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Miranda Installer

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22/11/2003 20:34:05
Date added02/02/2003 23:39:43
LicenseOpen Source - GPL
Source codeNone Available

Miranda Installer allows you to install Miranda nightlies and addons (Plugins, LangPacks, Icons, Skins etc.). MirInst is mostly useful for downloading a bunch of plugins and other addons, and installing them all at once using MirInst.

To complete the experience, have a look at PluginUninstaller (http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=969) it allows you to uninstall plugins straight from Miranda, check it out.

Latest Change(s) - Full Changelog

- Minor bug fixes.
- Miranda Installer is now translatable! It uses the same translation engine used by Miranda IM, so translating is as easy as translating Miranda and its plugins (Save your translation under langpack.txt in MirInst's directory, and run MirInst). The translation strings are included with the installation.

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