Old-Time Fiddlers Hall of Fame

The Old-Time Fiddler's Hall of Fame is a selected list of influential Old-Time Fiddlers. I am in the process of redesigning this section, so watch for lots more fiddlers in the near future.

Most pages include MP3 recordings. You'll need an MP3 Player like Sonique (Windows) or Audion (Mac) to listen to these files. In the interest of quick downloading, I have kept most of the sound files under 1 megabyte. The size of each file is listed so you can decide if you want to take the time to download it.

If you think a fiddler should be included here, please email me. I typically need a photo, biography, recording and discography for each fiddler's page.


Bowman, Charlie

Edmonds, "Uncle" Norm

Haley, Ed

Hammons, Eddon

Jarrell, Thomas Jefferson


Lundy, Emmett W.

Robertson, Alexander "Eck"

Salyer, John Morgan

Smith, Hobart

Stephens, John L. "Bunt"

Stepp, William Hamilton

Blech, Kerry Greene, Bruce