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First Lesbians in Space

Die Raumstation

Subtil, sehr subtil - böse Zungen würden sagen: versteckt - war die Lovestory zwischen Commander Susan Ivanova (Claudia Christian) und Telepathin Talia Winters (Andrea Thompson) in der Kult-SF-Serie Babylon 5.

Subtle, very subtle...some people would say hidden...
was the love story between Babylon 5's
Commander Susan Ivanova (Claudia Christian)
and telepath Talia Winters (Andrea Thompson).

Hier zunächst mal zwei meiner Lieblingszitate der Figur Susan Ivanova zum Anhören (wav-Format):

Two of my favorite Susan Ivanova quotes
(click to hear wav files):

"Babylon 5 Mantra: Ivanova Is God..."
"I think I...loved Talia."


Starlog, Dec. 1994:

Andrea Thompson: "Once I started thinking about it, the more I thought it could be really, really interesting if they actually explored it as though two women are in love, instead of doing it gratuitously. Would they do it with some dignity and make it real, or would it just be kind of sensationalistic? It doesn't bother me at all and I would happily do a love story. Those relationships certainly should be recognised, and it's ridiculous that we're still dickering around with the issue."

Starburst May 1995:

Thompson: "I think with Pat (Patricia Tallman, who played the first telepath on B 5, Lyta Alexander), they actually planned for her character to be gay, so when I started on the show, the cast was all sitting around talking, and somebody said 'Oh, by the way, did you know your character was gay?' I said really, that's news to me, so when Joe was next on set, I said 'Joe, I hear I'm gay'. he said, 'No, actually you're going to be bisexual' (...). I have no problem with it. I don't look on homosexuality as an aberration. It's just they way they're born, and how could any relationship between two people in a commited relationship be wrong, regardless of gender?"

The Book Signs and Portents - Date ?

Thompson: "So they rolled the first take, and I walk out, and I say, 'I'm Talia Winters, licensed commercial psychopath!' Claudia just roared and broke into laughter. The whole crew did, and I had to join them because it was really kind of funny. That really broke the ice, and we went on to shoot the scene. I went on to be very close with Claudia. We spent many afternoons drinking champagne after that."

Begegnung im Zocolo Claudia Christian: "I think it was good in showing [Ivanova's] very tough facade slowly etched away by this person who has such insistence in talking to her. It was one of the nicer moments in Babylon 5, one of the most tender. And it was heavily laced with sexual overtones when we were shooting it because Andrea and I were just joking around so much."

Sci-Fi Universe March 1996:

Christian: "Yeah once again we never get the credit we deserve, they [= Star Trek DS9, Episode 78] weasel out of it because Dax used to be a guy once upon a time. But this storyline started to develop with Talia and Ivanova a long time ago."

Michael J. Straczynski: "We had it growing since the very first episode of the first season. The relationship was about all of that mutual antagonism that really means they're attracted."

Christian: "It didn't pan out quite the way we thought it would, she was leaving the show, so the relationship just had to be developed quickly and it ended quickly. It seems in my mind it was more like a one night stand than two and half years of falling in love with somebody. It was consoildated into a very short period of time, and that's unfortunate."

"Obviously there was something going on between them - anyone who watches the show regulary was anticipating something like that anyway. People were writing in after the very first scene between them. They picked up on their sexuality. I mean, aren't we a bit old for a sleepover? So you can read into it whatever you want, but I like to think I had a great night."

Starlog, April 1996

Thompson: "If you're going to paint this homosexual relationship, let's do it with dignity. Let's not sensationalize it. Let's show the two people involved - when of the same sex or opposite sex or two aliens or whatever - it's all the same thing. I wasn't at all upset at playing someone who is gay. True love is true love."

The Creating of Babylon 5 (Date?):

Episode "Legacies" Thompson: "The way it was written and the way it was done was that we had an affair. I figured that if it had been a man there wouldn't have been a problem with playing a big kiss but they didn't want to do it with a woman."

"There was a sexual relationship between Talia and Commander Ivanova. It was edited so that it was not blatant. But that was exactly what happened. It had been talked about from the very beginning."

TV Zone Nov. 1996:

Christian: "I was the first lesbian in space - OK!"

"I think the most telling incident is when she looks for me in the bed and that's when you can tell that they slept together."

Christian: "We were both willing to kiss. We were both completely into it."

Thompson: "So I went to Joe and I said 'so am I gay or what?' He said, 'No actually your bisexual.' So I said, 'Great, now what are we going to do with this?' Originally he had said there would be this romance between Ivanova and Talia, so we were having a lot of fun with that."

SFX July 1997:

Christian: "I think that it was handled very tastefully on B5, but I think that if Andrea Thompson had not left, we would have definitely explored the relationship further. That was the intention, but because she wanted to get out, we had to wrap it up quickly. So it wasn't very fullfilling for the audience or for us."

"They [lesbians] really like me, don't they? Well, I'm happy to be their poster child. Any fan's a good fan and the girls are terrific. I usually play up to them because I think its fun and it's flattering. It's harmless and if it justifies them or makes them feel more viable because they've got somebody on television speaking for them then that's great. I'm happy to be the one."

"What I like though, is that Joe just puts it in. He doesn't make a fuss. Homosexuality's been part of our society since the beginning of time and we should stop making such a big deal out of it. It's ridiculous. Anybody who's homophobic has gotta look at their own life and ask why are they spending so much time on a group of people. If they don't like it, ignore it. I mean, there are people beating their children every day, there's wife abuse and God knows what, Who cares what two consenting adults are doing? What's worse is that they think what two consenting adults is doing is any of their damn business."


Dreamwatch July 1997:

Christian: "Andrea left the show. I think if she had stayed, they would have pursued the relationship (...) There was no way to fit it all in and be respectful of it, and not exploit it, yet still make kind of a point that there was something going on.(...) Andrea and I had discussed it and we had both felt comfortable in having a lesbian relationship and exploring it, and Joe seemed to be going for it, and then she left the show, it was unfortunate.

I told Joe I wanted either an alien or a woman, because I didn't want to have a 'boyfriend of the week'. (...) I figured it would be nice to have something different. I had the woman briefly, but she betrayed me and broke my heart....so I haven't had any action in the past four years, I had one brief thing, if anything even happened, with Andrea and that was it. Ivanova's probably climbing the walls with frustration: I would be after four years!"

The Official Babylon 5 Magazine Dec. 1997:

Christian: "I'll be quite honest, I was like the lesbian poster child; I got a lot of people writing to me from the armed forces and so forth, who loved the fact that they thought I was going to be gay. I'm not gay in real life, and I don't think I'm gay on the show, but I definitely think she had some kind of thing with Talia. I think a lot of gay women were hoping for that, and I didn't want to disappoint them; I thought it would be fun.

As I've said, Andrea is a babe; I would have done it! When you saw us on the set, during the bar scene and stuff, we were kissing each other and fooling around, and they were saying, 'wow!' because we were messing around in a sexual spirit.

Then Andrea left the show, so that's why it never came to fruition. The only reason it didn't go further is because we had to get rid of the character because Andrea wanted to leave. It could have been a long relationship."

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