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Marvin Heemeyer Marvin Heemeyer

Colorado Bulldozer Rampage and Lying Liars!

by Russell R. Bingman, Publisher

No B.S. News & Commentary

Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved

(First published 6/7/04)

     The whole country saw last Friday’s awe inspiring events taking place in the little tourist mountain town of Granby, Colorado, broadcast by local Denver television affiliates through their network news organizations. Local resident and former muffler shop owner Marvin Heemeyer had finally had enough of being pushed around and told to go to hell by local politicians and public servants, who refer to themselves as "public officials" — the people in charge! The politically correct spin is being applied quite liberally by most of the news media, maligning Heemeyer as a "madman" and Granby town mayor Edward Wang calling him an "unpleasant man, full of bluster and rage — I’m trying to be politically correct, but this guy was a nasty son of a bitch — he had the maturity level of a 5 year old." Nobody else Granby seems to share Mayor Wang’s level of seething hatred of Heemeyer, although Grand County Emergency Management Director Jim Halihan knowingly and deliberately lied to press and news media that Heemeyer had a .50 caliber machine gun and was supposedly shooting at everybody in town. The Denver Post newspaper, channel 7 KUSA and channel 9 KMGH reported this as fact. Only CBS affiliate KCNC channel 4 refrained from broadcasting the lie, and eventually confirmed that Heemeyer did NOT have a .50 caliber machine gun, which they made clear in their broadcast.

     While most news media has reported that some unidentified witnesses said that Heemeyer was firing shots form his homemade tank, a D9 Caterpillar bulldozer covered in armor plating and concrete, other witnesses who were less than 100 feet from the 53 ton vehicle say that Heemeyer never fired a shot, that only police and sheriff’s deputies were firing. Certain facts remain indisputable: No weapons or guns have been produced, least of all any kind of a .50 caliber weapon, and no one was hurt or injured during the 2 to 3 hour melee, save for Marvin Heemeyer, who was found dead inside of the cab of the vehicle at 2:00 AM Saturday morning, after SWAT and sheriff’s deputies spent an hour using a cutting torch and 3 separate blasts with military high explosives, to gain entry through the top of the make-shift tank. Grand County Sheriff’s Office released a statement claiming that Heemeyer shot himself in the head with a pistol, and that the pistol was found on the floor of the bulldozer. Heemeyer’s body wasn’t removed until several hours later, because cops said that they feared Heemeyer may have booby trapped himself. There were also claims that Heemeyer had at least 2 rifles mounted up inside the cab of his make-shift tank, aimed out small port holes, however, one local fireman who assisted in extricating Heemeyer’s body from the vehicle, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that there were no weapons inside of the cab, and that he had been present for several hours and never saw any weapons removed. He had been present when the explosives and the cutting torch were employed to cut a hole into the top of the cab. Both Grand County Sheriff Rod Johnson and Undersheriff Glen Trainor have refused to say what weapons, if any, were found. Sheriff Johnson reportedly was nowhere to be seen on Friday or Saturday, until he made a statement late Saturday evening, leaving many wondering who was actually in charge of the Grand County Sheriff’s Office — Johnson or Trainor, the latter whom jumped on top of the moving tank and fired 37 rounds from his .40 caliber sidearm, trying to shoot a hole through the armor, which was later described as being 2 plates of half-inch thick steel, with a foot of concrete poured between them.

     While Undersheriff Trainor and the Colorado State Patrol are now claiming that Heemeyer tried to kill two Colorado State Troopers who were hiding behind a concrete wall, this contention is a reversal of earlier statements by cops, who said emphatically that Heemeyer seemed to be going out of his way to avoid hurting anyone, that it was only buildings and vehicles that he was targeting with the slow moving machine. Now, the claim being made by Trainor is that once Heemeyer spotted the cowering troopers, he tried to push a concrete wall on top of them with the bulldozer’s blade, but they managed to escape. None of the eye witnesses support this story. To the contrary, eyewitnesses confirm that Heemeyer never used his homemade tank aggressively toward any people — only buildings and a few automobiles. Trainor was quoted by the press as saying that as soon as he arrived in town, "I knew that this guy had to be killed to stop this." Some cops it seems, just can’t wait to get to pull the trigger!

     Heemeyer’s rampage, as press and news media have widely reported, was precipitated by a four year losing battle with the town council of Granby, who, despite widespread opposition from residents, altered town zoning codes and ordinances, to allow Mountain Park Concrete to build and operate a cement batch plant next to Heemeyer’s muffler shop, a move which forced Heemeyer out of business due to the dust and pollution of the plant. Mayor Wang presided over most of the council’s forceful actions. One thing that Colorado news media has not reported, is that Wang, according to many Granby residents, has a very angry and hostile attitude toward all of the residents of Granby and Grand County who opposed Mountain Park Concrete. Many residents have been and still are contending that Wang and the Granby Town Council accepted bribes and payoffs from Mountain Park Concrete, to alter zoning codes and allow them to build and operate. Many Granby residents are calling for Governor Bill Owens, who visited the site of Granby’s destruction, to order the Colorado Attorney General to conduct an investigation of the Granby Town Council and Mayor Wang in regard to their dealings with Mountain Park Concrete. Wang and some of the council members have acknowledged that Heemeyer and others in the past, made allegations of such impropriety and illegal actions, but all say that they did nothing wrong. At least two Granby residents have said, on the condition of anonymity, that Wang and council members have refused to acknowledge whether or not they have received any financial contributions to their election campaigns. Efforts are now underway, under Colorado election laws, to obtain these records.

     Some news media sources reported over the weekend, that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, when asked for information about Marvin Heemeyer’s biography, reported that "their records" indicated that Heemeyer was born in South Dakota. However, the CBI apparently did not say why they had a file on Heemeyer. It has been confirmed that Heemeyer does not have any criminal record, so it remains, "Why does the Colorado Bureau of Investigation have a file on Marvin Heemeyer? Is it for a concealed carry gun permit? Or, as some concerned citizens have said, ‘Wang, the town council and certain Grand county authorities have created an ‘enemies’ list of the people who are politically outspoken and who have opposed various actions of the town council or the county commissioners.’ " It is a well known and widely practiced act, in Colorado and around the country, for police and sheriff’s departments, and other agencies, to compile such lists. Only a couple of years ago, it was discovered that Mayor Wellington Webb of Denver, and the Denver Police Department had such lists. They were court ordered to destroy these lists and their data bases, but many sources say the lists continue. Questions must be asked, given the flurry of lies and false information put out by Grand County Undersheriff Glen Trainor, County Emergency Management Director Jim Halihan and Mayor Edward Wang, and their attempt to demonize a man described by everyone else in Granby, as being a kind, gentle and helping kind of guy. One man whose business was damaged by Heemeyer, appeared to bear little or no animosity toward him, saying that he and Heemeyer went snowmobiling together, as well as many other activities, and that they were good friends. Other’s in town said, "Marv was the kind of guy who’d do anything to help anybody — he was just simply a nice man. He was pushed into this by these people."

     Marvin Heemeyer was a 6 foot-4 inch, 230 pound, gentle giant, according to most of the people in Granby and Grand County who have bothered to speak up. Those who have spoken against him seem to be at a loss as to why nobody is corroborating their statements, or disputing them. Others are pointing out the city’s greed factor — the insatiable lust and desire for MONEY — and their indifference to whom they hurt in their pursuit of that capitalistic gain. Is Edward Wang and the Granby Town Council just another bunch of greedy money whores? One of the council members was complaining Sunday afternoon, that they feared that Heemeyer’s act of destruction would hurt the town’s tourist income. But as many people noted, weekend tourism appeared to be about triple its normal rate, with many curiosity seekers coming to town just to see and photograph the aftermath of Marvin Heemeyer’s last ride. His brother, Ken Heemeyer has been quoted as saying of Marvin, "He was one of the best guys out there. He would bend over backwards for anybody."

     Denver’s KCNC Channel 4 took a step in the right direction by reporting the truth about Jim Halihan’s lie and the spurious statement that Marvin Heemeyer was shooting at everybody with a .50 caliber machine gun. Perhaps they’ll have the tenacity to go further, and dig into the activities of Mayor Wang and the town council — and maybe even look at Jim Halihan and Undersheriff Trainor. Nobody was hurt, save for Marvin Heemeyer, who now lays dead. He wasn’t the "son of a bitch" Mayor Wang claims. Wang, it seems, just hates people who believe in a legal, constitutional process, and who have the audacity to challenge and question elected public servants. Peons and serfs beware! The stories and the facts don’t jive. Maybe the truth will change all of that!

Colorado Rampage: Whores & Tyrants Drooling!

by Russell R. Bingman, Publisher

No B.S. News & Commentary

Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved

(First published 6/10/04)

     "This is the way of an adulteress: She eats and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and says, `I've done nothing wrong.’ " - Proverbs 30:20 -

     The harder that the "nobility" of Granby and Grand County, Colorado work to demonize Marvin Heemeyer and his bulldozer justice, the less Heemeyer looks like the "madman," they’ve characterized him as, and the more the nobility looks like tyrants and oligarchs — and like insatiable prostitutes on a Navy payday, whoring themselves for any and every dime that’s not nailed down, and even those tiny pieces of silver are not safe. Not satisfied with what they have, they lust for what other’s have, and one way or another, they are determined to get it. "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors property." - The 10th Commandment -

     Whenever any elected or appointed public servant in America prepares to take office, they all have to take an oath of office, and this one item exists in every oath of public office: "I swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America." Article 6 of the Constitution specifically prohibits a federal code of statutes or laws, yet such exists. The U.S. Constitution is not a document of governance for governing the American people. It is a document for governing the government, and is enforceable only by the federal government and the people. The only part of the U.S. Constitution that is intended to be enforceable by law enforcement officers, is the Bill of Rights. That is the premise for the motto: "To Protect and Serve." The primary responsibility of the United States Marshal is to ensure that the federal government’s many entities are not violating state’s rights, and that state’s are obeying the mandates of the U.S. Constitution to practice the republican form of government and to protect the rights of the citizens under the Bill of Rights. And, it is the primary responsibility of the county sheriff, to ensure that each and every citizen’s rights under the U.S. and state Constitutions are protected. When any public servant violates a citizen’s Constitutional rights, they are then in violation of their oath of office, and thereby disqualified from holding that office. That interpretation of the Constitution has always been held by the Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court and the Executive branch. But today, it is mere words and draws nothing more than the angry, scoffing ire of public office holders when reminded of it. It sometimes costs people their lives or freedom for giving that reminder.

     Marvin Heemeyer’s Constitutional rights were violated, to the point that he was forced out of business by a town council, whose insatiable lust for money is never satisfied, and their infatuation for power, to dictate and control is never curbed. When Marvin Heemeyer had the audacity to stand up to these people and assert his rights, he became one of the many on the oligarchy’s list of enemies. And it cost him his life.

     The problem with being born in one part of the country, here in America, and then moving somewhere else to live, is the good ol’ boy and birthright factors. If the good ol’ boys like you, they’ll waive the requirement for a birthright to live in their town or county. But if they don’t like you, birthright or not, they’re not going to let you live in their town or county, and they’ll make life miserable if you try. Marvin Heemeyer was unwelcome by the holders of the birthright in Granby and Grand County. He was an outsider — an outsider with Constitutional rights, and he sought to have those rights enforced. Oligarchs don’t respect rights.

     Democracy is a popular word in political and upscale social circles today, and it’s being promoted all over the world. It’s even being promoted here at home. The big problem is, America is not a democracy — it is a republic. The only function of democracy in a republic, is for elections — and there it ceases! Democracy is mob rule, not just majority rule — a lynch mob is a majority. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution or American history legally recognizes majority rule. Some people need some serious lessons in government, history and civics. While a majority may determine who certain office holders are going to be, that majority has nothing to say about what you as an individual may or may not do in your own pursuit of life, liberty or happiness. That’s summed up in a single word: FREEDOM! Oligarchs like freedom even less than they like rights. Rights they can manipulate, or even take away, by legislation, rather than due process of law. Freedom is another matter — when you start tampering with that, you are tampering a man’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The Constitution and more than 200 years of American history, says that a man has every legal and moral right to use whatever force is necessary, to preserve his or her freedom, unless it’s being taken away, by due process, in a court of law. Playing games with zoning ordinances in order to keep a man from pursuing life, liberty and happiness, is not due process — rather, it is called corruption! And corruption can be exercised in a court of law as easily as anywhere else.

     For the past 85 years or so, there has been an orchestrated effort, from the highest office in Washington, D.C., to the lowliest village council, to lull the American people into a state of languishing passivity. The education system has been dumbed down through the Progressive Education philosophy of Dr. John Dewey, which soon permeated every denomination of religion, every social and cultural fraternity, every facet of American life. And there is a stark piece of reality, evidencing this in the presentation of psychobabble from Frank Giardino, the psychologist now advising the Granby town council. Giardino, as reported in the Denver Post today (6/9/04), told the Granby money whores last night, that Marvin Heemeyer was "psychologically out of balance" . . . "All we need in life is love and work. You get too far away from those things and your perception and perspective become so distorted. He was just so far away from reality about how people problem-solve," Giardino said. Spoken like a true psychological engineer of Communist Socialism . . . of the 1940’s! There is a hell of a lot more to life than love and work, but that is all that the social engineers of totalitarianism want people to perceive. It is a page right out of Orwell’s 1984.

     It is an interesting irony, that today, as the body of the late President Ronald Reagan lies in state in Washington, D.C., the American people are asked to remember him and his legacy. On the occasion of his first inauguration, in his speech, President Reagan noted, that government had grown out of control and disobedient to the people and the Constitutional bounds set for it — that it was his intent, to put government back in its place, and back into the controlling hands of "the people," and out of the hands of those in government whom are controlling the people. Mr. Reagan’s goal lies as dead as he is today, and as dead as Marvin Heemeyer, who sought to enjoy what Ronald Reagan sought to restore — what the Constitution guarantees each and every one of us — what the tyrants, oligarchs and good ol’ boys of Granby and Grand County denied to Marvin.

     A woman in Granby speaking to the news media said that she hoped that no one would try to glorify what Marvin Heemeyer did. Does she intend then, that what was done to Marvin Heemeyer be glorified instead? Is she so dumbed down and ignorant of the rights of freedom, that she disdains Marvin Heemeyer and praises government oligarchy? Many of the people of Granby claim to be "God-fearing" souls — yet some of them show utter contempt for anyone who would exercise or enjoy freedom and liberty, a gift of God, not of government. Does she also have contempt for the Creator of the Universe? Granby’s town government certainly does!

     When any entity of power seeks to destroy and demonize any person’s reputation and character, it always uses the press and the media, to do most of the job for them. What is being done in Colorado is no exception. One of the most despicable examples of journalism now misrepresenting Marvin Heemeyer, is Howard Pankratz of the Denver Post. His article this morning is rife with innuendo, characterizing notes which Marvin Heemeyer left behind, as a "manifesto," and referred to the big metal shop building as a "shed." The obvious intended mental association for the reader is to that of the Unabomber - Ted Kazinski. Pankratz also wrote that Marvin armed the cab of the bulldozer with five guns - five cameras - and hose to blow away the fog . . . but the sheriff and other news media sources all say three guns - three cameras - and the air hose was to blow away dust on the camera lenses, outside, not some mysterious fog inside the cab. Pankratz is loose with the facts, derelict with the truth and doing his best to exaggerate and make Marvin Heemeyer out to be anything but what he really was. Marvin Heemeyer’s friends are trying to get that job done. Perhaps Pankratz thinks that he will be rewarded for a job well done?

     When asked by the Granby town council last night, what is going to happen to Marvin Heemeyer’s D9 bulldozer, Sheriff Rod Johnson said that maybe the county is going to take legal action to obtain it. One has to ask or wonder, just what legal action would that be? The law says that his bulldozer is the property of his estate, and his estate is destined for his family, not Grand County or the town of Granby. Does Sheriff Johnson intend that the illegal action of asset forfeiture be employed? Does he intend to fight Marvin Heemeyer’s family for it? And why was the Granby town council asking anyway? "The lustful eyes of the greedy are never full enough!" They always look for more. Does Sheriff Johnson or the town of Granby intend to take Marvin’s home, property, or perhaps the clothes hanging in his closet as well?

     The notes and very brief messages that Marvin Heemeyer left behind, hardly constitute a manifesto. But they speak volumes about a man who was trampled upon by government, had his Constitutional rights denied and his freedom and liberty stolen, by the very people that Ronald Reagan sought to put in their place. Perhaps they have the same contempt for him as for Marvin. They certainly have contempt for freedom — Marvin Heemeyer’s last years are a testimony to that. American history usual honors people with the courage to fight for their freedom, not malign them as cowards. It wasn’t Marvin Heemeyer who was deranged, rather, it’s those speaking against him. Do these people have any real sense what-so-ever, of "right and wrong?" The Golden Rule?

     Marvin’s notes leave behind something else: a lot of questions! Who of the Granby town council owed Marvin Heemeyer $66,000? Who was Marvin referring to in his note saying, "Don’t let inbred, window-peeking perverts and bankrupt suicidals run everything?" Who on the Granby town council is a window-peeking pervert? What was it that Marvin Heemeyer knew about them, that made these people so overjoyed at his death? And why are these money grubbers begging for donations, when it is already known that insurance and state funds are a guaranteed certainty, with a surplus, and federal grants practically assured? Who is going to watch over this shill’s till of filthy lucre?

     Sooner or later the truth is going to be known. Some people aren’t going to like it!


The Real Marvin Heemeyer - Friends Speak!

by Russell R. Bingman, Publisher

No B.S. News & Commentary

Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved

(First published on 6/14/04)

     As some readers are aware, I did a half-hour interview as a guest on the Peter Boyles Show last Thursday, on KHOW radio in Denver, Colorado. As expected, despite his producer’s misleading suggestion that Boyles wasn’t taking a stand, but rather a neutral, "kind of in the middle position," he was his usual, left-wing, New World Order rubber-stamp, media-whore self. He even defended other media sources which are also deliberately mis-characterizing Marvin Heemeyer. I pointed out that news media is ignoring friends and acquaintances of Marvin Heemeyer and being denied an opportunity to tell what they saw and know. Boyles denied this, claiming that anybody who has wanted to speak to the news media, has been given the opportunity. How would he know? Does he want me or everyone else to believe that he has some magical powers that enables him to see all and know all? Furthermore, I’ve had people e-mail with copies of information and facts that they sent to Peter Boyles’ producer, Kristin Berard, which went totally ignored, unreported and presumably trash-canned.

     I’ve talked with many people by phone, by e-mail and fax, and there is no lack of people in Granby/Grand County, Colorado, who have a much different story to tell about Marvin Heemeyer, than what is being told by the Colorado news media, or authorities from Granby and Grand County. And there are some whom are telling a much different version of events, some of which I’ve already reported in previous articles. For example, there are several people who say that Marvin Heemeyer never fired a shot. He was by some accounts, an expert marksman - yet NO ONE was shot or shot at! And, there is at least one fireman who was an eye witness to several hours of the events after Marvin’s bulldozer came to a halt, who says that no guns were removed from the cab of the bulldozer and that he saw no rifles inside when he helped extricate Marvin’s body. As of the time of this writing (7:PM 6-13-04), Grand County Sheriff Rod Johnson has yet to produce or display ANY firearms what-so-ever that Marvin Heemeyer supposedly had or used, nor has there been any word of an autopsy or of one impending. Sheriff Johnson and his Undersheriff Glen Trainor insist that Marvin shot himself in the head with a pistol. However, the admitted and widely reported fact that Grand County sheriff’s officers made several attempts to blast their way into the cab of the bulldozer, using military high explosives, it is indeed very conceivable that Marvin was either wounded or killed by these efforts. In any such similar incidents anywhere in the country, cops are always quick to display any firearms ever used, and an autopsy and its report are always conducted as quickly as possible. The fact that 9 days has elapsed without any of this being done is more than cause for serious concern and questioning. And, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has yet to say why they have a record on Marvin Heemeyer, or what that record consists of. It is already known that Marvin Heemeyer did not have any criminal record.

     As reported in a previous article, Denver Post staff reporter Howard Pankratz has tried to build a characterization of Marvin Heemeyer, associated to the likes of Ted Kazinski, the Unabomber, by declaring a few hand scrawled notes left behind by Marvin, as a "manifesto," and calling his huge workshop a "shed." Most people’s grocery list is longer than Marvin’s notes. In Sunday morning’s Denver Post article by Kirk Mitchell, the mis-characterization continues, claiming that Marvin’s final days "demonstrated the magnitude of his obsession for vengeance." Mitchell itemized some of the things found in Marvin's workshop . . . " his denim coveralls hanging from a nail . . . his bed ‘shrouded’ with a sleeping bag with hunters scenes printed on it." Yep, that’s some real hard evidence of a real crazed madman, but there’s more . . . "Heemeyer’s staples of life . . . spread on a card table: oatmeal, bread, peanut butter and jam, instant coffee, canned fruit and vegetables . . ." and pay real close attention to this one . . . "a bottle of vitamins called ‘Men’s Mega Men.’ A sparsely stocked mini-fridge contains sandwich spread and lunch meat." Now you can bet that no reporter like Mitchell is going to be caught in possession of bread, jam, peanut butter or lunch meat, or a sleeping bag with hunting scenes (like all sporting goods stores sell thousands of), because, as he’s trying to suggest, these are the items that lone nut madmen possess - or maybe we would find bread and peanut butter in his house - can we take a peek? And Mitchell goes on to detail that Marvin had a VCR and the VHS movies Robo Cop, Adrenaline Rush, 60 Seconds, Independence Day - and the real barn burner, ‘A Man Apart.’ What? No copies of ‘Catcher in the Rye?’ No Mel Gibson ‘Conspiracy Theory?’

     When rubber stamping media whores like Peter Boyles, Howard Pankratz or Kirk Mitchell resort to twisting, turning, fabrication and mis-characterizing a man and his everyday life, that, in and of itself is very telling, about themselves and about the person that they are telling about. When somebody is truly guilty of something, there is no need to twist, turn and pervert facts and events. When somebody is innocent, it always requires manipulation and fabrication - and mis-characterization. Character assassination is the tool of frauds and liars - and media whores!

     As I said earlier, several sources from Grand County have sent me certain facts and information, most of which I am still investigating. However, here is a small part of what has been reported to me via e-mail:

     "THANK YOU!! You are the only media I've seen so far who has printed anything near the truth. I'm enclosing an e-mail that is going around the town... I wish SOMEONE would make sure the Sky Hi News and the Denver papers and TV stations get copies of your report and the e-mail... but alas, they will never print the truth. Please read this e-mail that is going around our county:

     ‘I have decided to send this to several people. Hope you don't mind. Some of it needs to be said.

          (Signature removed by publisher to protect anonymity).

     Yes, in spite of all the destruction and Marvin's suicide at the end, it has had it's moments of amusement and levity! Marv moved up here about the same time I did, around 1990, from the Loveland area. He was a fine man and well liked by most people, kind and generous, and inspite of some of the remarks made by our "wonderful" mayor, he was very smart. Most of the story will probably never come out of his life and travails here as it sheds a terrible light on the town of Granby and the county of Grand. I don't know what got things off on the wrong foot, but when he tried to stop the concrete plant from building next door to his muffler shop, it all came to a head. That started about 4 years ago. Cody Docheff, who owns the concrete plant, bought the developed (sewer and gravel/dirt streets) acreage next to Marvin's muffler shop. I don't know at what point the town annexed the property, but it was zoned commercial. Cody is a "native" of the area, and he swayed the town council and building commissioners to rezone it to heavy industrial so he could build there. They did so without following their own rules about rezoning property. They wanted the plant for some reason, and it was originally at the gravel pit, about a half mile away, north and up a hill. Marvin fought it in court, spending over $100,000 on legal fees, for over two years, loosing all along the way. He had the law on his side, but not the "keepers" of the law. Marvin knew the plant would harm his business drastically with all the noise, traffic and dust. And it also blocked the view of his business building. I know, the news proudly says the plant is a dust free concrete plant, a new design. But with a couple of dozen concrete trucks hauling out hundreds of loads a day, plus delivery truck of mix, sand and gravel, there was/is a lot of dust on the gravel roads. Since it's at the west end of town, with westerly winds, we all get to eat the dust. Marvin, being the closest, got the worst of it.

     Then, the Sewer District, since the sewer system where Cody built the plant finally got hooked up to the main system in town, decided to force Marvin to hook on to it. Guess they thought his leach field couldn't handle 2 or 3 flushes a day!! The problem was, Marvin needed an easement across 8 feet (Yes, EIGHT FEET) of Cody's land with the plant to access the main sewer. Cody wouldn't allow it. Instead of using Eminent Domain to force Cody to allow the easement, the Water District fined Marvin $2500 for not hooking up. Then, when Marvin complained to the county about all the junk and worn out equipment that Cody was piling up along the fence between the two properties, ruining the aesthetic value of his property, the county came out and cited him for some rental equipment and a used truck he had parked next to his storage shed, off to one side and pretty well hidden by poplar trees. I don't know how much that fine was, but they said nothing to Cody about his junk. Like I said, I don't know what started everything, but the powers that be destroyed the man, just broke him spiritually. The plant ruined his business, but that wasn't enough. They kept beating on him. The zoning laws were put in place to protect people and property from the very thing that the town council allowed to happen, even encouraged to happen by ignoring those laws and over-riding them. A few months ago, Marvin's father died, and recently, he told a few people that he had terminal cancer. I think he just thought that he should leave a message on his way out, that the governing bodies of our country are too often forgetting their purpose and are trampling the rights of the very people they are supposed to be protecting. There are news reports that he was shooting at people and at police. That's obviously not the case. He had a 50 cal. gun mounted on the front and two smaller calibers, one on each side. If he had wanted to harm people, he would have done so. He went for the businesses of the council members and planning commission members sitting at the time they over-rode the zoning laws. The perfect place for that concrete plant is 3 miles NW of town at a small industrial park that already has a post and pole peeling operation going on. I could never figure out why they wanted it at the west end of town so we could eat their dust. I certainly do not condone what he did. I do understand the frustration and defeat that led to it, though. They simply broke the man down and, then, kept beating on him: placed him in no-win situations, where he had no way out, then punished him for it. In some ways, I do not understand it. But seeing how some government officials let the position go to their heads so much that they abuse their privilege, I do understand how it comes about. It is really sad when that happens, and this one is a tragic and heart tearing case of that."

     That is just one report of many coming to me from Granby/Grand County, some reports corroborating others. I did receive information from Marv’s family via a friend, that he did not have terminal cancer, and contrary to false media reports, his girl-friend never left him. She is with his family members now, trying to pick up the pieces.

     That e-mail conveys what drove Marvin Heemeyer to defend his freedom — as he characterized it in a note, "reasonable men are sometimes forced to do unreasonable things". That does not make him a crazed madman, unless of course you consider what was reported in dozens of stories in 1775/76 as being valid. Those men too, were characterized by the mainstream press as being "crazed madmen," and there was a publisher back then, named Benjamin Franklin, who took issue with the media whores and the tyrannical oligarchs setting on their thrones of power. Those crazed madmen of colonial America didn’t have any D9 bulldozers, but they sure as hell used anything else they had, including teams of big draft horses, dragging whatever was handy, that would wreak destruction and havoc. They set ships adrift that would eventually ram into piers or other ships, causing thousands of dollars in destruction. They had a well known tea party in Boston Harbor. The bottom line is, when you try to steal men’s freedom from them, and try to lord over them, as tyrants and oligarchs, be prepared to reap the consequences. The statements left behind by Marvin Heemeyer are not the statements of a crazed madman — they are the sane, rational words of a very sane, rational man, who was forced to do the irrational. The real crazed madmen, are the one’s who did what they did to Marvin Heemeyer, and now try to justify it.

     Some people ask, "Why would the reporters and people of the mainstream press and news media make false characterizations about Marvin Heemeyer, or anyone else?" To curry favor. Who is someone in government, engaged in corruption, going to call on in news media when they want a favor — somebody who has been exposing their corruption, or somebody who is always playing up to them? And who in the media is going to receive recognition, respect or a favor from someone in government — those who kiss up to people in government, or those who report the facts and the truth about corruption in government? Only a liar or an idiot says or thinks that government isn’t corrupt — from the White House to the state house, to the lowliest village town hall, government in America wreaks of corruption and falsehood, and there are tens of millions of Americans who attest to that everyday. I suppose the mainstream news media and government want us to think that all of those people are crazy, too? There would be a lot more people speaking out, but most of them are afraid to do so, and many of those who do, never get heard, because the mainstream media won’t publish or broadcast what they have to say. And those who do manage to get their voices heard, are often punished by corrupt government for doing so. Retaliation!

     Most of the people who have written to me from Granby or in Grand County, have said, as was stated in the e-mail, that they don’t condone or approve of what Marvin Heemeyer did. Yet, many other people have written to me and openly declare that they consider him a hero. I’m inclined to agree. (Their comments and stories will be reported in future articles, too).


Colorado Bulldozer Rampage — Whitewash!

by Russell R. Bingman, Publisher

No B.S. News & Commentary

Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved

(First published on 6/21/04)

     "When you set to dine with a ruler, note well what is placed before you, and put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony. Do not crave his delicacies, for that food is deceptive." — Proverbs 23:1-3 —

     The delicacies of a ruler are his words - not food! God says that they are deceptive. It is a reflection of human nature. God says that the heart of man is totally corrupt, and always bent on evil. The words of a ruler are like whitewash — they are meant to conceal and to cover up. Whitewash is the cheapest kind of paint you can put on a fence or a building. From a distance, it gives a nice appearance, but that appearance is a facade. When you examine it up close, under scrutiny, you can see through that facade, and see what is really underneath — just like the words of a ruler.

     I received the following e-mail from Mr. Patrick Brower on 6/18/04, the would-be media mogul of Grand County, Colorado regarding some of what I have written regarding Marvin Heemeyer:

     " To whom:

     Your facts were wrong in your piece stating that Marv Heemeyer didn't have weapons and that he didn't shoot at people. He fired 12-14 times at Cody Docheff. He fired numerous times at Colorado State Patrol Troopers before any law enforcement personnel fired at his tank. He fired his .50 caliber at propane tanks located within 200 yards of a neighborhood and a senior citizens housing complex. His over shots struck near a subdivision south of Granby. This is confirmed by the Grand County Sheriff's Department, eyewitnesses and the people he was shooting at. He did have a .50 caliber rifle mounted in his cab, along with two other weapons. I hope you find the time to correct your errors of fact. Perhaps these corrections may also help to change your conclusions about the "justification" for Marv's rampage.

     Patrick Brower

     Grand County Newspapers"

     I have received more than a dozen e-mails from Granby and Grand County residents regarding Mr. Brower, and they all tell me the same thing . . . "he’s a rubber stamp for the powers that be in Granby and Grand County." He is further characterized by the e-mail writers as "a publisher who prints half-truths, his own opinions as truth and has never printed ‘the whole truth’ about anything in his entire journalistic life in Grand County, and always sides with ruling powers."

     The whole purpose of "freedom of the press" in America, or anywhere else in the world, is to print the truth, to make and hold government accountable, to combat government corruption by exposing government corruption and thereby protecting the freedoms and rights of the people. Mr. Brower provides the evidence against himself, via his statement: "This is confirmed by the Grand County Sheriff’s Department, eyewitnesses and the people he was shooting at." The Grand County Sheriff’s Department has "confirmed" nothing! Accusations and statements are not facts, nor are they confirmation. Confirmation in these matters is reliant upon hard evidence, and the Grand County Sheriff’s Department has provided NO evidence what-so-ever to date. No guns - no autopsy reports - no word of even an autopsy being performed - and no physical evidence of any guns being fired by Marvin Heemeyer. NO ONE was shot, nor were any of Marvin Heemeyer’s alleged targets even hit, i.e., the propane tanks, police cars or people. Moreover, the eyewitnesses Mr. Brower refers to are the one’s making the accusations against Marvin Heemeyer. Those "other" eyewitnesses, the bystanders, of whom I have quoted and reported on, at this point, unanimously say that Marvin Heemeyer didn’t fire any shots — and all of the media reports from the Denver, Colorado media, and their "on-the-scene" eyewitnesses, all reported that law enforcement officers began firing at Marvin’s home-made tank when it first began rolling down the highway, and that there were no reports of any shots from the bulldozer at that point. At that point, all that had been done, was Marvin using his machine to destroy part of Cody Docheff’s Mountain Park Concrete building, and the first reports from Docheff’s employees were that they were the only one’s firing shots, at Marvin’s tank, trying to stop him. One also has to ask the question, "Why were Docheff’s employees armed in the first place?" Granby is a rural community. Is it one where everybody in town has a rifle or two in the gun racks in their pick-up trucks? Did these employees simply run to their pickups and grab their rifles, or did they have their guns handy for another reason?

     Mr. Brower recently published a picture in his newspaper, Sky High News, purportedly showing where a bullet had struck the bucket of Docheff’s front-end loader, allegedly fired by Marvin. However, Docheff’s own employees have previously acknowledged that their own shots were ricocheting off of Marvin’s machine, and bouncing everywhere. If in fact the spot on Docheff’s front-end loader is a bullet ricochet, it could be one from his own employees’ guns.

     Some of the previous statements made by Colorado State Troopers and Grand County Sheriff's personnel have been retracted, or at least seemingly so, because eyewitness bystanders unanimously disputed some of these statements, such as the accusation that Marvin Heemeyer tried to bulldoze a concrete wall over, on top of two State Troopers. By their own admission, cops fired several hundred rounds at Marvin Heemeyer’s armored machine, and eyewitnesses say that the cops were totally reckless in their shooting, with bullets flying everywhere and many of the shots hitting some of the targets Brower is attributing to Heemeyer. It seems that there are some home video tapes that confirm this, and disprove some police allegations.

     Let me reiterate a previous point: NO EVIDENCE HAS BEEN PRESENTED FOR PUBLIC SCRUTINY! And more than 2 weeks has now gone by. Allegations and accusations are not evidence or facts, and many of the so-called "facts" in this case are strongly disputed. Moreover, just because cops say that "this or that" happened, does not make it so. The very idea that any cop’s word is superior or more truthful than any citizens word is an outrageous assault upon the American citizen. And if you want to get down to brass tacks on this one, Mr. Brower, the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics has volumes of data and evidence collected over the last 30 plus years, regarding criminal conduct and perjury in the law enforcement community. On a per capita basis, law enforcement officers commit eleven times more violent crimes than does John Q. Citizen. These crimes include murder, rape and assault. Even the news media and battered women’s shelters have widely reported those facts. Statistics also show that people in the law enforcement community are 30 times more likely to lie or perjure themselves in sworn affidavits or courtroom testimony, than is John Q. Citizen. Yet, when cops make public statements or give sworn testimony, the justice system and media whore press treats what they say as absolute truth while casting doubt and ridicule upon any person who swears or testifies to the contrary. That, Mr. Brower is fact and evidence, and proof of just how corrupt the government/news media relationship has become. I’ve been at the business of conducting criminal and civil investigations, and journalism, for over 35 years. When I was a cop I wasn’t liked by a lot of other cops, because I never subscribed to the "brotherhood" philosophy, that one cop doesn’t turn in another cop, and the "brotherhood" is one of the biggest factors contributing to police and government corruption. In any other circle, the brotherhood would be regarded as organized crime, because in the criminal world, the same code of silence exists, and violation of that code is a capital offense — just ask any prison warden! A cop swears to be honest, truthful and to conduct him or herself in a manner that gives no cause for suspicion or reproach, and the law applies to cops as much as it applies to John Q. Citizen. Anyone who takes a public oath of office and violates that oath, via their badge or position of power, deserves three times the punishment that John Q. Citizen should get. The word of a police officer is supposed to be subject to the same standards of scrutiny and investigation as anybody else’s word — but that is rarely the case. So don’t go spouting off "Sheriff’s Department confirmation" to me. Produce the EVIDENCE that confirms, not allegations. I have never said that Sheriff Johnson has lied, but I will say this — the fact that more than 2 weeks has gone by and Sheriff Johnson has failed to produce or display any of Marv Heemeyer’s alleged weapons, and no autopsy report or report of an autopsy scheduled, says that we are either seeing gross incompetence or a whitewash, or both! What it is NOT, is a standard investigation, and any standard investigation requires a presentation of hard evidence, for public review and scrutiny. The hierarchy of Granby and Grand County, and the news media, seem to be in one hell of a hurry to sweep this thing under the carpet and make it go away, fast. Why?

     The only thing that anybody really has in this life that they can call their own, is their honor and integrity. Some people have none, because they choose to sell it, for money, power, prestige, or political favors. And it is those people who are without honor and integrity, that are always trying to malign those with honor and integrity - and they'll resort to any false accusation, any mis-characterization, any mis-use of power and authority, or any act necessary, to accomplish that end. A person’s honor is established by his character, and a persons character is established by their values — not the ones that they give lip service to, but rather, the ones that they live by in their daily lives. There is no greater value that one can have in their life than that of truth. And people who resort to half-truths and whitewash are nothing more than lying hypocrites. There is no place in journalism (or anywhere else) for hypocrites, save for that cozy nest they make for themselves with rulers and their delicacies — that deceptive food! What does it profit a man, Mr. Brower, to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his own soul?

     I have no errors of fact to correct, Mr. Brower — but you do! I stand by every word that I have written, and every word that I have written stands, by the facts, which supports them! Moreover, you and the hierarchy of Granby want to hide the truth and the facts about what they did to Marvin Heemeyer, that drove him to do what he did. Even if every word of what is alleged against Marvin is true, that still doesn’t change the fact that the people you defend, the self-serving, self-righteous, self-ascending potentates, engaged in dishonesty, corruption and criminal acts, intended to destroy Marvin Heemeyer, and the honest citizens of Granby attest to that. No amount of whitewash is going to cover that over. I’ve reported the facts, Mr. Brower — the truth! I have honor, Mr. Brower. What do you have?




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