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Preparations for the Hebrew Bible site go back several years. In the summer of 1993, I received a grant from the Lilly Foundation through Cumberland College to create something akin to what is here where hypertext capabilities enabled an individual to create his or her own pathway through the material. The results of that project encouraged me to continue working with the idea. With the explosion of the Internet and its capabilities over the last several years and with the completion of Cumberland College's campus networking project, the time was right to update what I had done and make it accessible to a wider audience.

The site is designed to provide help in studying the Hebrew Bible both for students in undergraduate and graduate Hebrew Bible courses and for individuals who are seeking information for personal use or for use in Bible studies. While the information presented seeks to be accurate and reflect a variety of viewpoints, invariably I have had to make decisions of what to include and what to omit. If you would like to see information revised, added, or deleted, let me know. One purpose of creating this site was learning more about the Hebrew Bible myself through the suggestions and dialogues that I hoped would occur.

This site will always be under construction. While my teaching, advising, and committee schedule is full like everyone else's, I do not intend to neglect the site but neither can I make daily changes.

Thanks for visiting. Come back again.

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My name is Bob Dunston. I serve as Professor and Head of the Religion and Philosophy Department at Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky. My educational background includes a B.S. in Mathematics from Virginia Tech in 1971, an M.Div. from Midwestern Baptist Seminary in 1977, a Th.M. from Union Seminary in Virginia in 1979, and a Ph.D. in Old Testament from Southern Seminary in 1983. I began teaching at Cumberland College in June 1983.

I am married to Norma Lynn Burnett Dunston and we have three children: Beth, Emily, and Daniel. When I am not at school I enjoy baking bread (the old-fashioned way without a bread machine) and reading comics (great relaxation!).

As a committed Christian, my beliefs have undoubtedly influenced the information and interpretation on the site. I hope that I have let the Hebrew Bible speak primarily for itself rather than force an interpretation upon it.

Thank you for your visit and your input.

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Creating this site was made possible through a Technology Grant from Cumberland College in the summer of 1998. I especially thank Dr. Jim Taylor, President, and Dr. Joe Early, Vice President for Academic Affairs, for making these grants available. Donnie Grimes, Network Administrator of Cumberland College, and Dr. Norm Dodl of Virginia Tech have provided valuable technical assistance. Donnie especially has tolerated numerous interruptions of his busy schedule to answer my questions. I appreciate his help and friendship. The Appalachian College Association has also supplied encoragement and funds and I appreciate that organization and the foresight, drive, and commitment of its director Dr. Alice Brown.

Other recipients of Technology Grants at Cumberland College and their sites are:

Photographs used in the site:

Artwork used in the site:

I also thank the students who have taken my courses through the years and helped me rethink ideas and make them clearer.

Thanks also to my wife Norma and my children Beth, Emily, and Daniel, who had to watch me sit in front of a computer typing most of the evening on some nights. We still made time for fun and will continue to do so.

Thanks also to God who called me to follow and to teach. I look forward to what is before me.

- Bob Dunston, June 18, 1998

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