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8-30-96 GREAT NEWS!!!

On August 17, 1996, SSG made the announcement that I have been waiting 10 years for: They are now finally working on a NEW VERSION of RFTS, due near the end of 1998. Initial release due for Win95, to be followed by a Mac version! If I hear any other news, I'll post it, but for now, all the info available is on the SSG RFTS Page.

About Box from RFTS

Reach For The Stars was a great 4-player conquer-the-galaxy type game for the Macintosh from SSG, a company in Australia. The Macintosh version is 3.0, and it hasn't been updated since 1987, but it still ran OK on my PowerBook 520 until I went to System 7.5, and even supports color (or "colour", as they call it...) on the galaxy map.

I've gotten email from people saying they played it on an Amiga, a Commodore 64, an IBM PC, and on the Apple ][.

You can get version 2.0 for the Apple ][ from the Apple Emulators SSG page. A good source of emulators for the Mac is Emulation.Net

The computer AI isn't too smart, even on "Enhanced Veteran", so it's best if you can get human opponents. It doesn't support any networking, so you have to either all take turns on one Mac, or save the game file and send it from player to player.

Strategy and Hints (Generally, these are for the default production costs.)
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