False Allegations of Child Molestation and Abuse

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What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused
False Abuse Charges Arising in Custody & Divorce Cases
Troubling Cases
Studies and Citations
Recovered Memories - Commentary
Recovered Memory - Cases
"The Courage to Heal"

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Books on False Accusations
Satanic Ritual Abuse

What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused

Accusations in custody / divorce cases
General Resources

False Abuse Charges Arising in Custody & Divorce Cases

Aaron L. Hoffmeyer.'s Discussion of the work of Wakefield and Underwager, with lawyer recommendation.
Fathers Rip `False Charges' Of Child Abuse
Account of National Organization for Men's activities.
The A Team
Recent Escalation in Child Abuse Charges Tied to Divorce
Includes stat from Assn of Family Law Judges

Troubling Cases

1989-1991 San Diego Child Protective Services hounds innocent man
Letter from San Diego Grand Jury
Witnesses recant Jennifer Wilcox sex case
Ten years later In Ohio, the witnesses claim they were coerced by the police.
Va Ruling on CPS, allegations
NAF wins a round against false charges
CPS told the mother that she had to implicate her husband, if she wanted to keep her kids.

Studies and Citations

Brief Reports, Citations
Dr Richard Gardner's 'Sex Abuse Legitimacy Scale'.
NEA says most child-abuse charges against teachers are false.
Rates of child abuse charges in custody battles.
Frequency of Divorce-Related Sex Abuse Allegations Discounted
Liz passes on info from the Center for Policy Research (CPR) saying that the phenomenon is not rampant.
The Problem of False Accusations during Divorces is Generally Overstated.
Ron Kokish also uses the CPR article to argue that there are only about 850 cases annually in the US.
"Trouble is that this bull has the runs!"
Ken Pangborn critiques the CPR article.

Recovered Memories - Commentary

Manufactured Recovered Memories
Victims of Memory
A review of several books on the recovered memeory topic.
There was a conference at John Hopkins in 1994.

Recovered Memory - Cases

Scott Barak Abraham has seen both sides of the 'false accusation' coin
Laura O'Conner answers Abraham's charges against the FMSF.

"The Courage to Heal"

Robert Sheaffer's Critique
A Parent's View Of The Courage To Heal Workbook
AMA casts doubt on recovered memory


F.R.E.E has online materials.
The Witchhunt Mailing List.
Patrick M. Fitzgerald has collected material about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Texas F.R.E.E. has resources for Child Abuse cases.

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Elsewhere on the Web: False Charges of Rape, Molest and Abuse
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An article collection from the Mitchell Miller collection.

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