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HIPAA required changes to the FMMIS that are among the most significant changes ever made by the Florida Medicaid Program. In order to ensure that the changes do not disrupt smooth processing of claims and, consequently, payments to providers, Florida Medicaid is able to process claims submitted using the HIPAA standard formats as well as claims submitted using the claim formats used by Medicaid prior to HIPAA implementation in October. Florida Medicaid will also provide remittance vouchers in both the X12 formats and the former electronic and paper remittance voucher formats.

However, providers must continue to make every effort possible to convert their electronic claim submission to HIPAA compliant transactions. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has not announced a deadline for states who allow for both formats, but the dual capability for electronic claims will not continue indefinitely. Providers are encouraged to contact ACS State Healthcare regarding testing for HIPAA transactions as soon as possible to avoid future claim payment delays.

Follow this link to find answers to Frequently Asked Implementation Questions.

The Advance Handbook Updates and contingency letters are posted for your reference. Please carefully read the information in the advance handbook publication and the contingency letters. The information is vital for Medicaid providers to be able to appropriately bill the Medicaid program for services rendered to eligible recipients.