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Due to a database failure(max_connection) the nightly update made pkgsrc database corrupt, this is however fixed now and if
you se broken pkgs please report them.

The work is done and our new software raid is in place :)

We are currently inititaling a raidset, this make the responsetimes of the sites reeeealy slow.
ETA 2.5 hours.

The server was down about two hours today, our isp did som maintence of the powersystem.

We have added a new linkfunction. Now you can use$catetgory&name=$pkgname, eg,
and for the wip section$pkgname, eg, instead of using the default &pkg=$id.
This will be very useful for you if you want to autolink to this site.

Today we splited up WIP-section, from A - Z and 0 - 9. We hope this would be better for you.

The problem regarding the update interval the last few weeks has been solved. The nightly update process should now work as usual.
We hope this won't happen again.

A Forum for has been created today and there you can find a discussing board for Use the link below to check it out.
Note that it is english only!
Discussions about

You can now find PKGSE as a package in the Wip-Section. We thanks iMil for this great news!
You can also check it out on Pkgsrc-wip's cvsweb:

iMil has wrote a useful search -script to, that allow you to get the right location and version
of the package by querying
The script is written in perl and you can check it out here

Today we updated the site, now its totally dynamic and hopefully a nicer-looking page
to navigate on :).
The site has moved to a faster box :).

There are problems with packets that exists in multiple versions, for example KDE. If you search on kde the pkg:
field dont always show the right pkg name(path name), the right is always displays in the "Path:" line on each
packets individual page.

The pkgsrc sections is now fully updated by automatic, before the url table needed a rebuild from time to time
due to the lack of cleanup options.

Fixed a bug concerning the Python packages.

Did some optimization and added index for some of the tables. I hope the you can feel the difference :).

The vuln list is now scheduled for automatic updates, it will be updated every other day.
The script that we use to sort out deleted packets is also in the nightly updating process.(includes wip-section)

A new feature has arrived :). The data from the package audit-packages is imported and displayed for affected pkg.

The information section is updated.

At last the problem with pkgs that no longer exists in pkgsrc is fixed. Before these pkgs remained
in and was seen as under "latest updated" almost every night. But now they will be deleted. This also
affects the wip section. The first cleanout resulted in 108 deleted pkgs from pkgsrc and over 130 from pkgsrc/wip.

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