary and chris, they both show interest. Church of acid is made a compilation from the best songs from fate, pest, neural with 2 new tracks, the futile nazi bastard mix (bryan and gary), and disflux.

Bryan and gary produce calling ov the dead beta. Bryan works on the dead, and over. Bryan and chris work on so much. Bryan and gary work on exquisite stench, the hopeless, the hand, the calling, timeless visions, decay, the dead part 2 (phucking phreak), Bryan, gary, and chris work on disflux, and murder the world. This gets rejected by off beat records. fighting ensues. chris leaves.

Pestilence continued Bryan worked on broken mind, melting, cyber communists plotting red revolt. Bryan and chris worked on futile lsd. Bryan, gary, and chris worked on fiction friction, and masked illusion...... and again, we made tapes and gave them to friends. people were still impressed. we worked even harder..

Enter Neuralblastoma. This time VAC sets out to make a hard record that sounds insane. mission accomplished. Bryan works on sex disease, repulsive, Intussusception, Vaginismus, Suicide picnic. Bryan and Gary work on lets kill all these mother fuckers, she bleeds red, and cyclone chamber. Bryan and Chris work on thought criminal, planck's constant, revolution 101. Bryan, gary, and chris worked on plasmodium. made more tapes, people were still very impressed.

The thing to note about this production period, is that there was one studio, and everyone had to share gear, this means everyone was rushing all the time, the mixer settings could not be changed, so one song at a time had to be completed, this meant people rushing and pressuring each other. It was chaos. Most all the vocal takes were only done once (one takes). No lyrics were pre written, it is all improv, and it shows now and then. but pretty impressive for it all being improv. Bryan still to this day still improvs 70% of his lyrics. Picks up the mic and just goes nuts. Dan also helped gather sampling material for vac.

Enter Steve, and the conception of electric death trip records. Bryan, Steve, and Dan start EDT records. Steve buys a very expensive cd burner at the time. Bryan buys a very expensive printer, and dan does most of the artwork, gary and bryan help with art as well. Tons of cds are made by hand, Bryan sells cds at local stores. they sold decently. Tapes were made as well and sold..(edt records went belly up, bryan got to carried away with vac to focus on it and no one else stepped up.)..EDT records also helped with culture shock magazine (1997) and made the compilations.. Edt also did web design (1997), dan and bryan doing a lot and doing the official off beat site.

Bryan and gary were still doing bizarre techno-trance stuff they refer to as vortex, but this name was taken. so bryan just classified it all as vac.

Chris comes back and bryan decided to do a goth album in response to a bad break up with his gf, enter Fate. Bryan works on dark lights, mental depression, we have to see we have to know, serial killer 101, descent to darkness, i'm gunna wrap myself in your intestines. Bryan and Gary worked on hell one, hell two, falling snow, hail to dead souls. Bryan and chris worked on killing me (bryan actually cries while singing this song, real and obvious), and rain for 27 days. Bryan, chris, and gary worked on pain. During Fate, a new work mode was used, tons of coffee, tons of chain smoking and little food. Tapes were made and given out to all of our friends. people were very impressed. this inspired all of us to go crazy. this is where you see all the cure and legendary pink dots comparisons.

Enter pestilence. VAC sets out to do a dance friendly cd. Bryan works on sadder still. Bryan and Gary worked on satan complex #42, dead flesh, hallucinagene, glorify satan and suicide. Bryan and chris worked on fuck you bitch, and fade away.

Gary and bryan make amends and start making music together full bore. This is were both get heavily into idm and stuff like the aphex twin. Gary buys real gear, bryan supplies mixer and fx. Gary keeps buying gear, bryan teaches gary how to set up gear. The music of this period is trance, and strange weird electronic music. rarely vocals appear. This project was called vortex. it evolved back into what grig and bryan started: vac. About 5 90 minute tapes were made during this period. I would say that 50% of it was listenable. but many amazing tracks were conceived. Vortex was like a more serious toxic coma. we were making music for our trips. competing.

Bryan and grig created about 3 90 minute tapes full of music in the span of 1 year and a half. Chris (guitarist), a friend from bryan's school entered in towards the end of this period. This music is rough, but a few of the tracks were good, most was crap about 20% was worth listening to. it was the beginning. Bryan, grig and dan lived in one place. so it was acid land, all people being creative and doing drugs.

Gary moved into bryan's house. Gary met bryan from pirating atari st wares (1988), as did steve (1988) and dan (1988). Bryan and chris invented toxic coma on accident (1990), playing around with trackers on the amiga and atari st. Gary started in on this as well. Large amounts of lsd were ingested at this time by all in this group. the idea of toxic coma was to make music that would drive you insane on drugs, we all would do it, and try to make stuff that would make us laugh to no end. Gary became king shit of toxic coma, making the funniest shit ever. Toxic coma was all of us sharpening our teeth for vac. We all competed to make the funniest shit, and every weekend would get together and take drugs and listen to our sick inventions with the lights off, and a head full of lsd. This was the original "church of acid". We worshiped our bad tracker music on lsd.

Gary accidentally spilled orange juice and vodka on grig's roland w-30 sampler, and it made half the buttons not work. Grig gets busted for breaking into people's houses, and stealing cars. bye bye gear, bye bye grig (forever, he became a meth head, eeeww). Gary moves out on bad terms. chris leaves.

Everyone focuses on toxic coma.

Bryan gets busted for credit card and phone fraud. Gary gets busted as well. They don't rat on each other. both think their lives are over, and plunge head first into drugs and alcohol abuse (police promised to arrest bryan, and never did, it got thrown out of court-mis spelled name), Gary gets punished hard with fines. Gary is only a friend to bryan at this stage, and not a musician. Bryan gets a job at a club (club la), and gets interested in music. Steve introduces bryan to a guy named pete, who then introduces bryan to a guy named grig. Bryan ended up working with pete and grig on a band that had no idea what it was. they started by doing some covers. Bryan and grig tired of this, left, and created cyber christ. Bryan sees the lawnmower man, rejects the name cyber christ, takes a lot of lsd, and has a vision about what the band should be, it was prophetic. Velvet (goth girls, velvet dresses, soft, beauty), Acid (lsd, trippy, weird, psychedelic, corrosive, destructive), Christ (betrayal, religion, self sacrifice, lies, oppression). This would spawn the sound to this day. Bryan and grig slowly acquire gear, and learn how to hook it up, sample and do things. Bryan was a guitarist who worked with his cousins on a band before (0 pop). Bryan also was a vocalist.


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