Fundoshi- Japanese Loincloth


Dear ,all who are interested in Fundoshi-Japanese loincloth .

Welcome to my site FUNDOSHI SAMURAI. Thank you very much for your accsess to my web site.

The aim of this site is to make friends who like to put Fundoshi or to share information about Fundoshi. also,this page gives you info about Fundoshi: how Fundoshi is used ,the kinds Fundos its characteristics, and so on. I sincerely hope this page clarifies your questions. This page is divided into two parts :one is the outlines of Fundoshi and the other is the essay I would like to appeal to all forigners. As to the essay, please note it is my personal views or what I always feel. There is no intention of blaming some individuals or offending the persons visiting this site.I sincerely ask you all to understand this point. Please enjoy Fundoshi world ! Thank you.


Hyosuke Akaba (WebMaster)

1.......The types of Fundoshi :

we see three kinds of Fundoshi below : Rokushaku type ,Ettuchu type,and Mokko type.

Rokushaku Fundoshi

Rokushaku is the typical Type of Fundoshi ,so famous that we easily get image if we talk about Fundoshi. Rokushaku ,the name means the length of the cotton choth :about 180cm one Shaku is abut 30cm i. e. six Shaku ( Roku Shaku) 180cm. Being used in oudailylife,sinceancient age ,Japanese men have been using in Japanese men festivals(mainly in naked) like Sanjya Maturi in Tokyo or Hadakamaturi in Saidaiji City, Okayama prefectures .This type is widely used. They tied the cloth around hip & waist in a fixed way. SumoWrestlers wear the Fundoshi usually called Mawashi ,decorated Rokushaku in color, though the cloth is different from that of usual Rokushaku.

Ettuchu Fundoshi

Ettuchu-Fundoshi is easy for anyone to put ,for i t is also the long cloth of which one end is attached with one cotton string. Easliy putting off & easiy putting on. Same it is in width,it is shorter than Rokushaku in length ;about 120 cm -130cm. The word, Ettuchu, is the name of district in Hokuriku area in Japan. It is generally believed that Ettchu-no-kami (the Samuai lord of Ettchu District in Edo Era) made an attempt to prevail this to people, because of its flexible use & reasonable price. The unique characteristic this type has is its flexibility. one can easily tighten or loosen the choth at his will; if he likes to tighten, all he has to do is to strech the choth he sees on his legs. In World War 2nd,Japanese military officially uses this underwear ,for it is not only used for underwear but also is available to the bandage for injury. In real, this type absorbs sweat as well as liquid like blood very well ,also getting out them outside through evaporation.For this reason ,I personally recommend Etthufundoshi as daily use . Pls note Ettchu is also the main theme of this web- site.

The followings are the summary how Ettchu Fundoshi is nice : 1. Easily putting on & putting off 2. Decreasing the temperature of testitis. 3.Increasing the number of spermatozoon thorough the effect of 2. 4.Setting free from the pressure given by chothes-this makes one relaxed. 5.On urgency of injury ,the choth is the substitute for bandage . 6.In war,it was used for towel to wash body with. 7. When one has to exercise or do something important, thightening Ettchu Fundoshi gives him some concentaration in mind. There is an old Japanese saying," Fundoshi o shimete Kakare", "Tight your fundoshi when you do something important." As we see above, there is no reason forJapanese men to abandon Fundoshi .

Mokko Fundoshi

This type was mainly used for physical workers in Edo era. Both ends of the cloth is linked with one cotton string . The name ,Mokko, is of a tool to carry the sand or soil with for road constructions in those days.Compared with the two types above, this is not so well-noted. I personally call it Japanese Brief . It seems to me this type is good for anyone who tries to put on Fundoshi for the first time.


Fundoshi-the thing Japanese men must absolutely preserve .

Basically Fundoshi is not for foreigners ,but for only Japanese men.

I personally do not want any foreigners to put on Fundoshi.

It is the traditional underwear Japan has to be proud of and the thing we have to preserve as a Japanese culture. However, since Meiji Era ,Japan has been westernized and after the World War 2nd , everything from Janpanse blade to this underwear was regarded as the fossils of Japanese Imprerial Military . Japan gradually came to think them the ancient ruins.

Full well do I know Japanese men took the choice of Fundoshi or Boxer Pants at thier own will, still but I firmly believe the U.S.A, the winner of the war,is responsible for the disapperance of Fundoshis. Seemingly,the USA did not force Japanese to sweep the Fundoshis,but burning the land with a large number of bombs from B29 and prohibiting martial arts / revenge fictions like Chushingura in public under the contorol of GHQ, finally they got out the Japanese traditional spirits as if they cut pennis of Japanese Men !

I think this is the most embarrassed experience Japanese men ever had.

Japan lost the war and lost many things ..Fundoshi.,too. Still it is lamentable that a large number of Japanese men do not recongnize the fact. Japanese men ! do not forget Fundoshis, nor the Japanese spirits ! The missions Japanese men have to complete is to look for the lost cultures of our homeland and to let the foreigners know the Fundoshis &how smart it is to put on them.

If USA thinks the fundoshis nice ,I ask them to recongnize the below,

Do not look down on Fundoshi users in Japan . Do not think it a barbarous underwear . Do not try to put on them ,for Fundoshis are not becoming to foreigners at all. (Image Gaijin Sumo Wrestler ,Akebono .) Americans are not qualifiied to talk about Fundoshi,( apart from Atomic Bombs' drop to Hiroshima & Nagasaki ,they tried to sweep the japanese underwear.)

And If some foreigners agree with me, all they have to do is to announce that not they but Japanese men are absolutely responsible for the preservation of Fundoshi. This is what I want them to appeal to Japanese men.

Fundoshi is the sacred fortress Japanese men must defend and something untouchable for foreigners.

Hosuke Akaba -the web master.