How-Tos, Tips and Tricks

I have been learning about this hobby furiously (I've only been back into it since December 1997). There is a huge amount of information online (see my links page), but as with every other subject, it is fragmentary, scattered and shows the wide divergence of opinion. I have researched several aspects of rocketry and written the information down here for others. Hopefully this will save someone some time.

INFOcentral   If you haven't found it yet, you must check out Rocketry Online's INFOcentral.

Quick Tips   Quick construction tips and tricks

Launch controllers What we have and what we'd like

Altimeters Comparison chart of available altimeters

Hypertek hybrids Info on Hypertek hybrid motors Motor test data and simulator files on-line

Perfect fin slots Cutting perfect fin slots with a router table

Kitchen bagging Vacuum bagging without the huge investment

Honeycomb Tubes Making your own tubes with honeycomb core

Custom Decals Make your own decals using an Alps printer

Fin Beveling Make consistent 10° bevels on your fins

ProRail Base Make a suitable base for your ProRail

"Kevlar®* Sock" A simple and seamless (literally) lamination product

Tip-to-tip Jig Tip-to-tip fin can reinforcement

Adhesive Tests Testing the strength of adhesives in rocketry

Kit Building Good practices for building an HPR kit

In progress:
Bulkheads Testing home-made composite bulkheads

* KEVLAR® is a trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.