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Carl D. DeMaio
Director of Government redesign

Carl DeMaio is a Senior Fellow at Reason Foundation, providing advice and counsel on government reform in the policy institute division of the foundation. Carl DeMaio has dedicated his career to public service. As a national leader in government reform, Carl is shaping efforts to hold government programs at all levels accountable for delivering tangible results for the taxpayer.

His four principles of reform—performance, transparency, competition and accountability—are the cornerstone of numerous reform efforts underway across the nation. His advice has been sought by elected and career government officials from both political parties, and he has examined the performance and financial management of numerous government programs resulting in recommendations for fundamental reform.

At Reason his work has included authoring the “Transitioning to Governance Report” for President Bush that generated many of the ideas for the President’s Management Agenda. Recently he led a research team that produced the “Citizens’ Budget Plan” for the State of California to balance the state’s $38.2 billion deficit—without resorting to tax increases or draconian cuts in quality of life services.

As an entrepreneur, he founded the Performance Institute—a private think tank that has grown into the nation’s largest government reform think tank and the authority on performance-based management practices in government, law enforcement, non-profits and schools. Committed to putting ideas into action through political change, Carl created the California Government Accountability Council (CGAC) to advocate fundamental reforms in California state government and promote a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights to limit tax and fee increases, control the level of state debt, create a budget “rainy day” fund, and reform the state’s volatile tax system.

Prior to founding the Performance Institute and joining Reason Foundation as a senior fellow, Carl spent five years on Capitol Hill as Director of Planning with the Congressional Institute. In this capacity, he led efforts to improve Congressional oversight, reform the federal budget and appropriations process, and implement federal management statutes. In addition, he oversaw strategic planning initiatives with the House Leadership, Committees, and Members, as well as public policy polling and strategic communications training.

Carl lives in San Diego and is active in a number of local community groups. He holds a degree in International Politics and a Certificate in International Business Diplomacy from the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

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