Independence War ( I-War for short ) is a series of Space-Simulation games set in the future.

Featuring advanced 3D graphics, atmospheric audio, and a realistic flight model, the games feature compelling storylines and innovative game design.

Physics and cunning play a part as you use advanced weapon systems and piloting techniques to defeat your adversaries, and true proficiency can only come from mastering your starship.

The first Independence War game won CGW's coveted 'Space Simulation of the Year' award in 1998. (See Reviews)

Released in the US and Europe in 1999, Independence War Deluxe Edition (Special Edition in Europe) included the original game, plus Independence War "Defiance", a completely new game from the perspective of a rebellious Independent pilot.

Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos, an entirely new game based in the Independence War universe, is on sale now.

Winner of Gamespot's 'Space Simulation of the Year' award in 2001 (See Reviews); it couples innovative gameplay in a free-form universe of 16 star systems, with over 60 storyline missions, the game takes the Independence War series to a new level.

The Independence War series of games are available for PC CD-ROM.


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[16.July.2002] Another new Edge Of Chaos budget version review, this time from PC Zone UK magazine. They've given it 84%!

Here's a quote:

"Consider this your final warning - even if you have only a passing interest in space combat, I-War 2 is an essential purchase, a spacebound epic comparable in many ways to Morrowind"

See all the reviews and awards on our reviews page.


[15.July.2002] Gaming Illustrated have reviewed the budget re-released of Edge of Chaos and awarded it 90%!

Here's a quote from the review:

"...in a long line of attempts to create another Elite, this is the best one I have seen yet and a year after its release is still the benchmark in the space combat/trading genre."

See all the reviews and awards on our reviews page.


[04.February.2002] We're pleased to announce the launch of another new mod for Edge Of Chaos.

The multimod mod enables multiple scripted mods to run simultaneously. You should install and activate this mod if you wish to use any multimod compatible mods.

multimod.zip (9kb)

See the README.TXT in the multimod.zip file for details on how to create multimod compatible mods.


We have created multimod compatible versions of the Location Finder and Manual Countermeasures mods:

location_finder_multimod.zip (22kb)

manual_countermeasures_multimod.zip ( 7kb)

Important: Do not use the original version of Location Finder with multimod. Please use the new multimod compatible version instead.


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