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(a) to encourage a Christian discipleship which is theologically responsible, biblically grounded, historically informed, and respectful of others’ faith;

(b) to provide a community service 

Publications include lectionary themes, personal insights into life and faith, guides for Christian home fellowship group meetings,  and the results of my research into the meaning and origin of place names of South East Queensland.

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Where does the name Piula come from?

Piula is the Samoan form of Beulah meaning Married in Isaiah 62:4. There it is part of a passage in which the prophet promises that God will bring recovery to a devastated Jerusalem. The city is likened to an abused wife, but, he says, better times are ahead. She will yet come to know what it is to be happily married. The picture is one of restoration, of new life, and of deliverance.

For a period of some years, earlier in our lives, Ruth and I were part of the Piula Theological College in Western Samoa, where I served as Principal. This gives the personal reason for choosing the publishing name.


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