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For those of you who don't know, MOP is an acronym for Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program, which, as you might imagine, is a summer program dealing with training people for mathematical olympiads. ("Mathematical olympiad" is a generic term for a competition in which competitors (usually high school students) are asked to solve pre-calculus mathematical problems in a fixed period of time, with complete solutions (not merely numerical answers) given to each problem.) In particular, MOP trains the members of the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad, as well as students who harbor the irrational, unrealistic hope of being selected for the team in future years. For more information about MOP than you ever wanted to know, click here.

Documents marked with an asterisk are at other sites. Documents marked with a caret contain enough inside jokes that you will probably not be able to understand them if you did not attend MOP in the relevant years. Documents marked with an exclamation point are completely incomprehensible to non-math types.

If you have a piece of MOP literature not currently here, or if you disagree with my designations of what should be incomprehensible to whom, or if you've proved the Riemann Hypothesis, or if you have some complaint or other comment, or if the links don't work, or if you are a freelance science writer composing an article about the IMO, please e-mail Michael Freiman, who is quite bored and would no doubt love to hear your opinions on this page. (If you have something deep and mathematical to write, Michael is not the one to contact; you might try Jacob the Lurie instead.) Though there is an emphasis on mid- to late-1990s MOP literature in the documents currently posted here, MOP literature from any year is welcome. No item is too stupid to be included.

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