WE are not going to be writing a full-scale biography of Aleister Crowley with this series of articles. Plenty of books and articles exist that can qualify far more, and we would be merely parroting them all. Say it isn't so?

More important to us are certain elements of the revelations he received, from the Cairo revelation at least up to and including the Amalantrah Working. Before that is only useful so far as indicating where he was coming from. Beyond the last part of the American period, well, that is for the tabloid reporters to account for, since what we know of it amounts to a great deal of dissipation.

Except, perhaps, his tenure as an employee of Ian Fleming…. but, then, perhaps he was a made man all along, as some have suggested, and we certainly wouldn't be the first. In that case, it would go back to Zermatt, when he would have been contacted.

Now, for the present work, we are interested in our original thesis (re) this article. That the grid page relates to a map. Why should it just be some abitrary clue to finding some form of English KCQuabballlllaHHHHHHHHH? It makes far more sense as a map, particularly in the light of later revelations. For these see our earlier installments of this article.

Recently we were made aware that these could refer to the temple alignments of the Denderah and Edfu temples in Upper Egypt. This made for us an "X". Well, upon further examination this had to go, and we discovered that the Line on the Grid Page conforms to the Axis of the Denderah Temple. This is not without significance.

Here we read, from Liber AL vel Legis:

"Now, therefore, I am known to ye by my name Nuit, and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me." … AL-I-22. First part.

This is so true. "Ye" meant, according to Crowley's commentaries, everybody but him, but in reality, from what we have been able to gather, the word "YE" also included Crowley, because "HIM" was somebody else, altogether.... Say "YE" otherwise? .

Let's face it. Who is NUIT? NUT, that's who! Who is NUT? Wife of Seb? Yes, according to some legends, but really a form of a much older Goddess of Egypt. That's right, Hathor, aka House of Horus. Lady of the Sycamore Tree, and then some. The one who got so pissed off at the stupid peon humans that she vowed to destroy every last bleeding one of them (would that SHE had)…… only Thoth got her drunk on red beer, and she gave up.

Now,. we all know that Hathor's main center of worship was at Denderah. OF COURSE WE DO. We're all good Egyptologists, and then some, unless someone else comes along that irks us, that is…….

Anyway, bear with us, (pun may or may not be intended, but usually is) - Hathor's Nome was Denderah, and Diospolis Parva. Diospolis Magna, by the way, is the other name for Thebes. So even a minor Diospolis meant something, after all. It wasn't just a bump on a map, like Memphis or Cairo.

Denderah, with an axis in its temple 15 degrees northwest.


Let us now see what happens when we put the grid page over the map of Egypt….

Is this a treasure map?


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Now, We have the line of the grid page somewhat corresponding with the axis of the Temple at Denderah. What of it?

Well, the Circle squared in its Failure points, not to Denderah, but….. to a different area altogether, doesn't it?

Pop quiz in five minutes….

See you next time, 12 October 2003 c.e.

We may be presenting some "Readings" materials in the next segment, so get ready to read!


23 September 2003 c.e.,

Twin Cedars Lodge.

Blessed Equinox!


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